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Lori and I have been at it since 4pm. Sheesh im getting tired of sitting here. Dh is making dinner for us, what a nice DH. Ill feel bad if I have to eat it here, but I guess I might. Its only one night, my sons only 16 months, hell forgive me right?? LOL
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Jesse, that is if you're still following this madness, yep, Katherine would easily fit a size 1 still! Silly skinny thing that she is. ... I think I'm going to shoot for wool. We'll see. I'll take what I can get of course
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This reminds me of the Righteous Baby stockings! Those got really crazy!
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I wonder how many pages this thread will be when thay finally stock! LOL
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Well, gals. I will be an hour late picking up my girls. I'm out. Somebody snag me a print fitted if you can.
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here still going on 3 1/2 hours of refreshing, refreshing, refreshing :LOL :LOL
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I just wish there was more of a general timeframe!
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I was going to help out all the mama's I could but I just got Connor down and now have to go find the driveway - we're under about 10 inches of snow. If I don't go do it, I'll never get out tomorrow!

Good luck and have fun!!
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Is anyone else getting annoyed at the two wool covers? Everytime I see them, I want to scream QUIT MOCKING ME!! :LOL
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I think I might fall asleep at the computer waiting, come on already!
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Wow...getting old. Yet Im still going at it. This dinner is getting in my way of stocking. LOL
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I hate those wool covers !!!!!!!! Ok well not really but, get out of my face already!! I want new fluff!!

They said evening, so that could be anytime from now to midnight!
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I havent been doing this nearly as long and I am already impatient. I dont know how you all do this!
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Another Refresher & FCB Virgin.:LOL I'm trying for a wool cover.
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I got one... I got one......
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crap. I blinked and missed it.
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I missed it while posting
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I missed it ALL!!! I was looking for a size 1 FCB though so I'm all good. I tried to get something for someone else but alas it was GONE!
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holy crap that was fast....it was like...blink...gone!! LOL.
I'm so glad I'm broke, these stockings STRESS me out!
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