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greetings from Canada

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I took a pg test on Dec 30, and it was negative, but the one I did this morning was positive, so I guess I'll be joining you gals too!

Does anyone know of a good pregnancy due date calculator online? I've gotten three different dates based on my last menstrual date (November 29) -- August 23, September 4, and September 11.

So far, I've told my DH, my mom (who does daycare of my DS, 18 mos) and my boss (who needs to make plans for my replacement) so far. And my mom told my brother because he's trying to figure out his wedding date -- sometime in September. I've told him that earlier seems to be better than later, based on the due dates I'm getting, so he's leaning towards a Labour Day weekend wedding.

I'll probably have a planned c-section this time, as compared to the emergency c-section that I had last time. I had contractions for 3 weeks as DS tried to get out, but it turned out that my cervix was too small to let his 90th percentile head pass through. So at the very last minute he turned and was shoulder-presenting, and my water had broken, so they were worried that the umbilical cord would come out, and then he'd die.

And onto another rant ... a friend of mine brought her 2-yo over to our place for New Year's Eve. He came down with Fifth Disease rash on New Year's Day. She knew that he'd been exposed at daycare, and she knew that he'd had a minor cold a week earlier (the first part of Fifth Disease), but she brought him over anyways. Aaargh! Now I don't want to do the same thing to others (incubation period is up to 24 days!), so I have to skip my monthly moms' group get-together next week, and I'd been totally looking forward to that event. Not to mention the fact that I'm hoping that my DS doesn't get it, and that it can kill a fetus if a pregnant woman gets it in the first half of her pregnancy.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you over the next 9 months. My last pg was on a mainstream board (I hadn't found MDC), and I never really felt at home enough to post there.
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Welcome and congratulations! ((HUGS)) about the Fifth Disease, that's really scary. My 2 y/o is in daycare about 12 hours a week, I forgot all about that kind of thing. I'll have to mention it to her teacher tomorrow.

This is the due date calculator I saved into my favorites, but they were all giving me the same date.


How strange that you'd be getting different dates, the formula should be the same no matter what. Well, your OB's little wheel will give you the definitive EDD anyway.

Looking forward to getting to know you!
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Hi mama! Congrats!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't get Fifth Disease, that is scary!
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pregancy calendar

I like the pregnancy calendar at http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/timeline/index.phtml
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Thanks, Dominique! All the calendars referred here say that I'm due on September 5, so I guess I'll settle on that as a best guess for my family to plan on. There's another reason to look forward to my birthday, too -- one week after that is the start of the second trimester. (I'm still scared of a miscarriage, but not so much this time around.)

The amusing thing: the amazingpregnancy.com calendar has an ebay ad down the side: "Conception -- Great deals on new and used items. Search [ebay] for conception now!" Um, thanks, but no thanks, at least, not for this conception!
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