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Wow! Beautiful day! I wish we had gotten some of that sun. Crazy windy up here. Rainy too. Your boys are adorable and they look so happy. I LOVE the belly art. That is one talented henna artist. It seems liek you're feeling a tiny bit better? I hope so Baby will be here so soon, mama. You're in the home stretch now.

Violet is almost 8 pounds! Whew - she's a little glutton baby. I managed to get a little housework done today, and 2 loads of laundry, so I'm really proud of myself. And now I'm completely tapped. The boys are watching a movie, and I'm trying not to fall asleep. Dh is working till midnight, so I'm totally alone - hopefully I can manage! Actually, its been like this the whole time. Just now the exhaustion is really starting to set in. Its been kind of hard. Dh hasn't gotten to take any time off work, which is a big bummer. My mom has been here, but she is not helpful at all. She actually kind of makes things worse. She's like a total absent minded professor, (she really is - thats her job) never cleans up after herself, spaces off, watches tons of news programs, and conspiracy websites. Blah. Moms. Can't live with em, can't live without 'em, heh?

On a brighter note - dh's company gave him a 200 dollar gift certificate to the fancy shmancy Waikiki mall and he gave it to me! I have no idea if I can afford any thing there - but hey it'll be fun to get something! Also, he is getting vacation in at least two weeks - so that is something to look forward to.

Anyways, good night everyone! Here's to a peaceful happy weekend
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woo hoo mama- 8 lbs! good milk making! I, like andy, was so surprised when you said you were taking Violet for a 2 week check.... it seems like you just had her (to me anyways)!
I hope you are getting to take care of yourself a little. I know how hard that is with a toddler and newborn, but you deserve it! $200 at a mall can buy you SOMETHING for sure.

So are you and your dh getting along better now? It's a hard time to be apart and I hope good things for you and your family- truly.

We are off(well just downstairs) to watch Mary Poppins. The kids are insisting to watch it as a family. That would be all good if I could actually get comfy on the couch- it's just too soft for me to sit, so I have to lie down and take up one whole side of the ell..... everyone sacrifices, I guess.
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Originally Posted by Malama
Heather Proudmom- I got your bead today and beautiful card MANY MANY thanks. I soooo appreciate it!!!
I am glad you liked it

Proudmom aka Heather
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Just wanted to say hello..........

I think of you all everyday! I am still in bed hanging out with Miss Grace
She likes to nurse but has a terrible latch which I am trying to fix....ouch!

She is yummy.

I will try to post a pic soon!!

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Thanks for all your support about the visitors. DH and I had a very long talk yesterday about this. I laid out all the reasons why, in detail, I don't want to have people visiting. He says he understands now why and appoligised for not listening to me before. What we've agreed on is, the parents/brothers and sisters will come to the birth center. His grandmother if she doesn't come with them, can come for a short visit after we return home. My mum and sister will come whenever. Anyone else it will be at least a week, depending on how I feel, and then only when dh is home from work. He also said that when he calls people who he thinks would just dropp by he is going to explain that we are recovering and please don't, he had is phrased better but I don't remember it. I feel so much better. I had more energy after talking to him and I slept really well last night.

Andy thanks for being there, and being a little bit crazy with me. 6+ years between dc, what are we thinking??? I put the infant car seat in my car yesterday what a pita. I'm standing in the driveway in the pouring rain trying to get the d*mn thing in thinking why can't they all be as easy as a booster seat. I have to help dh put the other seat in his car todya becuase he's never done it before. I looked at those pictures of Violet again and yeah its worth it she is just so precious.

Lisa, your baby will come. You sound amazingly upbeat, I was so crabby when ds was this overdue. If you want pizza have dh get it. You deserve it. One week over due=another month pg in terms of uncomfortable-ness. So that's how much pampering you need. Make sure you stick up for yourself if you don't want any inductions. Some babies just need a little extra time, and if everything is fine waiting a few more days shouldn't hurt.

I note on the castor oil. My mum had heard how castor oil can get labors going when I was pg with ds. But she knew how yucky it can be so she had me take mineral oil thinking that might work as good. Bad idea. I just got the runs, not bad runs like castor oil but having the runs when you're very pg, overheated and grumpy already, sucks!

Stacey, I'm glad to hear from you. Laying in baby with little Grace must be so nice. I'm sure you'll get that latch corrected

DS is going to his dad's this weekend. I so wanted to tell ds's dad no, but ds's nana used to watch ds while I worked so she has seen him almost everyday from when he was 2 until this september. So I just can't say no unless I had a real reason. I'd feel too bad. It'll be nice for dh and I to have a bit more alone time before the baby comes though. We're going to go out for a late lunch after he gets home from work. H'es been dying to go out for dinner but I'm just so tired by dinner time.

I've got to get going to walk the dog. I was going to go an hour ago but I just can't get moving. I still have to get dressed. At least ds got breakfast today. I think I only fed the poor kiddo once yesterday at 11...oops thankfully dh was semi-on top of dinner (Mc Yucky's at 7:30)
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Hey Az - I totally know what you're thinking. We don't even have the car seat in the vehicle yet... duh. I guess having it at home makes me think we won't need it for a few days at least - best I tell dh to get on with the parade. He still hasn't done his part in the birth prep., steralizing the cord tape, making the comfry ice pads, etc., so I guess it's gunna be me doing that, too. Harumph.

I don't know why I'm so grumpy. I had a beautiful ceremony last night. I lit a reiki candle, did a lot of prayer, reiki on belly etc., sent Lisa some of my birthing vibes (haven't heard from her yet today...I wonder...), and my friend Brid. some pregnancy vibes (she's been trying for like a year now, poor girl!), worked on my visuals (cutting and pasting flowers and waterfalls, mostly) and also make a nursing necklace for my pregnant friend Joanne who is taking dd overnight tonight (what a nut!).

Back to grumpy, I totally crabbed at dh this morning (all he did was make pancake b-fast, take out dog and trash, bring up laundry one (of 2) flight, don't you all think I should be crabbing at him! Poor dh. He totally doesn't understand that he left the load that needed to be moved in the washer, which I now have to go switch, and the load he brought up was supposed to wait for that load before being brought up, so now both laundry baskets will be in use and I won't be able to use them downstairs the way I do...so I'm all thrown off balance with the laundry. He didn't actually ask if I wanted any b-fast and used the last of my rice milk, so the high fiber cereal that I wanted to eat I had to eat dry or not at all... sometimes the best of intentions just don't work out. sigh.

Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach pics Karen! You do have such beautiful boys - it's amazing to think how different dc#3 will be - your boys do look mighty different! Stacy - GREAT to hear from you. I'm glad you are still in bed, and that you and Grace are working on the latch. Once she gets it, it'll be magic. I remember with dd that I had to get a LC over, and she just about smashed dd's head into my breast, holding the breast like it was a submarine sandwich... funny to think now, but I was fairly appalled at the time! It's not a delicate dance, she said, it's a live or die cliff hanger! I sort of recall feeling somehow relieved that she had done it first, and after that the kid figured it out and mostly I didn't have to be such a nipple guardian about it. Good luck! Today is food bank volunteer day with the brownie troop. So I'd best go get dd dressed, get some food, and mosey along down the road. I hope that Lisa is birthing RIGHT NOW! caio mamas, andy
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Heheh Andy, I wish I were birthing right now too! I'm coming to the end of my rope!

Az, the upbeat me is a huge farce.

Ok so I'm not uncomfy or irritated, but wow, talk about meltdown day this morning! I couldn't sleep, so I climbed on the couch, and dh was being a good guy and doing the dishes, but snarked at me about how I didn't rinse my stuff yesterday and something about excuses which started the spiral of sobbing here. I got mad and threw the soda cans that I was putting in the bin at him, and that upset me more, since I think throwing things is not the way to deal with people! It's one of my big irks when stuff gets thrown or punched or whatever. Anyhow, he was just doing the dishes, and just making normal comments (because I never rinse my dishes!) and it bugged me, and then all the other emails and phone calls bugged me and I became a sobbing wreck who can't get her baby out and can't keep control of anything and I went on about how I've wasted 2 weeks of sick time and how my poor body is broken and how all I want is just one contraction! And then I went on about how little things make me feel inferior, especially things that he says that he doesn't mean in the way I've interpreted them, and how my mother (this was hysterical to me when she said it a week ago) thinks I'm "baby retentive" and need therapy, and blah blah boo hoo sob I went on and on.

So now I'm feeling just mushy from typing that. Guess I need to get off my arse and do something productive instead.

Ate 1/2 a large pizza all by myself for a late lunch yesterday, and I was still hungry. Odd. Very odd.

So poor dh did come running to my side and comforted me and then made me breakfast (pancakes with extra chocolate chips) and let me boo hoo and booger all over him. He is a good guy. He just doesn't get it.

Tiffany, I got a bead from you in the mail just now, it's these little bits of love that keep showing up that make me smile. And even though it's still really cold outside, the sun is shining and it's not a bad day, I just feel like it is.

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morning mamas,
I had some weird cramping last nigth (that didn't coincide with contractions ), and thought to myself "well this feels different anyways..... maybe something is happening..... maybe I'll wake up in labor". No such luck of course. I'm sure it was some GI thing.

Lisa- wish I had some words of wisdom for you. Really, I do. At this point, you just gotta trust that your baby knows when to be born and your body knows what to do. I know that's easier said than done, but true. If you gotta cry and yell and all, then go for it..... you need to get it all out.

Andy- your ceremony sounds wonderful. I'm sorry it didn't improve your mood- what's up with your dh using all the rice milk?? Didn't he KNOW?? They never get things right, do they???
my boys do look different. One just like me- dark hair and eyes and the other just like his dad- blue eyes and light hair. We'll see how this one turns out!

I had a dream this am that I didn't feel like i was in labor but my mw and another mw friend (who's not coming to the birth but lives close to me) were there. They filled up a tub outside and were demanding that i get in because they knew I was about to have my baby. I felt in my yoni and thought, shit, that's not a head. it was a heel of a foot. I sent the 2nd mw to find dh, and in the meanwhile my body started pushing. 3 pushes and the baby was out- a boy. born footling breech. weird. I know this one is vertex.... the last birth i did attend was a surprise footling breech.... was interesting. Oh, and dh did miss the birth in the dream- he was taking too long in the bathroom, lol.

On an excellent note, I have a massage today!!! My massage therapist friend who's had a sick family FOREVER is finally back. Someone gave me a gift to see her and so I'm so thrilled. woo hoo. I could seriously use it.
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Oh yeah - the massage is def. in order! Footling breech is a YOWZA kinda thing to have... I wonder if there is some anxiety about that. One of the other things I did last night was to write for 30 minutes. Just write and write and write. A lot of it is nonsense, having reread it this morning, but some of it is good - questions and fears etc. - some stuff to bring to dh and discuss tonight - our big night together. Some stuff showed up that I hadn't even considered before! Karen - did DH miss either of the other births? Lisa - maybe you should try the writing thing. Try it for shorter if you're not a writing kind of gal (some of your chats are pretty good :-). It did bring up a bunch of stuff sort of in the middle minutes for me. I started out with the obvious stuff and then delved deeper and then got kind of heavy lidded toward the end. Anyway, it can't hurt!

Oh yeah, meant to mention that getting baby a bit riled with wine/caffeine has been mentioned to me as a possible way of starting things up...but I don't honestly know how reliable the tale is. I'd be warry.
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Oh, and I am SO looking forward to monday - as it's my last massage too! That last one was so amazing that I can still feel it! My ankles are getting quite swollen these days. Ugh.
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I love massages! During my pg, DH gave me one. I guess I was about 6 months along. He totally surprised me.

My brother works for California Pizza Kitchen here in Arizona, and they win all kinds of prizes. I don't know for what, but the last one, he specifically won for me. It is a mini spa day at a local resort. I can either have a salt body scrub, seaweed facial, or 1 hour massage. Whichever one I pick comes with a pedicure and manicure as well. He gave it to me to say congrats on the birth of Will! I was so surprised. I can't decide which one to do. Any suggestions?

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andy- no worries here about breeches at all. My babe is definitely head down and in the pelvis. And dh hasn't missed a birth. it was just a weird dream.

the massage was good. EXCEPT, my lovely friend said when doing some cranio-sacral work on me, "you don't have that feeling of someone who's about to go into labor." thanks. i don't feel like I am or anything, but I didn't need her to SAY that! told her she'd better stop talking before ending up on my shit list!
it's true though that last week I had a lot more symptoms and uncomfortableness than now. i feel fairly decent, to be honest, so....

Nicole, I'd take the massage. The other things sound good, but massages have the most lasting value, IMO. COnsider your nursing body too- needs TLC for sure. It sounds like a great gift!
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Nicole, I say go for the massage too. Salt scrubs and facials are great, but after having a baby and nine months of pregnancy you definitely deserve the massage!
What a great brother to think of you, I might add.

I have a couple massage coupons I need to use up, but for some reason I haven't gone in. I'm way too picky about who touches me (the downside of being a massage therapist, I suppose)...so, there they sit...

Anyways, I've resigned myself to the bed today. I really needed the extra rest. Plus I wanted to get some knitting done. My upper back is really messed up. I'm goingt o have to try and get in to the chiropractor this week. I think just about every part of my body could use an adjustment, lol.

Dh is going to take the kids somewhere. They were supposed to go fishing, but its rainy and windy again. Karen, we are actually getting along better. We've been going to a counsleor who specializes in cross cultural relationships and its really helped alot. I think now that some of the pregnancy drama has ended its taken alot of stress off us, too. We're not quite back together yet, but I don't think we're headed towards the big D either. Right now we're just trying to focus on our little wee ones.

Heather - I got your bead, and its perfect!

Stacy- glad you're gettin some rest mama1 Take care of yourself Can't wait to see pics Same for you Delfina, Killick and mamajessica!
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Ann- I got your beautiful bead today (one of my all time favorite stones!!!). Many many mahalos!!

I too am in bed. Had my massage and it's hot. too hot to do anything else.
I'm so glad that you and dh are trying to work on things. I think pregnancy, but even moreso new baby time is so stressful on a relationship. We were together for a short time before having our first kid and I can tell you that the first year or so (and beyond) were not easy..... but we've tried.

I'm just dreaming of foods- but no desire to cook. My mom is coming next sat from LA and I'm trying to think of what food I should have her bring. My dad is middle eastern and we just don't have food like that here.... so maybe something ethnic yummmy.... I can wait a whole week, right?!?!?
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I made it through my pregnancy and childbirth class!!! The last three days have been so insane and stressful as I made the finasl preparations for the class. I have been emotional and exhausted and stressed and physically busy and overextended and had no way to get out of it.

Last night I went to dinner with DH (supposed to be a treat) but was feeling physically exhausted and gastro-intestinally unhappy and barely ate anything, so I left earlty to pick up the kids and ended up locked out of my house at 10:00 at night with the temperature at something below zero and couldn't reach DH on cell phone, with a 6 hour class to teach first thing in the am. I was hysterical. So, I got to bed late, got up early, went to class, cried my head off on the way in this morning over a song on the radio (Phil Collins-"Coming In The Air Tonight"-because I want the baby to come right NOW) and then had a great time teaching the class (super great turnout and reception).

Now I am home, ate, had a little nap and I feel groggy but soo soo releived that the class is over I can finally just chill out. (as much as a mom of two and part -time professional chills).

Lisa....I really really feel badly for you. I can't imagine how it feels to know you are overdue (emotionally ready for so long now) as well as getting pressured about inducing etc. I wish I had magical advice.....but instead you just get a cyber-hug.

I think that most of the rest of us who are still pretty active here are in about the same place: not really due yet but READY!!!!! I've had increased BH contractions and wierd symtoms (GI distress worse again, wierd smell etc) so I keep convincing myself labor is immanent. Silly mama! Most likely I am just making myself (and DH) crazy. So.... love and hugs to all. We need it. This is the one place we don't have to be strong and all hold it together.

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Lisa I am sending you lots of birthing vibes
Don't wrry too much you're baby will come soon.

Mar are you going to be able to rest now that your class is over? you sound like you need a vacaction.

Karen- you're pictures are awesome. Dh says you're a pretty hot pregnant lady. I totally agree I love the picture of the ocean and the snow topped mountain.

So DH and I gio yeaterday afternoon and I was cramping all last night and I lost part of my mucous plug this morning. I was freaking out a bit 'cause I didn't feel "ready." I still have some things I want to do befor ethe baby comes. I know it sounds silly 'cause I'm also excited to meet this baby. I think though I'm feeling better this evening... if this baby is ready then all that other stuff will just have to be done afterwards.

I keep waiting to have birth dreams...I had a ton with dd.

Have a good night everyone!
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Evening everybody. Too tired to respond to everything. Malama, love your pictures. Mamamaya, great that you and DH are getting along. Lisa, sorry, it sounds so hard, emotionally even more than physically. Maybe I'll be there a month from now. Az, good job talking it out with DH.

Heather's bead arrived Friday - thanks! Hmm, need to check the mail today.

Real reason for posting: mom finished the mural this morning. What a great visit we had. Here's the picture:
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Ooh Jessi, it's really beautiful!

So the evil moody morning yesterday has gone, and I'm feeling my usual blah instead today. I can't really decide if it's a hormone thing (ooh please let the hormones come and start some labor!) or if I'm just getting emotionally wiped out. Either way, I'm taking dh to the midwife with me tomorrow.

We had another snow storm too, Andy, it's coming your way! Not terrible out, but a good amount of snow for where we live.

Massage.. aaah, Nicole, I vote for massage.

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So it looks like I am going for the massage. I was leaning that way, but have never done the other things and am not likely to be able to afford them anytime soon, so I was torn.

Things are going well with Will, but he seems to have a gas problem that we aren't really able to tie to any specific food. I don't do a lot of dairy, rarely drink a glass of milk, ect, drink some caffeine, must have the am cup of coffee, but don't eat the other foods that are gas causing. We are doing the mylicon drops, but does anyone have any other suggestions? We are going to try cooled peppermint tea.

Also, has anyone tried Mother's Milk Tea? How does it taste? Does it really work?

Looks like we may be getting ready to start a new thread for the new week. Do you suppose it will be as long as this one was?

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Yikes! I'd heard that a second storm was heading our way. Well, last night, our night alone with dd at a sleepover, was ok. The football game meant we missed the movie start times, so we hung out at home and watched LOTR3. Went out to walk the dog after the game, which was a really good game and now the Jets are out :-( and I slipped a little and fell on my well padded behind. Later that night I had cramping and ctx for like 5-6 hrs., but nothing too strong, and no other signs. It was enough to get dh to actually steralize the cord tape, though! HA! It crossed my mind that dh's dad was born in the middle of winter (on the bald-ass prairie in 1912) after his mom slipped and fell on some ice on their farm. I thought that even though I wasn't at ALL hurt, it may have been enough to start ctx that would be labor...no such luck this time. I think if I had done nipple stim and other ctx enhancing things, it may have worked, but to be honest, I realized that I have some fears to face about this labor - about how effective my body is at doing this bla bla bla. I think I'll journal it later this afternoon, if there's a quiet moment.

Jessi - your mom's mural is AMAZING!!! I love it! It seriously puts my tree to blushing! I am so pleased that it's done for you, and that you had a good visit.

Lisa - I think having dh with you tomorrow is a great idea! That way whatever happens you guys will be on the same page. You are not facing easy decisions, and it'll be good to have someone in your corner there - assuming the mw is wanting to start something artificially...

Have a great day folks! I've got some friends stopping in for a while, and then hopefully dh will take dd with him to watch football at his buddy's house... and a few blessed hours of P&Q...maybe :{) LOL! Andy
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