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July 04 Babies...Happy New Year!!

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I couldn't find a July Babies thread for January so I hope it's okay that I start one.

Mallory went in for her 6 month check-up and was told that she and I (as a mommy) are both doing great. My doctor was so pleased that I am still breastfeeding as I don't think he encounters alot of moms who even breastfeed at all. He was also very interested in Mallory's cloth diapers. I loved all the questions and encouraging comments he had about my parenting choices.

No teeth yet but I think at least one is trying to break through. Mallory has had some very crabby moments and that is the only thing I can think of that could be causing her : moods.

She is now officially sitting on her own. She is so pleased with herself to be able to sit up on her own. In fact, there are times that she gets overly excited about sitting up that she throws herself off balance and plops over. :LOL

She's not crawling or scooting yet. But I'm not worried. Just gives me a little more time to make sure the house is properly baby proofed.

How is everyone elses babes doing this month??
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Happy New Year

Selma is doing great. We have been struggling with diaper rash for a long, long time and it seems better lately. I finally caved in and bought some sposies (which by themselves did not help) sooo, I also tried triple paste which cleared it up right away. However, last night, before bed, her butt was red again (she's been back in cloth for 2 days). Now this morning, after wearing the same cd all night, it looks fine . I really am perplexed by this rash. I've posted all over diapering and have gotten some great help. We'll see how today goes.

Selma is also not crawling or sitting yet. This is so strange to me as dd1 was crawling well and very fast by 6 months. She also walked at 10 months independently. Selma is just sooo laid back. She will get herself from one room to another and around and around in circles by scooting on her back and rolling :LOL. This is so funny to watch. She is a bundle of smiles and squeals and really is such a joy. She is very good with her hands and can pick up tiny objects with thumb and forefinger. I have to be very careful about my 5 year old leaving small toys, beads, etc laying around. (Can you believe she leaves things laying around? )

No solid food yet. She loves to play with my spoon. We'll wait until she can sit indep and shows clear interest in the food, not the utensil. I will weigh her next week, she must be at least 18lbs.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Hi mamas!
Glad to hear your babes are doing great. Gigismom, have you tried A+D ointment at diaper changes? I put that on Noah ( on recommendation from my awesome ped.) when i change his cloth dipes and he's never had diaper rash. My ped had 5 kids (all in cloth, btw) and she used A+D on all of them.
Noah is a little chub too! He is about 18 lbs, with the chubbiest cheeks and fat little feet. Ah, the glories of breastmilk! He is rolling all over, and trying soo hard to sit on his own but keeps toppling over. He sucks on everything and is fascinated by anything with buttons (keyboard and telephone especially). He has gone from sleeping soundly 5 hrs a night to waking every 90 mins or so, and is soothed only by nursing. Ain't teething great? No teeth have sprouted yet, but his gums are red and he chomps on his fingers. He has the red rash on his cheeks and chin too.
I have been battling with SIL and MIL (non-AP) about solids; they say he should definitely be eating cereal and "table scraps" by now. I heartily diasgree, i dont think he is ready. i tried him with a little fingerful of mashed banana last night, and he looked at me like i was crazy before spitting it back out. DH had been thinking it was tiem for solids too, but after last night he's on my side.
6-mo checkup next week.. can't wait to see how much he weighs!
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Hello all, happy new year & all that!

SheScraps, might as well be you who starts it Your doctor sounds awesome! I hope we get a good one when we need one. Liam's not going anywhere either, just sitting as well. I'm not worried about it either. I think it's pretty normal.

Gigismom, I hear that teethin can really bring on a good diaper rash, or did for me when I was a baby apparently. Liam's butt got a bit when I was getting too lazy at night for a couple days - but it's back to being clear again now that we have a better system - he now sleeps on a prefold with a recieving blanket covering his undercarriage, and I change them one handed when he wakes up to nurse.

MamaHippo, my baby loves the phone & keyboards too! He pulled the phone off the table once (landed right beside him ) and now he has his own keyboard (and mouse) to play with while we use ours. he's in baby heaven. but any cords he can reach he's got before you even notice, quick quick. I've gotten the flak for solids too - my MIL actually started crying on the phone (she lives a Looooooong way away thankfully) that we were starving him because we werent feeding him at 4 months because SHE had fed my husband at TWO months - you know what she fed him???? *eggs and toast* in the blender !!! talk about allergenic foods! maybe that's why my dh has weird allergies??????? i'm not chancing it. liam will never eat baby cereal and he's just not ready for food yet. and that is ok.

he does like chewing on apples and apple cores though. tasty. i gave him a piece of celery to see if he'd teethe on that but he didn't like it, but apples amuse him greatly. he also is very interested in my fresh juices so he gets a dipped finger of that occasionally.. and i gave him a snowball which freaked him out more than anything... cold!!!

a couple pictures from the last couple days:
liam looking cute
liam in the ergo in the snow!
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Wow, that Liam sure is looking cute!! What a sweertheart!

Glad to know that our recent sleepless nights are pretty common. Avery has been such a good sleeper up until now...the past few nights he has also been waking every couple of hours. I just roll over, give him the boob and he seems pretty content and falls back to sleep fairly fast. The sweet babe is starting to get welts on his thumb and hands from sucking/chewing. I keep trying to give him alternatives but nothing really seems to be soothing.

Avery was born on the 30th so he is just over five months...it is always fun to hear what we have to look forward to with your reports on some of the older babes. He has been truly rolling over for about a week now, but lately his big thing has been vocalization. He has discovered some new sounds and can't get enough of them. There is a sort of squeal that turns into a grunt that he loooves to do

On the food tip, we have started him on some foods, I started him pretty early as I felt he was really ready. I just steamed some pears yesterday for him to try and he fussed SO MUCH when they were "all gone". He also seems to enjoy avocado and sweet potato. I have also given him barley with banana in it, he wouldn't take the banana on it's own.

At four months old, Avery was 19 # 4 oz, so I am guessing that he has hit the 20 pound mark. He is such a big healthy baby! It was so funny. We were over at a friends house last night, and her mother was there who didn't know Avery's age. When I brought Avery in and started taking off his snow suit, she asked if she should move or blow out the candle on the table so we don't have to worry...and I said "oh no, we don't have to worry, he is just five months old, and isn't moving around yet except for the roll overs!" Her jaw dropped. She couldn't believe he was so young!
Yes, that's our little Peanut! Everyone keeps saying, "oh, he's going to be a football player or a basketball player" and I keep saying "oh no, he's going to be a talented musician and philosopher!". I carry no expectations with me though. It is amazing to think of all the possibilities he carries...as we all do!

I am so glad to hear that our babes are healthy! Now let's just pray for teeth!
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Hey all!

I was right about the cause of Mallory's bad moods...she cut her first tooth yesterday. It's strange to have her chew on my finger and then feel that sharp little thing in there. Has anyone tried something called teething tablets? I've never seen them but a friend of mine told me about them. She got them from the health food store and she said they are little tablets that dissolve in the baby's mouth. Just wondering what thoughts & opinions are on these.

Jen...I hope you are able to figure out the diaper rash and keep it under control. I haven't really had a problem in the diaper region on Mallory yet. My oldest daughter always had a rash problem when she was a small baby. When she was about 4 months old and we were driving from Calif to Iowa, her rash got so bad her bottom was literally raw and bleeding. Poor little thing. Of course back then I didn't know anything about cloth diapers and the major benefits of breastfeeding so I didn't make the best choices...so young and uneducated on many subjects. The only good memory out of that whole ordeal was when it was time to check into a motel for a good nights sleep...I demanded that Lindsey sleep with no diaper so her skin could breath and try to heal. Hubby wasn't too fond of sleeping next to an undiapered baby. His fits were and still are hilarious...so scared of getting pee'd on.

Shaper...Your little Liam is so cute! I love that first picture with the blanket. So cute!! Isn't it irratating how other's always seem to think they know what is best for your child? Eggs & toast??? I thought my MIL was bad for giving whole milk mixed with Karo syrup when hubby was a couple weeks old. And that is what he drank as a baby. Crazy!!!

Catherine...yum - steamed pears! Maybe I will try making some of that for Mallory. She is really wanting to eat more solids but I am really trying to fight it. I'm just not ready for those ucky poopy diapers. :LOL Wow...your little Avery is a big guy! Would love to see a picture of him!

Oops...time to nurse!
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Hi everyone... my little one is 6 months old today! Wow, how time flies....

She is busy crawling and chewing on everything on the floor these days. Last night she stood up with the help of the couch.... my first DD didn't stand up till prbably 7 or 8 months. S is a real go-getter.

don't have much time, but want to try and keep this thread going...
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Happy Day! Congrats on Mallory's first tooth Caiden had his 6 month birthday on new year's day I can't believe it's been 1/2 a year already!!! We went to his 6 month last week- the ped nurse called his Happy Heinys cd the rolls royce of dipes He weighed 23 #, a 1 # drop from the 4 month But, he's still off of the growth charts :LOL so we're not worried.
We started solids at about 4 1/2 months I had planned on waiting until 6, but he wanted food so bad I felt like a meanie denying him. He loves eating, but of course, he still loves the boobee best
We also have no crawling yet- and I'm not sure that he will. Caiden acts like he is being mistreated if he is left on his tummy for long, and now that he rolls he just rolls himself right off. He really loves holding on to things and standing....
Liam is adorable! Thanks for sharing your pics
Thanks for starting this Jan thread- I love hearing about Caiden's "co-horts"
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Catherine - everyone always thinks Liam's older than he is too - he's about the same weight as yours but one week younger.

SheScraps - congrats to Mallory on cutting that tooth!! I've never felt a baby tooth before like you're describing.. exciting Whole milk & Karo???? that's messed up too. he drank that as formula? the human body is MIRACULOUS considering the crap it can take.

Mamajaza - happy 6 month birthday to your DD and yay for ec'ing (i saw your post but didn't have time to reply) - we EC too if you ever want to chat about it!

butterflyma - "Caiden acts like he is being mistreated if he is left on his tummy for long, and now that he rolls he just rolls himself right off. He really loves holding on to things and standing...." <-- that's just like Liam! I don't know if he'll crawl either. he'll sit and reach for something and fall over on to his tummy and protest until we right him. he seems to have forgotten how to roll over. it's like when he finds a new skill he forgets everything else he knows and concentrates on the new one & then has to spend a day relearning all the old stuff.

Right now it's books in LiamLand. his favourite thing to do is Close the Book. he can't *open* the book, but he loves to close them.

I also wanted to ask a question - Liam has weird little red bumps all over the sides of his feet - I took pictures but i havent uploaded them yet.. any idea what this is? it looks much like the newborn rash he had in his first month. ideas? it doesnt seem to bother him, i'm just curious.
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Happy 2005! It's so nice to see some parents going through the same things we are! Kaydence was 6 mos. on the 3rd, but she's only weighing in at 14 lbs. that's ok cuz she was 5 lbs. at birth. so all in all shes doing good on her weight. she now rolls scoots and twist her way all over the floor and lately shes been up on hands and knees rocking back and forth. We have not started her on solids yet only b/c shes just not ready!! she recently discovered her voice and loves sharing it with everyone, sometimes she can even scream. she still hates her carseat, but i think its getting better! With all the drool in sight, she's definetly teething and my cousin who's three told me the other day that "Kaydence was leaking again" when she drooled on the floor :LOL Well time to nurse! Happy 1/2 Birthdays to All!!
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the teething tablets have lactose in them, so I don't want to give them to my baby.

i don't have much time to write... (tandem nursing at keyboard TNAK)
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i had actually tried the teething tablets with kaydence and had no idea they had lactose in them!! : thanks for the advice i'm throwing them away for sure!!
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Hi, I've been a lurker for a while and decided to jump in on the teething tablets. I recently noticed the ingredient list on my little bottle of Hyland's and was shocked to see lactose. How could they? The Hyland's teething gel, however, is lactose free, and I find it works just as well.

So much of what you all write about resonates with our life right now. What a wonderful resource we can be for each other!

A little about me... SAHM (I was a librarian in my former life) to beautiful Tabitha Ann, born 7/22. Tabitha is a rolling machine these days, no crawling yet, thank goodness. We're gearing up for solid food soon but I'm also reluctant to move into the stinky diaper arena. No teeth yet, plenty of drool, and the occasional fussy period, which I attribute to teething but who knows?

Tomorrow we are taking our first airplane trip to visit my mom. Leaving DH behind is going to be awful. Only 4 days, but nights will be the hardest for him, lonely in the bed without his cuddly baby (and I suppose he'll miss me too!)

I'm excited about 6 months, a big milestone. We'll start sign language, solid foods, and we're also considering swimming lessons. I'd love to have a waterbaby, but I'm concerned about the chlorine. What do you all think about putting your babies in a pool?
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So great to hear from all the moms!!

Originally Posted by littlemommy18
Kaydence was 6 mos. on the 3rd, but she's only weighing in at 14 lbs. that's ok cuz she was 5 lbs. at birth. so all in all shes doing good on her weight. she now rolls scoots and twist her way all over the floor ... she still hates her carseat
Same with Juliette.

On 12/25 (5 mos.) she was only 14 lbs. (She was 6 lbs. 10 oz. at birth.)
She was 26 in. long. Any other "little" bebes out there?

Juliette is breastfeeding on demand still. I love nursing.
She's showing major interest in food, so I've been giving her a junk of apple to suck during our meal times. I think I bought cereal for dd1, but she didn't like it... So we quit. I bought some organic rice cereal at the health food store the other day. Planning to try that soon with dd2. Why do some moms avoid it?

Anybody gonna do a raw foods diet with baby?

dd1 just gave me a note: "foR MOM LOVE ISABELLA LOVE DAY" in a little homemade envelope. Now she's crawling on my back. Gigismom, is there a section for babies born in '99?


We're busy here, keeping the house clean, as we're hoping to sell the house and move to Colorado soon. Dh is doing the MBA/DVM prog. starting in Aug. I'm looking forward to connecting with other AP moms there!

Take care!!
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Welcome Tabby Cat! I'm a SAHM, too. Degree in Education, but have been having babies, caring for them...

We're taking Juliette on her first plane trip, too, on Saturday. We're going to check out housing, etc. where we're moving-- Colorado State -- Ft. Collins area. I dread being in that airplain air! ugh. and having our little sweetie in it. double ugh.

Water Baby:
I love taking warm baths with the baby & wish I had a non-chlorinated indoor pool.

Swimming Class:
I took dd1 to a baby swimming class. I sooo wanted to do it. I drove 80+ miles to get there. : DD1 was 6 mos. and fell asleep in the water every time by the end of the class. (It was warm so they wouldn't get too cold.) In hindsight, I wish I hadn't done it. I don't think either of us gained anything. I would have spent the $45 class fee on something else and would have saved myself the 190-mile commute. Maybe you can find a fun class close by in non-chlorinated pool.

We were at a hotel in a city for the weekend, and I didn't bathe the baby.
If our home had chlorinated water, I'd definitely check into filters.

We are very fortunate to have pristine lakes, rivers, and streams here for swimming. Dd1 is a great swimmer! It's fun.

I definitely think swimming is an essential life skill.
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Whew, there are so many things I want to mention but I will try to keep it brief. First off, to revisit the goofy baby foods comments...a close friend of mine received Coke in her bottle!!! HA!!! You know what is even crazier is that she is dyslexic. Her husband always half-teases that it is from all the Coke she had as a baby!
Teething: Avery is really enjoying the frozen wet washcloths.
Regarding swimming....both my husband and I are true Pisces. My mom had me in the pool when I was two months and I never quit. I want to have Avery in the water until he has the ability to refuse it. We are actually starting a parent/child swim class at the YMCA tomorrow. I am REALLY excited!! I am not really concerned about the chlorine. Surprisingly, that is one thing I am not OCD about considering all of my other neuroses surrounding baby care.
I am glad to hear from the newer moms on the thread!! YAY!!
I will stop for now, I think I need to sleep for awhile before I am up again with my little Peanut!
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Thanks for the well wishes regarding Selma's diaper rash. It is sadly not any better. It gets better for awhile and then gets bad again. She is always uncomfortable for diaper changes and scratches so badly that she bleeds. UGH! I am so at wits end that I went out to buy sposies again today : I really want to stick with cloth for all the reasons we all know but if my baby can't tolerate them for some unknown reason, I have to do what makes her most comfortable. I am hoping that it will clear up and I can go back to cloth.

Michelle Leigh- regarding forum for older kids.... there is a forum called the Childhood years that I have found helpful on occasion. It doesn't move as fast as the baby forums but of course still informative and supportive of long term attachment parenting.

We are getting ready to go on an airplane ride to visit my parents. It will be just the girls and I as dh can not leave our business right now. Kind of nervous about the airplane ride. When dd1 was a baby we always bought a ticket for her (1/2 price for infants) rather than hold her on my lap. Has anyone every held a baby on the airplane before? What are your feelings about this? I kind of feel that if a child has to be strapped in a car seat in the car he/she should be strapped in a car seat in a plane. However, with 2 full priced tickets already, another ticket even 1/2 priced will obviously make the trip more expensive. What am I saying!!? Of course, I will buy her a ticket.....

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We always held Isabella on our laps (before she was 2) on the airplane. One time we even went to Maui, which was several hours from St. Louis, and didn't get her a ticket. We did sit in first class that time so she could have more room to play in the floor and so we'd have more comfy seats... But, all the rest of the time, we just held her in regular seats.
I'll be holding Juliette this time around. I'll probably have her in the Bjorn, 'cause it's so easy for traveling (for me anyway).
Hope your traveling goes well!!
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Originally Posted by gigismom
She is always uncomfortable for diaper changes and scratches so badly that she bleeds. UGH! I am so at wits end that I went out to buy sposies again today : I really want to stick with cloth for all the reasons we all know but if my baby can't tolerate them for some unknown reason, I have to do what makes her most comfortable.
Jen, you might be able to find a diaper recycling center nearby... that might make you feel better about disposables... and there are some "better" ones in my mind: Seventh Generation and other brands that are tree free or chlorine free... You have to do whatever you have to do! Bless her little tush. I do hope it heals. That sounds soooo sad.
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Jen~it's so sad & hard to see your baby in pain You've probably tried EVERYTHING, but....(no pun intended) when Caiden had a little diaper rash this summer his ped. reccommended Bag Balm. It cleared up in 2 days. At that point I also switched to using mainly pocket diapers. FuzziBunz, Knicker Knappies and Happy Heinys are all terrific for keeping the buns dry. If you check out the latest issue of Mothering there are ads for a non-chlorine, recycled sposie. If you don't have it, I can find out the name and info and post it for ya. Good luck!

We are going to start a mom & baby swim class at the Y soon, too. And Baby Gym I'm so excited! I have to enroll for the next classes really soon...

My parents felt bad for me because I wanted their coffee so much. So, they made me "teefee" [half coffee, half milk and sugar] and put it in my bottle I've been hopelessly addicted to coffee my entire life. When I get too freaked out about what Caiden might occasionally be ingesting under daddy's/grandma's care, I just tell myself that he is much more resilient than I believe- I turned out okay.... right???

OMG, as I'm typing, DS has managed to move about 6 feet across the floor via rolling, scooching and baby magic! I can't believe how fast he has progressed from a curled up tiny baby to a roly-poly, rolling baby
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