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Regrets, I've had a few

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Do you have any regrets yet with this pregnancy?

I don't regret the pregnancy at all, but I do have a couple of related regrets.

I regret having a glass of wine on Dec 30 and Dec 31. I'd taken a pg test on Dec 30 when my period was due, and it was negative, so I figured I wasn't pg and it was okay. (I am glad that I didn't finish the wine that was poured into my glass, despite it being among the best I've ever had -- it was a very expensive restaurant!)

I regret that my 18mo isn't getting as much milk when he nurses. I should have known something was going on when he couldn't nurse himself back to sleep any more, after his 5 am wakeup. (He would normally nurse for 5-10 minutes, and sink back to sleep, but changed to 30-45 minute nurses, and wake up screaming if I pulled away.) I regret having to supplement him with soy milk despite all I've read so far about the effects of soy. (He's allergic to dairy. I'm still nursing, but the soy is higher in fat than the rice milk, and he's 25th percentile in weight, so I'd like to get the added fat. I'll probably alternate rice and soy.)

Not a regret, but I'm already not looking forward to being in the last trimester in July and August. It's not as hot here as elsewhere, but I take transit to work, and it's not air-conditioned. (Well, it is, but for half the number of people that is usually on it.)

And I'm regretting that I might spoil my baby brother's wedding. He proposed to his fiancee on Christmas day, and they planned for a mid-late September wedding. Now that I'm due on Sept 5'ish, they're probably going to do a Labour Day weekend wedding, and hope I don't go into labour early.

And you?
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I don't really have any regrets now... I haven't drank since before Bran was born, and don't smoke, use drugs, etc. I've also always had low supply, so I don't think Bran knows the difference yet...LOL!

I wouldn't regret the wine too much...the placenta isn't nourishing the baby quite yet, so it's doubtful that anything has happened because of that one glass of wine.

I think the only thing I regret is that I was slacking on my prenatals for the few months before I was pregnant...and nursing usually sucks nutrients out of me (being gluten intolerant, I have to really watch the nutrient depletion since I can't eat a lot of the mroe nutrient-filled foods).
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Soy milk...have you tried almond milk or oat milk? My casein-intolerant 4.5 year old loves both!

Regrets ... Thankfully I don't have any.
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We were not planning this pregnancy, and I've eaten sushi, soft cheese, and had wine on Christmas and New Years. I'd taken a negative HPT on New Years Day, and we went to sushi for lunch. We also had sushi on Christmas (part of our tradition. ) No more sushi for me!

I'm not looking forward to pregnancy during late summer, either.
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I've had sushi several times in the last week (hazard of living in Vancouver -- fabulous and cheap sushi). But as I understand it, the major problem with eating sushi when pregnant is having badly-prepared sushi, and thus eating parasites. I avoided sushi entirely during the last pregnancy, but this time around I think I might just have a few bites of vegie or cooked sushi just so that I can feed my wasabi addiction. <g>
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Yep. The worst part is that we have been trying, I just thought for sure this wasn't the month. I had a glass of wine on Christmas Eve and a beer on Christmas day and one on New Year's day. I could kick myself, but there's nothing I can do about it now.
So far I haven't noticed any indication of a supply drop for ds. Not sure how he'll handle it.
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I was painting at our new house that we're moving into yesterday and I realized, "Oh, crap, I don't think I'm supposed to be painting here." I just didn't remember. It's been a while since I've been pregnant and had to be concious of that kind of stuff. Now I'm leaving that to dh.
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