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First appointment?

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When did you or will you have your first prenatal appointment?

I'm in the process of getting insurance, so I have to get through that process first (get pg test at family planning, get application in mail, fill out application and mail it with proof of pregnancy, wait until it's approved and insurance is assigned to me... It'll take weeks!). I'm thinking that I'll go interview the midwife first (my only option for homebirth unless I pay for homebirth, which I can't afford!) and then set up my first appointment for several weeks later.
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I just called my obsgyn and booked a February 21 (my birthday!) first prenatal appointment.

I'm going with him and not a midwife because he's a senior doctor at the hospital where I plan to deliver, and all the nurses there asked how I managed to get him in the first place!

Man, things are a lot easier the second time around when you know what to expect.
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They have me scheduled for the end of this month, I'll be about 8 weeks then.

Good luck with your insurance situation, I hope it gets worked out for you.
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I had my doctor's confirmation at the end of December, and then this past Monday I had the first meeting with my midwife (I wanted to meet with her and interview her to see if that's the practice I was going to go with). My next midwife appointment is January 31st...I'll be 8 weeks...
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I went to the doctor the day after I got my + test! That was a week ago today. I have an ultrasound next Wednesday. I am excited to see a heartbeat!
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i confirmed with my PCP at the beginning of this month and I have a few appt's scheduled for the week of the 17th. Interviewing OBs to see which one I like. I'll be about 7 weeks then. No ultrasound for me until about 12 weeks....
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Never mind. I'm actually not due in September, but I habitually click on threads instead of forum names, then end up thinking a random due date forum is the general I'm Pregnant forum. Carry on.
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I spoke with one of the two midwives in the practice this afternoon...I'll be seeing her in a week (Jan 12 ... the day before my anniversary!). I guess we'll have to tell our kids sooner than we planned, since they have to come with me because dh will be working. Unfortunately for us, they only see clients on Wed. Thurs, and Fri, so dh won't be able to come to my appointments ... and they're right down the street from the beach... I'll have to bring my mom with me this summer so we can make a day of it!!!
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I'm impressed by how quickly some people got to see their ob/mw. My first appointment is for Jan. 19. It's called "unconfirmed pregnancy" appointment. I'll be going with midwives affliated with a hospital.

The first time around was a different story. I was in a mad fury trying to figure out where I wanted to have the birth, who I wanted to help my delivery, etc. By the time I figure out the logistics and made the appointment, I was already 2 or 3 months pregnant (I got the prenatal vitamins well before that). It is nice to know what I want this time around. But I'm glad I did the research before.
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I don't think it's that big a deal if you have to wait for your first appt. When I was pg the first time, my first appt was at 8 weeks for a pg test and vaginal ultrasound for dating purposes, and to give me the chance to ask questions. The next appt was 12 weeks, to start the usual monthlies. I think if it's not your first time, it's OK to wait. I was actually surprised that my MW's office is having me come in next week already just to POAS. I don't mind going though, I have a few things I want to ask.
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I made an appointment yesterday after finding out that the midwife I want does take my insurance. It's for January 24th. I'll be about 8 weeks then.
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I saw my OB the day before Christmas, just to confirm the pg. I'm going to see him again on 1/13 for bloodwork, and he'll probably want to do a u/s though I haven't decided if I want to do one (leaning towards no...)

I've also been interviewing midwives because we're planning a homebirth. If I pick the one I met last weekend, my first appt with her would not be until mid-feb, when I'll be about 12 weeks.
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I just found out last night that I'm pregnant, called my ob this morning and have an appt. on the 21st. I'm thinking I'm due around Sept 13th. Not sure how far along that will make me for my first appt.
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My midwives are giving me the pg verification for medicaid without having to see them - cool, I guess, but I love pg appointments. My 1st appt is Valentines Day when I will be 9 weeks. I want to meet with a HB midwife too, but I haven't done anything about that yet.
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I have my first appt. this Thursday the 13th w/ my midwife. I'm excited, I have never met her but the Andaluz Birthing Center has come highly recommended to me.
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