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My dh says 4/24-his mom's bday. I think 4/29 because of some discussions on moon phases of conception. But I also think 5/5/5 would be cool. And since i have a tendency to be late, my dh's birthday 5/15 wouldn't be horrible either-except for the fight with my caregiver to let me go 13 days past my due date. As for time, I would guess morning, since all three of mine have started in the middle of the night and been born at or before noon
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i'm going to say may 8th. i feel like this baby is already down, and ready to come out. :/ with kayleigh, i thought i'd go overdue b/c she just seemed so cozy in there. this one feels like s/he's already trying to break out. kayleigh was born 2 days before her "due date" ... so i'll guess a few days earlier this time. i'm also guessing it will be a girl.
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cool thread!

Ok DS #1 was 10 days late according to the EDD of July 5th, but one day early by my calculations of July 16th.
DS #2 was a day late by my estimations but a week early by EDD.

So my figuring in my head (also based on when we had sex not the u/s or LMP) is on or around May 20 +/- a day. I just have the sneaky suspision that I am going to have a cusp born Taurus/Gemini to deal with. But then again it could just be wishful thinking because I really don't want a gemini as a child. I don't get a long with gemini's. Weird I know, but hey my DH is a Taurus and he's just fab!

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Alright ladies I have everyone of you up to MamaFae (so the post before this one) in Excel with your names, EDD's, and when you think you're due (some of you made it tough by the way with more than one guess! ). Anyone else want added?
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We are thinking this baby will be here around April 29th- May 2nd. DD was born at 38 weeks exactly and DS was born at 37 wks 4 days. (I know the exact dates they were conceived so i know the exact day they were born) I will be 38 weeks on April 28th. I am kinda cheating on this though. My midwife has agreed to strip my membranes at 38 weeks as long as i am favorable. We are over 4 hours away from the midwife and birth center and with DH being on the road all the time unless we can at least try to get the show on the road with some tiny ammount of predictability then chances are i will end up delivering at home without anyone here except me and DD and DS.

With DS my OB stripping my membranes the day before i went into labor. It was a sort of medical thing. I was in so much pain i was unable to even walk and i was already having mild contractions. Granted there was no life threatening situation involved other than my own comfort. I believe though it had gone beyond comfort level. I was literally unable to care for DD at all. Her room was set up for her to be safe in there with gates at both her doors, i had a small refrigerator in my bedroom and would just fix her food or drink in bed and had it over the gate to her. diaper changeing was incerdibly difficult for me because i had to actually stand up and walk into her room. She learned to climb up onto a twin bed in her room so that i could change her. So far this time i am not in THAT much pain....but it is getting worse and i am terrified that it will get that bad again before this baby comes. My back and hip issues are the MAIN reason DH sayes this is our last one. He is scared that if i go through this again that it will be permanent.

ETA: to make is easy i will say May 1st.
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Got ya' added LadyWulf!!!!!
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Wel,I am due on May 27th, but I am hoping by a bit of nudging (walking, visualization, sex maybe etc) that she will come on my Birthday which is May 20th....of course I am not going to do anything drastic!!!...but I think it would be the most wonderful birthday present I could ever get to bring her into the world on the day my Mom brought me into the world...and a special bond we could share...

I will just be thankful if she comes healthy, happy, and without too much pain *ouch*
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You're added!!

Does anyone have an idea for a "prize" so to speak for the person who is damn good at guessing the date? I'd love to have something set up....any ideas are welcome!
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My son was born just one day past his due date at 11:54 p.m. The day before (the actual due date) I started very mild cramping. The next day I knew for sure in the a.m. I was going into labor.

I think this baby will be on time, too.
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Rainbow when is your due date and I'll add you to my list!
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Just thought I'd let everyone know I am still watching to see who guessed right on when their babies would be born! My laptop (with all my info) is in the repair shop so if someone guess theirs is due before I get it back and it happens I won't know! :LOL Once I get it back I will be stalking my info and you ladies (when the time comes).......so no worries there!
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I'm very pessimistic on this one. My DD was due 4/1 and born 4/17 (I was charting and dead on with her dates too!)

This one is due 5/24 (and I am not sure of the dates) - My gut feeling is 6/8 at least this time I have a hospital birth planned from the start so I won't be miserable like I was last time at 42 weeks because I can't go to the birth center anymore - I remember waking up the day after my last possible birth center day and just bawling!
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DS was born on his due date, too.
For some reason, I think (but hope not) that this baby will be born early. How about May 12th?
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My EDD is May 9th but I'm thinking I will go into labor the 2nd and having it (sounds horrible lol) the 3rd.
With my son I had to EDD of July 16th and 18th and he was born the 12th.
I really hope I'm early I can't imagine physically going over lol which means I will :LOL :LOL
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