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water filters

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buying bottled water is expansive, but tap water is not of an acceptable quality for me to drink. So I am considering purchasing a water filter. As far as I have read, it is only the ones that use the reverse osmosis system that are avle to remove fluoride etc from the water. But there are so many brands and I do not know which ones are better the others. Does anybody use the filters? Which one do you use? If it is reverse osmosis which brand do you have and why did you choose that particular one? Anything else I need to know about water filters?

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I have a multi-pure carbon filter. I can't remember if it gets out flouride specificly, but I remember doing some heavy research before I bought it and it looked like the best one that wasn't reverse osmosis (couldn't afford a ro system). Mutli-Pure makes both carbon and ro units. I've loved mine for three years and had no problems. I replace the carbon filter once a year. Check out their website, I think it's just multipure.com but I'm not sure. All their filters are great, though a bit spendy. I found mine half price over the internet because it had been a "showroom model". I'd look around and you can probably find a good deal on one.
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We did a bunch of research too because the bottled stuff was adding up and I didn't like that plastic taste from the leaching bottles.
We live in an apt, so we didn't want a permanent solution that would be a huge investment. We did decide on reverse osmosis however, so rather than putting a $500 system in, we bought the high-quality reusable bottles (which are not supposed to leach, but it is controversial, they may a little?) from our co-op and use their wonderful reverse osmosis machine. We have a three gallon with a spout that goes into the fridge and a five gallon which sits on the counter tiped into a terra cotta dispensor (for cooking, refilling the cold water). The taste is so extraordinary over even bottled stuff that besides the soy milk, this is all we drink around the house (perpetual glass aside the computer monitor).
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multi-pure owner here. it's great and the best on the market imho. make sure whatever kind you purchase that it filters pesticides and other non particulates. best wishes
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ro user here

We'll never go back to bottles! We got a more expensive unit installed under the counter, but it is easy to remove and we will take it with us when we move. I think it is SQR or something like that. The water tastes great and no flouride etc.

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