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Expecting #4..surprise!

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HI All and Congratulations.
I have a few questions/ concerns . Just found out I am pregnant with #4 yesterday. I am still in shock or disbelief, took 4 tests! My period was not late but I had some brown spotting and thought my period was on the way, but it didn't come so I took the test because I was having other PMS/ pregnancy symptoms. Anyway we have been practicing NFP, and thought we were doing it right with charting etc. I am still nursing my 19 month old, and had a complicated delivery with her. I had a great homebirth, 4 hours but had to be transported for a repair..4th degree laceration! She was shoulder dystocia. (My second child was also a home birth and shoulder dystocia, but needed no repair. )I was hoping to postpone another pregnancy for more healing time. I was adviced by the surgeon who did the repair to consider a c section next time because of the risk of fecal incontinence with a possible other shoulder dystocia. I really do not want a c section , would like to try another natural birth in the hospital this time, so I am there in case I need a repair again..what do you think???
Also, I had a glass or two of wine on New Years Eve, and usually never drink so that bothers me that I didn't know that I had conceived a week or so before. I have also been using Echinacea and other remedies to ward off the flu . Any advice will help me feel more relaxed. I usually plan my pregnancies and take extra precautions for a healthy baby.
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ave Hi mama!! Congratulations!!!! I'm in a suburb of Chicago!

We were completely surprised by my first pregnancy, since we were preventing, so I had no idea I was pg when I went to a St. Pat's party and happily drank the night away. If I remember correctly I was about 2-3 weeks along at the time of the party. My OB said that it was still really early at that point and that none of the major organs were being formed yet so it should have been ok. Connor turned out just fine. I hope that helps put your mind at ease somewhat. I was really scared too.

Wish I could help you out with your other concerns, but maybe if I bump you up someone else can.
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Thank you for the reply. Do you homebirth ? Do you have a good OB ? I am thinking that I am so not a homebirth candidate anymore and need to find a good OB . My delete button is not working..sorry.

or ha
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I think that you cannot pass anything bad to your baby so early - not even a "real" placenta yet and it is okay! I don't know about the shoulder dystocia/c-section issue, though.
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mama after two home births you are sure to be disappointed with the hospital.

With my third child I had to transport to the hospital. It was a total shock. I was not even allowed to carry my baby in the hospital. Everywhere I went she had to be in a plastic bassinet. Also they wouldnt let me Breastfeed in the newborn discharge class... Oh wait that was cause the newborns werent welcome in the discharge class.........HUH? LOL THey were better off in the nursery where the nurses would happily give her a bottle of formula while I took my class!!!! Needless to say I was still a militant mom in there and had to stand up for everything I felt was right.

DO you have to option of a free standing birthing center? That would be the best way to go I would think.

Good Luck!
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