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Anyone use NAET allergy testing?

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I'm thinking of going to a pedi naturopath who does NAET allergy testing for my 12 mo old dd who seems to be allergic :Puke to everything and is very low weight for her age. Any of you mamas have experience with NAET? What do you think? I've just heard that standard allergy testing is so often full of errors.

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Yes, I've used it. It's been discussed here before -- you can search for it by entering NAET in the little search thingy at the bottom of the forum page.

Some people have had great experiences with it. Some found it marginal. It sort of depends on the practitioner, and how well you work together.

One great thing is that it's very gentle and noninvasive -- great for babies! One bad thing is that treatments don't always "hold" -- a friend had to take her kids in for treatments for corn on a regular basis, which got pretty expensive. My dh has several allergies, yet the NAET practitioner we went to didn't really find any of them; OTOH, he (the NAET practitioner) did well with other patients.

You can learn to give treatments yourself. Some practitioners teach their patients; also there's a book entitled (I think) The Food Allergy Cure which explains the basics (this book isn't strictly NAET -- the author started with NAET, then decided it worked better if other things were added, both in the NAET process and as dietary supplements).
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My highly loved and trusted Chiropractor was fresh out of "NAET School" and offered to give my DD 1/2 price treatments. So, I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not, but we went for weeks and weeks, and nothing helped her.
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We did it, loved it and have had GREAT results.
The practitioner does make a difference. The first one we used was amazing and we had amazing results. The second one we've used was a little new and nervous and I felt like we didn't have quite the same results.
There are also some practitioners who use a computer now, instead of muscle testing. My sister's had good success with her practitioner who does that and it takes the guess work out of their accuracy for testing.

Feel free to email or pm me if you want to discuss it more.
~ L.J.
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I agree with the others that it really depends on the practitioner. My dh and I have gone to a practitioner in San Diego who is excellent. She even helped dh with some emotional blockages.
Also, I have heard that if you get NAET while pregnant, that the baby is treated for the allergen as well. I did this while pregnant with ds. It's hard to tell if he has any allergies because he's really fussy so you never know if it's something through the breastmilk, but other than that, he's really healthy and happy. While I was going, I got excellent results.
I'd say give it a try!
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I have my first appt w/a naturopath this Wed and will be trying this for me, and if successful dd!
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we have not tried it, although my cousin (who is a chiro) uses NAET for her family (not done by herself, but by another professional) and they all rave about the sucesses they have seen in their own health improvements!
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Ds goes to a chiropractor and he does something similiar to NAET (he calls it something else but says its similiar). Ds used to have severe reactions to eggs and severe eczema to soy but he does not seem to be having reactions any more or at least not as bad. Also, ds used to have asthma or "reactive airway disease" and was constantly have chest colds. We have not had a cold since we started treatment and the cold he had when we did start cleared up almost as soon as we started. Usually they last a month or more. We're more convinced then not and I am completely skeptical.
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Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. We're just trying to find the best care for dd.
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My newborn was congested. I have a good friend who is an NAET practioner and she thought it was an allergy... she was right... my DD was allergic to wheat. My friend cleared it successfully.

My friend also treated another friend whose newborn was allergic to... get this... cotton!

During pg, I was successfully cleared of an iron allergy.

So I am a fan.
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i just made our first NAET appointment. It sounds pretty far out there, but at this point, I'm desperate! Anything to be able to eat some "no-no" foods! If it works, it will be fantastic!
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our local doctor who does NAET has switched over the NMT (nuero modular something???)

I still don't know much about this. I asked our regular chiro, who is a DANS doctor and a pediatric specialist. She tried to explain it to me and said that in NAET they are treating the emotional system whereas she is focusing on the actual nervous system alone in her technique. I'm sure that is way over simplified, but I dont know.

My mom receives the NMT treatments and her doctor talks to her subconsious...out loud?!
It just sounds incredibly bizarre, but she has done really well with him. She just doesn't folllow all of his advice so then she gets sick again, but what he has recommened is a lot of diet related changes and intervetnions.

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We've tried both NAET and NMT. I would venture to guess that the success of both treatments really hangs on the repoir between patient and practitioner. We had marginal success with NAET and phenominal success with NMT. It could have been our choice of practitioners though.

I have to say too, that even though I had incredible success with NMT (very quick and very thorough), it did leave me feeling a little strange, as if my mind had been invaded. It's hard to explain, it's almost like hypnosis I guess, although Dr. Feinberg will hotly deny that. My opinion is that if you have no objection to hypnosis and don't mind your autonomic control system being fooled around with by another human being, NMT might be a very good choice. I just felt weird afterwards.

NAET seemed to work okay, but it takes forever to work through all the allergies, and the treatments will not always hold, especially if you or your dc has a leaky gut problem. It can get extremely expensive if it's not paid by insurance. But if you only have problems with one or two food groups, and don't have severe digestive problems in the first place, it could be great.
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What does NMT stand for? I want to look it up on the internet and get more info!

The thing about NAET that surprised me is my practitioner, who I've only talked to on the phone, said not only would she do the muscle testing on my body, but the treatments for dd on my body as well, while I was holding her. DD is 7 mo old. I thought it sounded pretty far out, but I'm willing to give it a try.
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Originally Posted by sarahariz
The thing about NAET that surprised me is my practitioner, who I've only talked to on the phone, said not only would she do the muscle testing on my body, but the treatments for dd on my body as well, while I was holding her. DD is 7 mo old. I thought it sounded pretty far out, but I'm willing to give it a try.
That's exactly how my baby (newborn) was treated. That is how my friend's young toddler was treated... she was so impressed she became a practioner herself.

I know it's far out... but hey it worked for us (and my other girlfriend).
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About 10 days ago we had our first NAET appointment. We decided not to go back and have switched to an NMT practitioner instead.

8 mo old dd has had eczema since about 4 mo of age. It started on her face and spread to her hands, and her whole body was starting to get covered with red splotches when I started on an elimination diet. I've been on it 7 wks now and have only added back in a few things successfully. The diet improved her skin considerably but not completely.

The NAET practitioner told us that according to NAET theory, every symptom anyone ever has is due to a food allergy. She then asked me a lot of detailed questions about my history, which I think led her to conclude before the muscle testing that I would be allergic to certain things. For instance, both of my parents were alcoholics so when I turned out to be "allergic" to sugar, she said that would be expected.

She muscle tested me first. I was laying on my back on a massage table and I had to hold my arm straight up in the air and resist her pushing while I was holding empty glass vials in my other hand that have supposedly been impregnated with the substance she was testing. For instance, one vial is "fruit" and another is "vegetables." Then I had to do the same holding dd. Turned out dd and I were "allergic" to exactly the same things.

Then, in order to treat dd, she said she would have to treat me first, or use a surrogate who had already been treated w/ NAET. The surrogate would hold dd for 15-20 minutes while the surrogate received the treatment for dd, which supposedly would transfer over to dd. Later she told me the surrogate could just look at a photo of dd while receiving a treatment and it would work just as well. I preferred to be treated so I could hold dd instead of a surrogate. But then she told me, in order to treat me, not only could I not hold dd while I was getting my own treatment, dd would have to be in another room while I was being treated! I said, if we both have the same allergies, why can't you treat us both at the same time-or treat me once for myself then once for dd-but that wasn't possible. Anyway, clearly it wasn't going to work for us to have dh watch dd so I could be treated first and be "one step ahead" of dd's treatments-and it is one allergy an appointment, so it would take awhile.

The NMT was so much better for us. The practitioner was so much lighter and more positive. The "muscle testing" was very different-no need for me to resist any pushing-she did it by feeling my wrist while asking questions in a low voice-not focusing on allergies, but on autonomic control mechanisms. Everything was done w/ me holding dd. She also recommended a Chinese topical medicine called pearl powder cream, and said to use it twice a day instead of the hydrocortisone. It is the only thing that has worked as well as the hydrocortisone!

I definitely felt "lighter" after the session. She said after 2-3 treatments, I should be able to resume my normal eating!!!!!
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Sarahariz, your NAET session sounded a lot like mine from years ago. I'm going to look into the NMT now...sounds impressive!
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Post #7 in this forum has an NAET story!
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I'm curious if NAET has worked for those with many allergies? DD has allergies, I've been on a elimination diet, and have not seen a change in her ezcema. We went in for a NAET appointment today, and dd was allergic to practicially everything, we finally gave up after about 20-25 substances, and she was allergic to all but 2. The practitioner said that she had only ever seen 2 other children with as many allergies as dd has. She wants to see dd almost everyday for the next 2 weeks to work through some of these allergies. I looked into NWT, and there isn't a practitioner for several hundres miles. Any advice? Sorry to hijack the thread!
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