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Let's start something here....

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I'd like to know when everyone here THINKS their baby is due. I know we all have due dates but so few babies are born on that day anyway. I'll keep this post going (somehow) and we'll keep track of who has theirs when. Whoever gets it right is a damn good guesser!!!

I think ours will be born at 3:18 in the morning (due to a dream) on May 22nd.

Who's next?
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i'm game...

well i think that 5/5/05 would be a great birthday, but that is 2 wks before my edd so that's not going to happen.

i'll go with 5/31/05 (11 days past my edd, just like gabriel) in the evening... 9pm or so.
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I honestly have no earthly idea.
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I think it would be neat if my baby was born on Beltaine (may 1st) but that is a Sunday, so I wouldn't get to have my midwife deliver since she only works on weekdays.
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Hmm. My first was 3 days early and my second was 8 days (I knew the exact date of ovulation for each of them and so their estimated due date was really accurate) If I had to guess, I'd say this one will be born on April 20th (10 days before he's due). I did have some preterm labor w/dd#2 and was told that I'll probably have it again, to some degree, so who knows?
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Well, I'll join in a bit better than my last response, though I still maintain having no real earthly idea.

Hmm... My first was 8 days past due, according to adjusted dates after the fact (meaning that I realized when he was almost two that I don't ovulate early enough for our first EDD to have been correct, so really he was only about a week late as opposed to 15 days). So, this one could be anytime really. I guess I'm expecting this babe to be early, for some reason, but sort of hoping that I can go as late as last time (of course, I say this NOW when I'm not sick of being pregnant yet) and that I don't go into labor until like June 6th. Yeah, June 6th sounds okay to me. (My EDD is May 30) I also think this one will be at night, whereas my last was during the day.

I also think I will be wrong about all of this.
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Ok, I'll play. Dd was 6 wks early exactly. Due Feb 12, born Jan 1. This new one is due May 13 -- approx 6 wks early would be Apr 1 - yikes! I sure as heck hope that doesn't happen. My fear is that labor will start with my water breaking first (like last time) but 3 or 4 weeks early instead of 6. I'd really love to go past due but I just don't know if that's in the cards. So, how about April 15 - tax day. That would be 4 wks early. But, I'm secretly hoping for May 20. : They say there's only a 30% chance that my labor will start with my water breaking this time. But, for my SIL and best friend, their waters broke first with both of their pregnancies so we'll see.
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I also think 5/5/05 would be great but that is 3 days past my edd and I doubt that will happen (5 is my favorite number and always has been since I was a little one). Predictions are he'll come near the end of April so I'll guess April 28th. I really hope he stays in there til May at least. May is also my favorite month... it's so nice out and everything is turning green and all the flowers are blooming
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Due date is 5/6 but I'll make a guess that she'll come about a week early, so 4/30.
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My EDD is May 27th, but I think the baby will be here around June 5th.
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Since I'm one of the VERY few people who actually gave birth on their due date.....I'm sticking with 5/5/05 (my due date, and apparently the desired due date of a few! lol) and I say I'll go early morning again. So around 6 or 7 am.

BUT - I'd love to give birth 4/29 - my birthday. What a wonderful present that would be!
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I'm due May 8th which is Mother's Day and would be a nice present but Logan was 5 days late (funny, she was due on 8th as well). So I am guessing that this one is going to be a late arrival as well. DH is hoping for that but he's hoping more like 2 weeks late so that he can use his remaining 2 weeks of vac. time and then June 1st he'll replenish with another 5 weeks. I don't think the idea of going 2 weeks late sounds all that good or hopeful, but I think even 5 days later will help.

As far as time of birth, I have NO guess, Logan was 11:29 PM after pushing 6 1/2 hours...this once better not take as long to come out!!!!! but I'm gonna guess middle of the night.
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My EDD is 5/28, this is my first baby, so I have really no idea. But my guess is that it will be a birthday present for me. So my guess is June 8th at 10:30am! That's when I was born
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My son was born on his due date but for some reason I think I'll go overdue with this one. My due date is the 13th but I think she'll be born on the 15th (which also happens to be my grandfathers b'day) and I think she'll be born in the evening.
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I have had THREE EDDs (guess that's why the E in EDD, huh?) this pregnancy.

5/27 - based on LMP
5/29 - based on when I thought I ovulated (and I still really think I did, even though it took a really, really long time to get the + HPT after that)
6/7 - based on an u/s at 12 weeks (they decided I was *actually* 10 weeks 3 days) - it makes more sense with when I got a + HPT, but no sense regarding when I actually had sex. Last I checked, you had to have sex to have a baby.

Anyway...Griff arrived one day early - I knew when he was conceived, so that dating seems pretty accurate. I think this baby will arrive around the same time, maybe a few days earlier - let's say 39+ weeks. I still think that 5/29 due date is the most accurate. So somewhere in those last few days of May??
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Well. I have gone 2 wks early with both my other two...BUT i was induced with my daughter and had my membranes stripped with my second. Even without interventions though i am SURE i will go at least a week early. I am also pretty sure it will be in the evening....i think i will labor during the afternoon and early evening and the baby will be born sometime past 8PM.
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Im due may 2nd.. but am pretty sure Ill go 3-4 weeks early
DS was at 36.6 weeks
DD was at 36.3 weeks & Id had preterm labor for a month & been on meds

my goal is just to get to 36 weeks again.. which would be April 4th
I think Ill go April 6th
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EDD of 5/22 and I had been thinking probably 6/1 since dd was so late (I was induced so I'll never know how late she would have been), but then I looked at a calendar and there is a full moon 5/23, so maybe that will be it?
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My dd was 4 weeks early and my son was 3 days late so who knows with this one! I have a really good feeling that it will come on May 5 because of a dream I had. This way all of my kids will have the number 5 in their birthdays!
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i *was* supposed to be due on may 10- after ultrasound that was changed to may 24! i am convinced that she will show up on may 29- my dh's bday, and our wedding anniversary. people say that i won't like that, but i think it's kinda cool
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