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geesh- having a lot of trouble with the MDC board today- with loading pages and stuff. then it didn't want to take my post but when I looked it was on there twice. whatever
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I'm having lots of trouble too? I wonder whats up?

Anywhoo, I did manage to get a little rest. Didn't sleep, just laid on the couch with m y eyes closed for about an hour. It really helped, though. I also gat a beautiful card (bead included) from Heidi today .

Today is my babes two week birthday! She's growing up so fast, lol. I took some pics today. Here they are:

2 weeks old!

It sounds like you are all doing pretty well. Malama, I know what you mean about wanting the emotional-ness to end. I was like that too. I took rescue remedy and pulsatilla for the weepiness and it really helped....Luckily, it did go away about a week after I had the baby.

I also got those really breathless contractions for the last week or so. It got really bad the last 2-3 days before I had her. Don't worry - labor is not really like that, Jessitron.

Andy- you crack me up with your looong posts! I think its great that you reply to everyone
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I put my sister and niece on a plane today. Poor ds he kept calling my niece's name in the car. Then he said he wanted to go with her on the airplane. It about broke my heart (especially with the raging hormones!!)

So, that means I don't have a solid plan for ds during the birth. She originally was going to stay until 1/25, but her pregnancy is going a bit rough (pubic symphosis). Luckily I met up with my "tribe" today for lunch. They were all so nice. Several offered to help at any hour and for however long I needed them. Then later a neighborhood friend said she would take ds during the birth if necessary.

Now I have a list of several names for the fridge. Hopefully that works out!! Then again it would be nice to labor during the night while ds is sleeping and not have to bother anyone.

Mamamaya hugs to you. I am anticipating a LOT of fatigue when the aby comes while a I try to run after ds. He self-weaned during this pregnancy, so I am not sure how things will work...

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oh Ann! She's so cute! I LOVE the first picture of her stretching as she wakes up (at least that's what it looks like to me)..... baby looooonging!!!! I hope you are able to enjoy every minute of her!!!!!

I am so evil today.... it's not ended yet. Dh and ds#1 are talking about watching a movie and I get all crabby at them for not inviting me. They just don't know what to do with me. If I wasn't like this all the time, I'd think labor was starting, lol!!!! But unfortunately it happens a lot. And writing this is making me crack up. Glad to know I find myself amusing

Proudmom- hopefully you will labor at night. I can't tell you how many births I've attended where mom starts having some contractions which really pick up AFTER their kids go to bed. Then we wake up the kids for the birth (or it's in the early am when they get up) and all is good. The older ones miss all of the funky stuff and see the baby come out. I'm sorta hoping the same for this baby, though I don't care that much since my boys aren't so young. It's GREAT though that you got so many offers to help.... just knowing that there are people to call- even if you never do, is reassuring.

ok.... gonna try and post this. hopefully it works!
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all the women i know homebirthing #2 and on have had dcs sleep through the big stuff too. ds3 was born at 4am, so I was totally calm and together to put ds1 and ds2 to bed and it was 45 minutes after before they woke up. i guess you never know. i told my midwife that i WILL take measures to make sure that we are not focused on the children but the birth, but i am not ready to make a solid plan.

i've been saying for months that the baby will come on the 13th, but that's tomorrow and contractions are just as sporadic and painful and uneven (i've heard the more babies, the harder the bhs). i wish someone had told me with ds2 that the afterpains get worse each time too. i didn't even take a tylenol for ds1 and after ds2 and ds3 were born i could tell TO THE MINUTE when ibuprofen had worn off. those pains were worse than my two ectopic recoveries. now i am afraid for the post-birth stuff, but it DOES feel good to see their little faces and there are drugs that help after that aren't SO bad.

midwife couldn't come today as some LADY INSISTED on giving birth....the nerve! i was so annoyed that i had bothered doing dishes and straightening up. now i had to do it again. i broke up the day by having pizza with the kids and going to ikea for the second time this week (thank goodness i sell the stuff on ebay or we'd be in trouble). my poor kids were vegan until we started having more serious financial troubles and now that there's always food money (with dh working two jobs) i am too lazy to cook some nights. last night i actually just slapped down some tortillas on a pizza pan, threw some vegetarian refried beans and salsa down and dumped a pound of shredded cheddar i had bought on sale. the kids thought it was soy cheese pizza and ate the whole thing and a couple of mangoes. they don't even have high standards anymore, and i usually do love to cook.

i took apart and laundered four car seats that now have to be put back in my INFESTED, FILTHY vehicle (which I MIGHT clean tomorrow, after midwife leaves). I am staring at these FOUR car seats and thinking I have SOOOO many children. How did this happen?

They do look LOVELY sleeping now, though; and the baby says "momma kiss me now i love you" and "i'm sorry i forgive you" all day long, inbetween his trembling rants about the horrible vacuum. i do love them, and i suppose the new one will fit in nicely.........
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Thank you expecting mamas!

For some reason I never got around to 'joining' the due date club, but I've read so many of your postings these last 9 months.... and tonight, I just want to say thanks for making me smile! The 12 days until my due date seem like 120- and I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I've been up sewing baby blankets tonight while my dh and ds sleep soundly- how I wish I could! Trying to figure out the size of a receiving blanket so I can make a few extra. My midwife says to have 6 ready, I can't find ANY from my first birth. I thought I had everything ready, but how fun it is to have something creative to keep me busy while I can't sleep besides picking up puzzle pieces and little people.

Anyway, happy birthing and waiting- and thanks again for all the support so many of you have unknowingly given throughout this time!

Mama to home-birthed Hayden, expecting #2 at home around January 24
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I definitely don't want to go until the 25th. I'm due in 7 days and don't feel like labor's imminent. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the weekend though!
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Hi, I 've been reading all this time but only had energy to reply to the short other threads...I did write a long exhaustive catch up this morning to avoid the young dishwasher intaller guy in my kitchen processing his life traumas on me, but then it got erased...so I just was frustrated, feeling crappy, and went back to bed when he finally got out of here.

So, I'll keep it short and say awesome quilt and knitted blankies you handy ladies...

And thanks for the beads, Karen's came first, then i neglected mail a few days and found KAthy's Lisa's and andreas all the same day, but andy's bead escaped to the great blessing way in the sky, I mean post office...Thanks all is very special to have a concrete piece of ecidence that our community here is real...

I am slacking about getting the replacemetn beads out to those who's got lost and to those who joined late...I will not neglect you!

So I have been in house hell, the washing machine and dishwasher just got put in after living with out for over a month. In the mean time our wires nearly caught the house on fire forcing a brief shut down of the circuit breaker with the fridge on it, the garbage disposal leaked a lake of goo ruining a cabinet, the master bed sink leaked, and the shower handle broke, and the water heater that was supposed to be installed three weeks ago keeps getting delayed. I have not been in a good or chatty mood- just rushing to get major household thing done (did I mention my best friend fom high school is a carpernter, wa sin town from the holidays, so she came over and we bonded over some dry walling all weekend? ) With all that appliance funk, all water related I suspected some weird metaphysical voo doo, am I at that out of the flow? Looking forward to doing small nesting things like getting my diapers ready...

SO, I am sending this post and hellos, I won't even try to repsond to all your posts but I am reading, just feeling like a slacker. If this doesn't post and gets devoured like my last one I will blame hormones for what ever I do...

All the best beauties, Heidi
Oh, I keep thinking I'll put a pic of me up pregnant so you can see me/the belly but we just got a digital camera and I am not sure how to get it up on the web. Maybe I'll figur eit out in time to get baby pics up!
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wow, some of you mamas must be up late for where you live!

ST- tortillas canned beans and cheese sounds great! my family loves to eat like that- we were vegan for a long time but me and the kids loooove dairy and all do alright with it so it's eaten a lot here. Don't feel bad about your food choices- esp when you are this pregnant and who has time to cook gourmet meals???

welcome jenna- I know that I never thought i'd be writing so much on a message board, but you all are the only people I can relate to these days.

Adria- I've been wondering about you! Congrats for holding on to those babes for so long! I hope your birth is sweet and gentle-- I've been in contact with so many twins lately and they are always a blessing!

Heidi- whoa, you have a lot going on there! What's up with everything breaking at the same time?? Don't feel pressured to respond to everyone's posts.... sometimes life is just too hectic for that. Sounds like yours is there. Please do figure out how to post pictures sometime. I know for me it's so nice to have a face to go with everyone's names and stuff. It's the problem with the virtual thing.

My baby is wiggling up a storm tonight. It's almost 10:30 and I have no idea how I'm going to get to sleep.... and with dh clicking away.... he's chatting with a friend online....
We haven't had any new baby news in some days now.... someone get on it- the rest of us need some inspiration!!!!
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Hey K - lots of hugs to you too! Sounds like an almost day. Almost terrific, almost a disaster...almost. Mixed blessings. One of the things you are doing for both your ds's, is giving them a picture of what a REAL pregnancy is all about. Someday, when ds is with a partner and they want to have a baby, he won't go into it with rose colored glasses, and he'll be aware that a woman is REAL in and outside of pregnancy...even MOM! So don't sweat it. This is the universe teaching you, him, and all of us that we are not in control of this process... just roll with it and be sure that his love for you is WAY too deep to be affected by grumpy moods.

We somehow missed the alarm, so I've gotta go drive dd to school (ugh, traffic!). At least dh has his own state vehicle this morning, so it's not a big rush for him... but anyway, when I get back today I will spend a little time responding to others... I'm sorry if you are feeling ignored! I try to spend a little time on everyone... by the way, dd thinks I'll hang on till the 1st Feb, dh thinks till the 28th... good LORD! bye! Andy
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Hey all! Wow, LOADS of posts the last day or so! My parents arrived on Tuesday night, so my computer time has been predictably scarce. So far, so good though! Not *too* much staring...

DH is gone on the first of his 2 fly-in interviews, but the weather along the Eastern coast left him stranded in Washington DC overnight and he won't be arriving at the University until just after noon today. Please, please everyone keep your fingers crossed with me that this doesn't somehow EXTEND his trip!!! I feel like I'll go batty if that's the case!

Our MW comes today, so hopefully she will be a calming influence on this crazy Mama-self I've become...
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Malama - I liked "wicked" a lot - the other 2 weren't as good (uhh.. "ugly step sister" and "mirror mirror" I think), but both interesting perspectives on the stories we know.

Mamamaya - I love the grin on Violet's face in the first pic - we should all be able to look so happy and content!

Humab Being, yikes, I'm glad you are surviving. There are days where dh and I contemplate just burning our house down and starting over... but yaay now you do have new appliances in! The rest will come together in time.

Andy - I had to read your paragraph on dh's last night to mine. He chuckled, I seriously enjoyed reading it.

Slygrrl, hang in there, my dh flies planes for fun, and he's a weather fanatic - no worries, this front is going through fast, he'll be home in no time.

Grrr! I swear last night was supposed to do the trick. A little wine, expensive food that I could puke up during labor, but NOOOOOO, this baby is stuck inside and not coming out! Personally, I'm not totally freaked out yet (just a little freaked out), but I also realize I'm working within a medical model that does have time limits. That gives me until Monday to try anything and everything I can think of (and we are!) and then I have to start making decisions. Yuck.

So mamas, send me all the strong labor vibes you can possibly muster up, and any crazy ideas too! I'm even willing to try all the things on the "this will get your baby" thread of silly things to try.

Today it's still warm, and almost sunny, I can see some blue sky. Apparently the winds are going to continue to pick up all day until they are tree felling roof ripping forces, and when they go, the cold comes. It was 65 here last night, and it'll be 20 by morning.

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I think I lost my mucus plug. I don't recall it last time, so I'm not sure, but I went to the bathroom, and (sorry if TMI) there was a sizable plop, and it wasn't like a streak, it was a clump, maybe a tbsp or two. It didn't look pinkish at all, but our toilet in green porcelain (and it's dirty), and there was already toilet paper and pee in there, so I didn't get a good look. I read in one of my books that it may mean labour begins in 3 gays, but may still take a week or two, so I guess I shouldn't get too excited, but it's nice that something's going on. I've been having surges everyday since Sunday night, but nothing regular.

So do you all think that could've been the plug, and if yes, might it mean anything?
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Thanks Lisa! If all goes according to plan, he'll be home tomorrow around midnight. I am keeping all my fingers crossed.

Pam, that's SO exciting! With DD, I lost my plug about 42 hours before she was born so it was even sooner than 3 days! I'll be thinking of you!
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i noticed a little brown squiggly blob the other day and a few dots of blood. I was wondering too, but the other times the mucous plug left me with a pretty globby gooey blood streaked piece of toilet paper. i know it can also happen WEEKS before labor really gets going not just days. i'm always thankful for signs that my body is normal and that i won't be pregnant FOREVER. I hope it is good news for you P&A.
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
So mamas, send me all the strong labor vibes you can possibly muster up, and any crazy ideas too! I'm even willing to try all the things on the "this will get your baby" thread of silly things to try.

Today it's still warm, and almost sunny, I can see some blue sky. Apparently the winds are going to continue to pick up all day until they are tree felling roof ripping forces, and when they go, the cold comes. It was 65 here last night, and it'll be 20 by morning.

My mum's friend swears that mowing her huge lawn got her labor started with both of her dc, so you'd better get out there quick before that cold hits :LOL

Human Being, that sucks about everything breaking at once. I hope you can get your nesting things done. Sitting surronded by soft little teeny diapers, stretchy suits, gowns, and socks that too small for anything always lifts my moods

slygrrl, your husband will be back in time. We'll send lots of good flying vibes his way to make sure he's there for you

The 25th would be fine for me. DH thinks by the 15th. He says the baby is going to come while my mum is on vacation and she comes back on the 15th. Only time will tell. I keep trying to get him mentally prepared for mid-february.

Mamamaya Violet is just so adorable. She's such a beautiful plump, happy looking baby.

I'm feeling a lot better today. Yesterday ds and I went to Trader Joes to get some yummy frozen meals and other things. We went to lunch after. It was really nice, I haven't been spending much 1-on-1 time with him at all the past couple of months. After we got home from that he and dh went to the siblings class at the hospital. I guess it was wicked funny. DH was telling me that when the lady running it was talking about breatfeeding the kids were like "no way" he said some little boy just kept saying "mummy says you're not supposed to touch ladies there, its privates" and a few of the kids were like "I never did that" DH said all the mums were laughing and shaking their heads. DS came home in a great mood, he even showed me how to hold a baby the right way using Louie, the chihuahua puppy, as the baby. DS even says that he'll change all the poopy diapers because he now knows how.

The pets are driving me crazy. DH's cat, cat (he's great at naming things ) has acting weird, following me around the house, wanting me to pet her. Normall she just keeps to herself and is happiest when nothing bothers her. Also she has pooped on the floor in my room 2 nights in a row!! Yesterday I thought it was Emma, the dog, but she spent the night in the cage so I know it wasn't her, and the other cat hasn't had a solid poo in over a year. Emma has also been hounding me for attention. All morning she keeps coming ove and insisting that I pick her up and hold her while I am on the computer. She never does that. Last night she was so mad that I didn't pick her up that she stomped all around until she found the switch to the surge protector to turn the computer off.
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Originally Posted by Pam_and_Abigail
I think I lost my mucus plug.
Pam that great if thats what it was. I can't offer any opions becuase I don't remeber losing mine, but I'll send some baby vibes your way
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Heidi, that's awful about all the plumbing and appliance problems! That must be driving you crazy. I hope it all gets fixed and comes together soon.
If you want to get a picture up without messing with it, email it to me and I'll upload it where we have our web site. Otherwise I think you have to sign up with shutterfly or something - not sure how, since we pay for web space so we can do this kind of thing.

Kathy, I hope his trip is not extended and that he doesn't get stuck anywhere on the way back. In the meantime, babe will stay in.

Thanks for the baby pictures! Those are inspiring.

Ooh, Lisa, I hope you go into labor this weekend or sooner. It's about your turn.

Andy, yeah, the husband paragraph was hilarious. That was a great first post to read this morning.

Crazy weather here too, 60s yesterday so we went out on a walk/run with our group of friends, except I had to drive most of it because I'm soooo sloooow. Today, snow expected in the afternoon, rainstorm now, so DH had to suck water out of the basement this morning. :P He was not a happy camper, but it meant we got to have breakfast together, so I was happy.

P&A, exciting about the plug!

Mmm, teeny diapers. Which one will the baby wear first? That is my big decision to make before the birth.

Karen, sounds like a frustrating lunch time yesterday. I don't like restaurants anymore. I have to eat before I go and bring my water bottle so I don't get grouchy, so what's the point?

Az, that's great about the siblings class. How cute with the puppy. And your dog turned the computer off on you? That's hilarious! Did she know what she was doing? What a hoot!
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I love waking up and having all of this conversation to read! It's all quiet here (6am) and cold and it's nice. Thanks mamas!

Kathy- I'm sure you get your dh back on time. If he's meant to be there for your birth (as he probably is) he'll be back when he needs to be. At least you have your parents now as help!

Lisa- I'm sending you some strong labor vibes (can you tell I've always wanted to try out some of those?!?!). Monday is still a ways away, and your baby will come when s/he is good and ready (soon!).

P&A- sounds like a mucous plug.... I lost mine with my last one the day before he was born. Was sitting there playing cards with my friend (and no undies on) and felt sort of, well squishy down there. Went to the bathroom and there was gobs of just stretchy clear (no blood) mucous (sorry for the graphic description). I went on a long walk that afternoon and he was born the next day. However-- can mean up to 2 weeks or more. You can make more plug. so it's a good sign, but not definitive in any way. Keep us posted though!!!!

Az- your ds's class at the hospital sounds hilarious. I'm glad he knows how to bf now, LOL! And woo hoo for another poopy diaper changer around the house . BTW< my kitties are following me around a lot more than usual too..... I hope it's a sign(like everything). Animals are so sensitive to stuff.... how can it not be???

Well this am I was dreaming about scrubbing the grout in my kitchen. We have this tile (came with the house) that's not square- each piece is differently shaped, and differently blue- kinda cool/ interesting. But the problem is that there is WHITE grout that's about 1/2" wide- i.e. dirt magnet. It is disgusting, IMO. Scrubbing it is quite the job, but will be so nice when done. We'll see if I'm still motivated when I really get up.
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Hi Ladies-

I hope you and your bellies are all doing well. I tried to catch up on your posts, but there are just too many!

Life with ds #2 is wonderful - he is an angel (that does nothing but poop, sleep, cry and eat! ). Every day he gives me a new expression or gesture that makes me fall further in love with him..... Like Mamamaya, I am constantly exhausted, but I have been lucky to have my dh home with me for this week!

DS#1 has been very loving towards the baby, but at the same time has been demanding more attention. We are doing everything we can to keep him included and feeling loved, but it has to be a hard transition from being the one and only for 4 years and then having to share the spotlight. The hardest part for him is that he has to go to preschool everyday while ds#2 gets to stay home with mommy. Hopefully it will get easier for him....

As I was feeling during the end of my pregnancy, I am torn between the elation of having my beautiful baby and at the same time mourning not being pregnant anymore. Being pregnant feels like one is doing a higher good that can't be found in anything else in life.... Does anyone KWIM? I keep walking around saying I miss having a baby in my belly. DH always replies - 'we'll take care of that' or 'remember you said that'!

Happy birthings to you all. I look forward to your birth stories!!
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