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Why do I have nausea already!!!????

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I am only 12 dpo and expected my af today. I got my positive pregnancy test at 9 dpo and I am already experiencing quite a few pregnancy symptoms that I didn't start to get until 6 weeks pregnant with my other two. I have been gagging over stuff today.

I think I am in for trouble.
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Maybe you're having twins?

Seriously though, All pregnancies are different. Maybe the morning sickness will go away quicker this time too? Hope you feel better soon.
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My nausea started 5dpo! I'm now 16dpo and the nausea is killer. I don't throw up, though ... and sometimes I think I might feel better if I did! The few people I've told have told me two things...I'm either having a girl or twins, or a combination of the two!
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i have noticed that the gagging starts pretty quick for me but the real nausea dosent set in for a couple of weeks. i really gagged when i pulled out the turkey breast for my sis to make at christmas! yuk. but the nausea is just hitting in the past few days and i am just over 5 weeks pg. i have had a couple of dreams about twins and my beta hcg level was 4970 at 20 dpo so i am still wondering myself!
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Is it possible that you are further along than you thought? Even by a couple days? 9dpo is pretty early to get a BFP (although it is possible), so maybe you are a few days ahead?

Then again, every pg's different...by this time with Brandon, I was hooked up to an IV in the hospital with hyperemesis...this time around, I have no nausea!
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Well, I may have ovulated 2 days earlier than fertility friend says - but that would have made me have a 28 day cycle and I don't think I have ever had one of those my entire life. lol My cycles are usually 30-33 days in length. When I took the test at 9dpo I was very surprised to see the faint line. It was a $1 store test and they are supposed detect as little as 25iu of hcg. I decided to take the test early because I started gagging at the smell of vicks vaporub - and just knew I was pregnant. I took a clearblue easy digital test at 11 dpo and it turned up positive very quickly. I think that one is a 50 iu sensitivity. I hope I am not having twins. lol My cousin recently gave birth to triplets that she concieved naturally. I have seen what she was/is going through. They are getting NO sleep and have 15 helpers who take turns coming over and helping out. The babies are adorable though.

With my first pregnancy, I was sick all the time. I was working full time and throwing up all over the place. I couldn't get to work (5 minutes down the street) without pulling over. Most days I couldn't walk from my car to the parking lot without getting sick. I didn't need to be hospitalized, but it was terrible. I remember thinking, when I was almost 6 weeks pregnant and only had heartburn, "Hey, I'm not going to get morning sickness." HA!!!! Then it hit about 2 days later and lasted until 20 weeks.

With my second pregnancy, I only had nausea. That was a lot easier to deal with as I didn't have to worry about the possibility that I would have to throw up in front of people. It was over after 12 weeks.

If I have to have nausea this time, I hope it doesn't turn into throwing up and I hope that it is over by 12 weeks and not 20. lol My dh and I have a music ministry where we travel around the east coast and sing at various Churches, coffee houses, and events. It is hard to be pregnant and have morning sickness when you are travelling. AHHHH, but getting a newborn baby at the end of it all is definitely worth it.

I have an ob appointment on thursday just to confirm the pregnancy. I guess I will find out my blood levels then. Also, I bet I will get an ultrasound at about 6 weeks pregnant to make sure baby is where it is supposed to be and to make sure an ovarian cyst I had a month back is gone. I have endometriosis and have also had a ruptured appendix that made a mess out of my insides. I am seriously surrised that we got pregnant so easily.
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I tested positive at about 10 dpo, which is REALLY early for me. With my second ds I didn't test positive until several WEEKS past O. With my daughter I was 4 weeks past O when I tested +. This brings the possiblility of twins to mind for me, too!

I'm not sure if I'll be getting a blood test to comfirm pregnancy, as the midwife I'll be seeing said that she'll give me a note to confirm pregnancy (for insurance) at my first interview-type appointment. I'm going to be spending this pregnancy wondering, as I most likely won't have an ultrasound unless there's a concern about something, so won't be confirming a singleton pregnancy (or the off chance of a twin pregnancy!) and won't find out if it's a boy or girl ... all of which will drive me and my OCD crazy! :LOL
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I was nauseated and tired days before my period was due. I also started having food aversions.
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