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We're having a baby!

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I found out on Monday that I am pregnant with our first baby. We were married in September and I'll be due right around our first anniversary--what a great present!

I had my last period right around Thanksgiving, and we had one less-than-careful night around December 10. That's all it took--I missed my period in December and I'm never late. We'd had a very stressful month, though, so I thought it might just be late because of stress. My husband joked that I might be pregnant, so we got a home pregnancy test and it was positive!

It has taken a few days to sink in, but yes, we're going to be parents. We're anxious and scared and thrilled all at once.
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Congratulations! I hope you have a happy and healthy nine months...
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Congratulations. I think we share similar time-lines. Ours happened Dec. 13, and I think it must have been the next day that the egg was fertilized.

Anyway, join the club.
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Congrats and welcome.
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Oooh, it's so exciting the 1st time! Congratulations! You are lucky to be here so early - I didn't discover MDC until after ds was born.
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Congratulations!!! You know, this is my second baby but I'm still having the same feelings you are!

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