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Poll Results: How much do you spend per week on groceries and all household items?

  • 44% (67)
  • 36% (55)
  • 7% (12)
  • 3% (5)
    $200 -$250
  • 7% (12)
    $250 and up
151 Total Votes  
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I qualified for WIC for 3 out of my 4 pregnancies. With my second, my husband made too much money. When I got preg with #3, his income hadn't changed but our household size had, so I qualified again. I would say our grocery bill usually runs a little under $100 every two weeks. I cook a lot of things from scratch--chicken and dumplings, chicken noodle soup, steak stir fry, pork fried rice ... all of these dishes can be made for a family of five (with one on the way ) and only use one or maybe two pieces of meat per DISH, not per PERSON. You just chop the meat small then add more vegetables and enough pasta or rice to make a large batch. Veggies and pasta really are cheaper than a lot of meat. You still get the flavor of the meat, it is just MUCH cheaper and probably healthier, too. I always make a weekly menu before I go shopping so I get nothing I don't need. I buy my flour, sugar and rice in bulk because it saves SOOOOO much money. I can get 25 lbs. of flour or sugar for around $12 at my local grocery store and 50 lbs. of rice for $7 (!!!!!!!) at the wholesale club. I just separate them into gallon zip-locs and put them in the deep freezer. That much rice lasts us about a year (we eat rice almost every day), and the flour and sugar I buy about every 4 months or so. As for canned goods, peanut butter and the like, I buy that at the Dollar Store for very cheap. As long as I have rice, etc., in the freezer and WIC to cover dairy, I can actually get by (and still eat very well) for around $35 a week. Sorry so long! I love these discussions!
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We spend an average of $250/month on medical related things becuase of Nitara's reflux and my asthma. We spend about the same on food for a month.
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Wow, this is fascinating. I spent $110 this week and thought I was doing great!
I am also surpised to see some of you successfully using wholesale clubs -- I have been a couple of times, but the deals didn't seem so great, and since I like to buy organic/recycled and they didn't have much of that stuff I didn't think it worth my while. Hmm.
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I am also surpised to see some of you successfully using wholesale clubs -- I have been a couple of times, but the deals didn't seem so great, and since I like to buy organic/recycled and they didn't have much of that stuff I didn't think it worth my while. Hmm.
Maybe it depends on the club, but I've found them to be of limited use as well. I buy toilet paper and Kleenex there, and baking soda (if you use it in your laundry and/or for household cleaning, it's way, way, way, cheaper to buy the big containers of Arm and Hammer at the club. If you only use it for baking, it would be too much quantity. I scoop out some into a small container for baking when I first open the package, then use the rest for laundry and cleaning.) Some toiletries are much cheaper there, such as liquid soap refill. But what really pays for my membership are the tortilla chips! I *love* chips and salsa, and I can get a 2 lb. bag of yummy chips (not organic, but trans-fat and cottonseed oil free) for something like $2.89! If you know chips, you know that's cheap! I occasionally buy other things I find there, but those are my staples. They also have some great deals on clothing, but I don't buy them because of sweatshop concerns. Before I became convicted about that issue however, I got some wonderful bargains -- I miss them!

But for just about everything else, especially in the food section, it doesn't make sense because they carry mostly name brands, which are either still more expensive than store brands or sales at the grocery store, OR they aren't the kind of products I want to use. (No natural peanut butter, no whole wheat pasta, very few organics, etc.) Sometimes quantity is still an issue -- i.e. the packages are too big -- although that's getting to be less of a concern the older the kids get. My membership is worth it to me, but mostly because of the chips. If not for that, I'd probably not do much better than break-even.
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It must really depend on the club. I forgot that I get organic peanut butter at Costco. They haven't carried it long, but they have carried Adam's for a long time.

Maybe if people request organic items they would carry them. I am going to write a letter thanking them for expanding the organic they carry here. It seems everytime I go (a couple times a month) that I find a new organic item. I do go up and down the aisles to look and find them. I don't buy a lot of things there because I can get better deals on sales, but some items I can't beat. I also get the baking soda there, it is an awesome deal.

Meli65~ You could probably get a guest pass and check out if things have changed if you wanted and then you wouldn't be out of a membership if it hasn't.
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I think it also depends heavily on where you live. We live in an area where cost of living is outrageous and growing season is relatively short. We are members of a CSA for organic produce, and I'm considering joining a CSA-type group for dairy and meat. We don't eat much pre-packaged foods but I do buy mostly organic. I spend between $100-150 a week; sometimes more depending on time of year and what's going on in our lives. I shop at the local military commissary for non-perishables and whole foods/trader joes/an organic grocery store for perishables and other organic foods I can't get from the CSA. I would love to live in an area where cost of living is lower or there is space for me to have a garden to grow some of our produce.
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I voted for under 100 dollers a month

I am on a super tight budget..The only thing I buy that I don't make from scratch is an organic bread from Rudi's...Artesian French..It looks like normal bread to my son and he likes to take it in sandwiches so his look normal like everyone elses...But I only buy two loafs a month..He eats it up he goes to homemade..Everything else I make myself..Much cheaper and it really isn't hard.I try to keep it too 25-30 dollers a week...Some might say I scrimp too much but hey I have to pay the rent and we really do eat pretty good..I went grocery shopping yesterday for the week.I spent about 35 dollers but only because I had to buy some pantry things..But I make my menu out in advance and stick to the list...This is this weeks menu..

Sat..Spagetti and meatballs
Sun..Beef stew and cornbread muffins
Mon..Italian Roast and Potatoes
Tues..Broccoli/Rice casserolle
Wed..Baked Chicken and Potatoes
Thurs..Brown Beans and cornbread
Fri...Chicken Noodle Soup

WE only have dessert on Sundays and I make it from scratch.I always let my son choose..He chose brownies this week.

For lunches we ususally have sandwiches(egg salad,peanut butter or jelly and butter) and Chips..Not the healthiest but it is good and filling..

For breakfasts I buy one box of cereal a week..He loves Kashi Go lean Krunch..On Sundays I always make HM cinnamon Rolls and the other days I might make Hm pancakes,waffles or eggs and hm sausage patties.

I buy lots of stuff from the discount store(AKA dented can store)..I also get my yeast there..I ususally get juice,cereal,yeast,chocolate chips and pasta really super cheap there.And sometimes I am able to find a great treat for cheap that I don't usually buy like boxed mac and cheese(normally I make it from scratch)..I only buy the all natural if I do buy it.We don't do artificial food coloring or additives.

I buy a gallon of milk a week and we drink lots of water...Juice if I find a good deal at the discount store.Sometimes I buy a pint of Breyers natural ice cream if I can find it on sale..We eat plain buy cheap...Cooking and baking everything from scratch I think is the key...I even make hm tortillas.Super easy...I use my crockpot at least 3 times a week if not more.And I plan meals around sales...And if I have leftovers I plan another meal for that..This week for example..The baked Chicken..I bought a whole chicken for 3.49 and plan to Roast it in the oven.Serve with potatoes...I will probably have the breast left and the carcass.I will save it for Friday and make Hm chicken soup with that...So I am getting 2 meals out of that 3.50 chicken..I also do super cooking on weekends...If I can..This week it really wouldn't work with what I have planned but most weeks I do.I buy whatever fruit is on sale...Usually it is pears and bananas or fruit from the discount store..We usually have that about 2-3 times a week.I don't waste the juice from the canned fruits either. I pour into my popcicle molds and wala hm fruit popcicles...I usually get 4-6 out of a can of pears or pineapple.

I love these kinds of threads..I am always looking for new and greater ideas to improve...Thanks...Love Mylie xx
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I like that recipe website, Selu Gigage. Thanks.
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DH is paid monthly so we try to buy most things right after his payday. I think we usually spend about $300/month on food and we try to buy everything organic bulk that we can, especially dairy, meats, and eggs. This month is going to be rough though--had to buy plates for the car and get the car heat fixed last month--so we only have about $50 to make it through. We do qualify for WIC and use those monthly (except the milk, cheese, and eggs--yucky hormones and antibiotics), but we don't qualify for foodstamps by about $60/month
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I guess under 100....

But then again, its just me and hubby right now. Ask me again when baby arrives and is older and eating!

We try to get health foods but sometimes we have to be really picky. And sometimes I just crave those 99 cent Jeno's fozen pizzas........

Will try gardening this summer to cut down on some costs. Corn, watermelon, okra, tomatos......... YUM!
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I voted "under $100.00"...money's tight here b/c dh is a student and I am a SAHM
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I spend $60 on food and other things for 2 of us.

And if I am low on staples (olive oil, rice, things to make dough and tomato sauce) then I stock up, like this week and spent $80
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