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Baby Will's Birth Story

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Where to begin...

I guess, thinking back on it, I must have been in labor during the mid part of the day on New Year's Eve. At lunch I was sitting there at lunch not feeling very good. I came home and laid down on the couch to take a nap, but couldn't get to sleep. I still got to rest during DD's nap, though, so in retrospect that was a good thing. We were going to the mall to kill some time before we took DD to my parent's house to stay the night so we could celebrate the new year and go out to dinner. We figured it was the last time we would be able to do that for a while with the new babe on the way. We finished up at the mall and were headed out when I felt a popping sensation and a dampness. I was horrified that I might have just peed myself, but I didn't remember having to go to the bathroom.

I headed into the restroom and decided that if my water had broken, I should make sure the liquid was clear (it was). Still not sure, we decided to go ahead and leave and head for my parents house. DH and I were a bit on edge and decided that it was not knowing if my water had broken that was causing the added stress. (Bit of background: with DD I was induced and they broke my water for me.) So I called the Dr.s office. I knew that my OB was not on that weekend, so if I was in labor I was not going to be delivered by my OB. This is my only regret from this labor and delivery. The Dr. told me to go ahead and go get checked, just to be on the safe side. I was, at this time, still sure that I had just peed myself. We got DD to my parents and headed for the hospital.

At the hospital they confirmed that I had broken my water and was not going home. At this point, I sent DH home and had him pick up my hospital stuff. We also realized that the house was a mess, so he spent a bit of time cleaning it up. We even had the foresight to go ahead and get something to eat, and knowing my track record for getting nauseous during labor I decided to only have some yogurt.

Once the moved me to labor and delivery, I started walking around and waited for DH to get back. So many people gave me the pity look because I was walking around in labor, by myself. I had sent my rings home to be safe, so it looked like I was single. It's amazing how quick to assume people can be. Finally he got back and was able to hold my hand during contractions.

About 1.5 hours later, around 8:30pm, they started pitocin on me. I wasn't progressing at all. It was a good thing they put me on monitors. DS's heart rate kept dropping into the 105-110 rate during contractions. They had me lay on my right side most of the time, because it would drop even lower if I sat in any other position. I dialted from 2cm to 4 cm by around midnight and decided that I wanted the epidural. I know that most people around here have completely intervention free labors, and I truly admire you, but it is not for me. I also knew that with the epidural I would relax and dialate more quickly, based on my past delivery of my daughter. It only took 2.5 hours more to get to fully dialated and ready to push. It even surprised the nurse. The resident who had been following me all night due to the dramatic drips in the heart rate of DS came in a checked me and pronounced that I was 10cm, 100% effaced and +3 station and she looked and me and said "Really?!?" Totally caught her off guard how quickly it worked.

At this point they had me do a practice push, and I knew that I was going to throw up. I had warned them about this because it happened with DD, so they had anti-nausea medication ready and waiting. They got everything ready and the Dr. came in and checked me out. Then we pushed. 3 sets of pushes over the course of 20 minutes and he was out. I had made it very clear to the staff that I wanted to feel his head when he came out, and I wanted him all to myself for a bit after he was born. They placed him on my belly and then we discovered why his heart rate kept dipping. He had tied his umbilical cord completely in a know. This was very very scary, since it could have ended in disaster. He stayed with me for a long time before they did the standard hospital stuff. I nursed him very soon after they cleaned me up and got me sitting in the bed. He and I took to it like we were meant to have that kind of relationship. No problems at all. He was born at 3:14am on New Year's Day. Quite the interesting way to start the new year.

Stats: 7lbs 3 ounces 19.5 inches long, 13.75 cm head. Apgars of 9 and 9.

He is a healthy and pretty laid back kid. Sleeps quite a bit, and only likes to sleep at night in bed with us, but we are getting two 4 hour stretches at a time over night, so I'll take it.

Well, I hope you made it this far and enjoyed the birth story of our DS. We are doing good, with all of the normal adjustments and even a bit of baby blues thrown into the mix. DD is taking to her brother quite well, with only a bit of jealousy.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will figure out how to post pictures, or give you a link to our website so you can see him tomorrow.

Nicole and Will (born 1-1-05)
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Way to go mama!!! Sounds like you had a nice birth that went smoothly & was comfortable for you~that is awesome!!!

I cannot wait to see pics of that gorgeous baby!!

s to you both!
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again...congratulations...looking forward to the pictures.

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Sounds like a perfect birth for you. Congrats again!!!
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Hi Nicole - Thanks so much for sharing! It does sound like a terrific birth for you - it was relatively free of invasive procedures, and you did a great job pushing him out! Congratulations!!! Please do post a pic or two when you can find the time. We'd love to see you both! Make sure you get out (cover up in the rain), because it does wonders for the blues (well, temporarily at least!), see friends, get some wind on your cheeks. Lots of hugs, andy
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Congratulations again, and great job Mama!!
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Great story! Sounds like all went well! Congrats again...can't wait to see pics when you get time.
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Thanks for giving us the long version! Congrats, well done! And sorry my bead escaped, I want to send ya a replacement evn if its now after the fact!
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