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Belly Cast Materials???

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I am set to start my belly cast, but I need to know what to get. Either my sister or dh will do it for me. Some friends IRL have done it, but I cannot get the info out of them. Something about medical supply stores and cast materials

I need specifics!!

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I've made tons using "rigid wrap"- you can get it at craft stores. It's cast material (like if you broke a limb). It's rolls of gauze that have plaster on them. You cut them into strips of varying sizes and then wet them in a bucket and slap them on. They dry very quickly too.

Make sure you oil up well before you begin.... I always use copious amounts of olive oil as your body starts to soak it up- and you need to protect all of that peach fuzz!!!

Oh, and 3 rolls IMO makes a strong cast, but it;s always nice to have more on hand in case you want more.
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Related question: What do you do with the belly cast once it's done? It seems like it'd be a big thing to have lying around the house.
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Hmmm...well, I told dh we would mount it on a marble pedestal and put it in the living room. He seemed relieved when I said I was joking.

Seriously, we have a recess for art in the hallway by our bedroom, so I thought about putting it there. I am not sure how I want to decorate it yet. I know that I definitely want to take a picture of the baby in it to frame.

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