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Major budget cutbacks

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Due to impending layoff, I'm needing to cut our budget back. I'm looking for some good recipes taht can be made up in bulk. So far I'm doing perogies, tortellini and cabbage rolls. Also pies and cookies. We're not bean eaters. So that won't due. But simple wholesome fare is what goes over best.

Old fashioned recipes tend to go over well here. But we also like ethnic foods. So any ideas appreciated
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Re: Major budget cutbacks

[i] So far I'm doing perogies, tortellini and cabbage rolls. [/B]
please do share the recipes for perogies and cabbage rolls....
my little polish mouth is watering at the hint of some good ethnic food right now. YUM!!!

are ya meat eaters?
frozen meatballs -- make a whole bunch, freeze em on a cookie sheet and then pop em into a ziplock. take out as many as you need for a meal

lasagne is a good one -- ricotta can get spendy -- try cottage cheese instead. at work, if you want my recipe pm me and i'll send it

cheese stuffed shells

twice baked potatoes freeze well too

chowder, for instance - corn, potato, clam
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10 cups flour
2 tsp salt
1/4 cup oil
2 eggs
1 tbsp vinegar
2 3/4 c water

Mix and let sit overnight.

Mashed potatoes and:
cottage cheese
sour kraut

I season the potatoes with onion powder salt and garlic powder to taste. roll the dough, cut circles, add 1 tsp-1 tbsp filling, pinch to seal. Can be frozen on cookie sheets then bagged. or boiled, tossed with mix of butter and oil and frozen.
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apparently im message board challenged..lol... you'll find cabbage rolls in a thread of their own.
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What exactly are twice baked potatoes?
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Blessed Sunshine~ Twice baked potatoes are soooo good! We bake large idaho potatoes (we just make extra when we have the oven on). When they cool (we wait until after dinner), slice off the top ...not a lot...and scoop out the insides leaving about 1/4 inch shell. mash or whip the potatoes with a bit of cheese, milk, and whatever you have on hand. we have used swiss and ham, chedder and broccoli, bacon and chedder, and onions and cheese. freeze. When you want to have them, just pull them out, let them thaw a bit, top with a bit extra cheese if you wish and bake again (the twice baked part ) until hot and a little brown. yummmmmm one of our favorites.

we also make Leftover "hot pockets"......we purchase phylo dough for them, but you can make it....or use a pastry dough...or even the perogie dough. just fill them with any leftovers you have, bake lightly, and freeze. they make great fast dinners and lunches heated up in the oven. we like spinach and ricotta, meatballs, sauce and mozzerella (or sausage), and veggie ones.
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oh, and slightly ot......
I found if you go to the Farmers market right before closing on the last day you can get awesome deals on baked goods, fruits and veggies
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