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18 days post due. On the 17th day, I went for my first chiropractic adjustment and was told my sacrum was significantly out of alignment. That night, my water broke. I gave birth on the "blue moon". I'm going to check the lunar calendar now!!!
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I was curious, so went searching online for a lunar calendar. This one (http://users.ameritech.net/paulcarli...nCalendar.html) is pretty good.

Did the lunar math for DD #2, she was 15 days past LPD EDD (10 days past ovulation EDD), but 5 days early according to the 10-lunar cycle calculation. Of course, if she had gone 5 more days I would have been transferred to OB/hospital care. She was definitely a late baby, no vernix and very wrinkled hands & feet that peeled for days.

Will have to dig out #1's info to see how close she fell to her lunar birthday. I know she will be "early," as she arrived just 2 days past LMP EDD.

Am also curious to see the timing of #3's arrival! LPD EDD is 23 Jan, lunar cycle would have the birth around 4 Feb.
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My son was born at 41 weeks 6 days, based on my LMP and a 28 day cycle (which I've got).

A "healthy", term pregnancy lasts from 37-42 weeks. This "overdue" business after 40 weeks irritates me.

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First baby almost 2 weeks late, went into labor spontaneously when water broke.
Second baby went into labor 2 days before my due date.
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I've never gone late, but my first 3 pregnancies I just went by LMP, no charting. With my 4th and 5th pregnancy I charted and went exactly 7 days early. I charted again with this one, and hoped to go at exactly 39 weeks, but that's tomorrow and I don't think it's going to happen.
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[QUOTE=Jemper]DD #2 was 15 days past her ovulation EDD, but only 10 days past her LPD EDD (thank goodness for that wiggle room, otherwise my homebirth m/w would have had to transfer my care to an OB. ) [QUOTE]

i worry about this. my "due date" by my lmp is 6 days earlier than my ovulation "due date." kayleigh was born 2 days before her due date ... but i still worry, lol.
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Jenn...try not to worry. My LMP due date is March 1...my Ovulation date is March 8. My midwife and I have agreed to go by the latest possible date. LOL! What does your midwife think? Will she go by your ovulation due date?
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Three hb's for me.

First was pretty much right on. Knew my dates for sure.
Second was 2 weeks late, knew my dates for sure.
Third was 3 weeks late, rough idea on my dates which in any way shape or form made her late.
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12 days.
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17 days over.
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DD arrived between her LMP and ovulation due dates (23 Jan and 25 Jan, respectively), but the medwives sent me for accupuncture to make sure I didn't go past my due date (huuuuge baby scare -- ended up being 8.5# -- grr -- I refused their offer of cytotec) and they stripped my membranes. I don't know what would have happened had I been left alone. I ended up with a c/section because of their interference (malposition, etc.).

This time I'm HBACing. LMP says Aug 10. Ovulation date says Aug 14. Wood's method (takes into account my age and the fact that I'm having longer cycles since DD's birth) says Aug 20. We'll see :-) NEW midwife is not scared of big babies.

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My earliest was 13 days "late". I've had 5 and they went like this: 14 days late, 14 days late, 16 days late, 13 days late, 16 days late. So I'm thinking I just always carry 2 weeks over and thats normal for me. So this time I am just adding the 2 weeks on and forget the whole post dates thing. I had no period so who'll be any the wiser?
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10 days late according to LMP, but according to my conception date, I was 6 days late (late being past 40 weeks - I happen to agree with an earlier post that 40 weeks is too soon!).
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"I happen to agree with an earlier post that 40 weeks is too soon!)."

The problem is even with practitioners of schools of thoughts that say up to 42 weeks is "normal" is that usually, once you pass 40 weeks there starts to preparation of "what ifs". What if you go past 42 weeks,,,what if????

So although the lip service may say it is okay to go at 42 weeks this is not reinforced by the way everyone responds.

Does anyone know how often a baby is just way too late? is there a reason everyone freaks about being"late". How many babies if women were just left alone would be be born late with negative consequences?
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Of my two natural births, my first daughter (thrid child) was born 6 days past my due date (no induction). My second daughter (fourth child) was bor 14 days past my due date (no induction). I knew my lmp with both pregnancys.
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Originally Posted by KariM
I did end up taking a homeopathic remedy my CPM recommended though, to deal with anger issues I had related to DS's birth.
Can I ask what it was? Curious (and still angry :-))

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Originally Posted by flowers
Does anyone know how often a baby is just way too late? is there a reason everyone freaks about being"late". How many babies if women were just left alone would be be born late with negative consequences?
Well it would be hard to tell because most are induced before hand, and then of course told, "It was a good thing we got that baby out when we did because..." Type of thing. I do know something like 30% of ob malpractice cases are because of postdates: http://www.phyins.com/pi/risk/minimize/postdates.html. Thats why there is such a push to induce. There are problems with True post dates, but they are rare, much more rare than prematurity. The sutures in the skull can close, so the head doesn't mold. Meconium aspiration chances increase in post dates (to about 30%...but induction also increases so there could be the connection), the baby can start to loose weight (yet at the same time they say the baby will be too big), fluid decreases (which can cause cord compression) and supposedly the placenta starts to deteriorate (though this is debatable).

A site post dates mommas might like is: http://www.birthlove.com/free/ten_month_mama.html

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My son decided to come ten days after the due date. I always jsut knew that he was waiting until we were ready. We had "practice contractions" for three weeks before I gave birth- every night around 9 or 10, they would start, and we'd think- maybe this is it..... and it wasnt. SO, once we got 9 days past due date, the midwives had to send me for some testing- in case I got really late and needed to go to the hospital, they would get into trouble for not doing it- (I hadnt had any ultrasound all preg.) so Iwent to get ultrasound and fetal heart monitoring on the ninth day, and of course, when i was there- i lost my mucuos plug! so i knew he was coming - and all the tests came up fine
So, he was ten days past due. I was in tune with him, he was in tune with me. I just followed my intuition and i knew it would be fine in the end. it would go how it was meant to be.
Once we got 6 days past due, I got massage and accupuncture(she did treatments on the areas that supposedly will help labor begin)- didnt work for me. I started eating spicy foods, which i always loved- didnt bring on labor either.
I think part of it for me was psychological-needing to get to the point where I ABSOLUTELY had to get this baby out!!! I got so completely uncomfortable and huge I was really truly ready. I did all the reading I could have, and visualized and planned and dreamed ENOUGH! I was done with this pregnancy thing!! I hadnt felt that previously.
we were ready and it went beautifully and intensely, but manageable. truly my own, our own. on our own time, not the clock and calendars
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Well, the lunar calander has me birthing this baby Feb. 25. My personal due date is Feb 20, LMP due date is Feb 10. We'll see. I counted back for the other kids and none of them came anywhere near what my lunar date would have been. Hmm.

Baby 1 - 5 days "over"

Baby 2 - on her due date

Baby 3 - 3 days early

Baby 4 - 5 days "over"

Baby 5 - 4 days early (induced)
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