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Ethan's Birth Story (looong)

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As most of you know, I went into the hospital on Dec 31st to be induced because of high BP. When I arrived, they had me lie down on my left side for a half hour before they took my initial BP reading. After doing so, the reading was only a little bit out of range and I began to question being induced. I knew that there was a high risk of medical intervention when being induced, and I also knew how my last induction turned out! So, I decided to go to the bathroom, sit up and talk it over with my dh. After about 10 minutes I asked them to re-check my BP – in that little time it had rocketed back up to 160/105. I decided that at this point pre-eclampsia had not set in and I wanted to protect the health of my baby, so I decided to proceed with the induction.

Because my cervix was already soft, and because I had already had a c-section, they skipped the prostaglandin and started me on Pitocin. It actually worked fairly well, and for the first time I was able to feel the rise and fall of contractions. In my previous labor, I had double peaked contractions, non-stop cramping and back labor, so I was never able to really rest. Even though it hurt, they felt good…. It felt like my body was doing what it was supposed to. I imagined each contraction as a wave of warm water rushing over my body and pulling the baby down with each ebb.

My support was wonderful- I had a good friend of mine (an art therapist) working as a doula and my husband by my side the whole time. I was constantly being massaged and talked through the hard contractions. The nursing staff was also AMAZING. The triage nurse, whom I had met the day before for an NST, was very nurturing and knew of my previous bad experience in a hospital. The day of my induction she made sure I had a nurse who fit my personality and needs assigned to me. The best part was that I was her only patient, so I received all of the attention and support that I needed – such a change from the last hospital at which I delivered!!!

When I was checked the first time, I had dilated from a dimple to 1 centimeter. The baby’s head was still very high. I had hoped for more progress, but was happy that something was happening. Over the day, they increased the Pitocin to its maximum level. Unfortunately, I never progressed from one centimeter that day. At the end of the day my FP gave me a choice of either having a c-section that night or turning off the Pit, having a good dinner, sleeping and starting over the next day. I decided to try the again the next day, I wanted to do everything in my power to have a vaginal birth.

The next day I didn’t have the same energy level and I was really weepy, but I still proceeded with the plan. We pumped the Pit up to the maximum level and my contractions felt even more intense, but at the end of the day when I was checked, I had not progressed past one centimeter and the baby’s head was still completely unengaged. My BP was also still very high….

My FP, who is very medically non-interventional, said I needed to have a c-section. I completely broke down out of exhaustion, frustration and grief. We discussed letting me go home on complete bed rest, but she was very against it because the baby and I were healthy now, but she didn’t know how long that would last.

So, I acquiesced and I had the c-section – crying throughout the whole thing. Then my wonderful son emerged at 4:23 PM, who began rooting almost the minute he was born. It was amazing to see the difference in energy and alertness of a child born without any pain medication (except for my last minute spinal)! He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 19 inches long.

The OB said that the inside of my pelvis was tiny and it would have been impossible for the baby to descend. So, in the end I made the right decision…

Aside from the normal aches and pains of a c-section, we are all doing well. My ds is totally enthralled with his new little brother and tells us all how much he loves him. My favorite time is in the morning when my ds jumps in bed with us and cuddles into the nook of my right arm as I hold Ethan in my left……
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Delfina, I am so glad things worked out. It sounds like you were faced with some tough decisions and made the right ones.

Congrats on Ethan!!

Take care of yourself.
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It sounds like you did everything you could, you are one strong mama to go that long on pitocin with no pain med!. I hope you are feeling ok and getting lots of rest and help. You're right, it is amazing how alert non medicated babies are!

Thanks for sharing your story, and congrats again

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It sounds like you made some good and educated decisions about your birth. High bp is no laughing matter.

I'm so glad that it turned out well, and that despite a surgical birth, Ethan was born so alert!!!!

Awesome job mama!!!

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Hey girl - you did GREAT!!! What a wonderful baby you have, and you really did work hard to do things the way you wanted...whether they actually EVER work out that way is questionable, so don't sweat it - you were AMAZING!!! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing! xxx andy
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Hi, thanks for sharing your story! So glad babe is here, and feel free to process the birth here, and MDC has c-section support forums! Even if you feel great about your decisions, and trust your caregiver, and did everything you could, and are in love with your new son, you still have permission to feel bummed about the birth not going as you would have most liked. I affirm you did a great job sounds like you made good choices, but also want to say don't feel guilty if you find yourself greiving over the loss of your ideal birth- some people don't get that we value the processas well as the outcome, and want to soothe all your rough edges by saying "at least you have a healthy baby". Of course we are all grateful for that, but you can still have permission to process, or cry about, the whole expereince that you had birthing your baby.....I know you wanted a VBAC, and give yourself space to mourn that if you find you need to. High blood pressure is such a bummer cause it is so severe, but there is nothing we know to prevent pregnancy induced hypertension. It just sucks to get something you have no control over that totally changes the plan and course. But also remember babies are smart and they get the births they need, so don't take on any feelings of failure. Hugs, mama, Heidi
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congratulations, and i wish you a quick recovery from your surgery. enjoy that baby!
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Thank you for sharing. Things may not have gone as you wished but it sounds like you made the right choice for you and your son.
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