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flats and Dappis

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Are there any stores that sell both birdseye flats and Dappi nylon pull-on pants? I know CottonBabies used to, but I can't find flats there any more, and Google didn't help me.

Just asking for help for the snazzy new web site I'm building.
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you can try www.babybestbuy.com though I wouldn't recommend dappi's, lol. We bought some cuz they were cheap, and yeah you get what you pay for. They make good doll diapers for my older dd.
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I couldn't find any nylon ones there, only the vinyl kind. And don't worry, my future child will be covered with a middle-of-the-line diaper cover. I'm just doing research for the web site I'm building.
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We still carry the flats, but the manufacturer is out of stock until sometime in early February. Apparently lots of flats headed overseas for relief efforts in the areas effected by the tsunami. I've taken them offline until we have them back in stock again to avoid long backorders...

Hope that helps.

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Dappis are not bad AT ALL!! I have tried many covers and wraps, and I must admit that and Dappi is the only one that has never wicked, leaked and it is the trimmes I have.

I have about 4 Dappis which I dyed with KoolAid (they actually turned out very pretty) and a few other kinds, and I always find myself looking for the Dappi first :LOL

The thing is: there are different Dappis and many people assume they're all the same. The NYLON PULL-ONS are the ones one should look for.

Yes, they are cheap in price, but not cheap in quality. Really - I know it is hard to believe when we're so ready to pay 20 -25 for cover. But Dappi really does work well. The only kind of covers I like better than Dappi Nylons are wool soakers.

Katieskisses.com has Dappi Pull Ons
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I agree with polihaupt, if it isn't wool, it's going to be a dappi nylon pant. Those things are awsome, and at $2 each, you just can't beat it!. I have tried ME, proraps (eww!), diaperaps, bummis, sugurbums and dappis. I love the dappis!
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Thank you, wildflowerjenn and Sustainer, for answering my question.
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