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Ok, wow...I don't think I've ever felt so tired in my life. I woke up at 8 AM, was ready for a nap by 8:15, took a nap with Brandon from 10-11, and by 11:15, I was ready for another nap! YIKES!! That is seriously my only pregnancy symptom...I feel like I should just be sleeping 20 hours a day or something! LOL!

Anyone else just want to curl up and sleep all day?
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I was just about to take a nap with dd, who nursed to sleep and was keeping me nice and warm on the couch ... and the boys came downstairs like a herd of elephants demanding grapes and woke her up. She wouldn't go back to sleep because she wants grapes! Yaaaaaaaawn ... it would have been such a nice nap!

I'm SO tired! I got up at 6am to go to work (I'm a church secretary and there was a funeral today) and by noon I felt like it should be about time to put the kids to bed ... only 7 more hours to go! I can't let myself sit down again or I will fall asleep ... and the kids will wreak havoc on the house!
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I was like that in the beginning of my pregnancy (I am due end of may/beginning of June). This is my first baby, but I had to be at work and thinking, analyzing etc. It was horrible. I would fall asleep right after dinner every night and would hardly be able to get up the next morning. But it is so much better now! For me it's about 50/50. On 50% of days I still fall asleep early, but sometimes an hour nap after dinner can prolong my evening significantly and I can get something done around teh huse. Other days I am able to stay up much later. Like yestarday I took some work home and finished it by 1:30am. Don't ask me how I woke up today.
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valeria_vi - I'm in the burbs of Chicago too!

Yep, I'm tired and I just got C down so I'll be following in a few minutes!
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Yesterday at 4pm I couldn't take it anymore. I put a movie in for ds, had him sit on the couch next to me and took a 20 minute cat nap. It was so cute, he got up once, kissed me (to make sure I was asleep) and went and got a piece of candy. I felt him the second he moved, but I didn't say anything, just so I could see what he was up to. He came right back to the couch and sat right back down. All these years of cosleeping have paid off, I can be dead asleep and know the second he moves

I was so tired with ds that I would take naps on my lunch break. Now I don't get a lunch break and ds has no need for a nap. I hope the tiredness breaks soon!
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The tiredness hit me from the day implantation occurred, and I'm not exaggerating! I don't normally nap, I just can't do it, but that first day, I had to put on the TV in our bedroom for Bella and sack out. She wasn't happy about it, kept bouncing all over the bed and all over me, hanging on me so her face was right in mine, saying, "Mama, are you awake yet?" And it was only a 30 minute "nap"! So the next day I had a talk with her about how carrying a baby in my belly can make me very tired, and how I needed her to help me out by letting me take naps. She's been great about it ever since, my good sweetie. Of course, she gets to watch PBS Kids or Noggin during my naps, so that helps :-)

Ugh, when I was working in-office during my first pg, I would fall asleep at my desk. I'm an editor, so imagine having to read boring business text, after lunch, in the early afternoon, in the first trimester. Good night! Now I have a couch in our home office, so I can catnap here, LOL. The only problem will be waking up at some point!

MamaLisa, that's a smart boy you have there--I love the part about the kiss to make sure you were sleeping!
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Originally Posted by cj'smommy
valeria_vi - I'm in the burbs of Chicago too!
hey! nice to meet you and congrats!
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