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I agree that "natural induction" won't work unless your body is ready for labor. pitocin sometimes doesn't work if you're not ready either (hence the c-section rates). sometimes, though, people get desperate when they are "overdue" (have i any other witnesses?)

my sister's friend is a labor and delivery nurse and didn't want to wait for her first baby until after christmas (last year) and she dehydrated herself for three days. by the end she was begging her husband for water and oj and he refused--only caffeinated diet coke for three days. the dehydration sent her into contractions and she went on to have a totally gross numbed-out, doped-up, tubes and wires everywhere birth. she's a freakin' nurse at the busiest hospital in the area where like 50 women give birth a day and she thought it appropriate to jumpstart her labor by denying her baby fluids.

i just got back from the PO (and ikea and ds1's school and the grocery store, uggh) and i got the 49cent quote too. regular price since the cards and beads were light but 12cents to handstamp. i was going to buy 50cent stamps to make it easier but then she brought them out and I WOULD HAVE HAD TO LICK THEM....yuck. i still throw up just about daily (shower, teethbrushing, and poopy diapers)...NO WAY was I licking them. so I had to put a 37cent John Wayne stamp, a 10c stamp and 2- 1c stamps on each one. I looked like a lunatic; it took forever; and worst of all i looked cheap. we are poor, but i could have spared the 11c, just not the humiliation of vomiting in the post office.
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ST- you're still vomiting??? What a bummer!!! is this a "normal" thing for you in pregnancy???
The thought of you licking and vomiting in the PO with onlookers was funny(well in theory anyways!).

Your friend- the L$D nurse! WTF! that's just crazy. I know the desperation of going "late" and how icky it feels. Interestingly last year we had a ton of mamas who went late and almost every one was so comfortable with it and just went into labor the natural old fashioned way at 42+ weeks. Of course it's always nerve wracking for the mw, but these were all very informed mamas.

to whomever asked, GIO is getting it on- you know that thing we all did to get here??? it's now a distant memory to easily do it without trying to contort, but I know from past experience that it happened! lol

I made my banana bread- lots of choc chips and pecans too- YUUUUMMMM!!! I just realized i have to stop eating that and have some real lunch. Baby probably needs better nutrition than that!
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Kathy, no, you misunderstood me, the bead I sent to you was returned to me for not having enough postage. Funny that I sent out nearly identical beads (as far as size/weight) yet 2 came back without enough postage on them while the rest seem to all be delivering...

And I'm sooo jealous of your sleep, even though it's a bummer you are still tired. I'd give anything for 7 hrs!

Andy, hehehe, I got the same offer from a pg friend in India, she said she'd switch with me, and organize all of my photos into albums (something I hate doing) if I came and organized her cabinets in the kitchen. 4-5 hrs of driving - hehehehe, I won't even drive the 2 hrs. to visit a friend on bedrest, I'm such a bad sloth these days.

Mmm pub cheese sounds good, as does choco banana bread. Hmm.... perhaps cheese and crackers for dinner and some b-bread tonight.

ST, poor thing. You could puke on the postmaster, that'd get your point across!

So last night I made a big pot of rrl tea (and spiked it with pine-orange juice because the rrl tastes funny to me this week) and then showed it to dh with a warning not to drink it - not so much because it'd bother him, but because I didn't want to brew more today. So I gave him a warning about how it would give him contractions (haha!) and put it in the fridge. Also made a big bowl of jello and another flavor of juice, so he just wandered over to me with the jello and a spoon, asking "if I eat this, is it full of hormones or something that'll make me grow boobs?" - he's such a teenager trapped in a 30 yr. old body.

And at the same time, he just started cooking dinner. I'm not sure he's really my husband anymore. He asked what I wanted for dinner, and I'm not really hungry right now (had a 2:00 lunch), so he is making pasta and found some sauce, and apparently he's also picked out a veggie and is making garlic bread. Amazing. I don't think he's made anything except pancakes, bacon, and cereal/toaster waffles since we got married. I have to admit, I've been rather impressed with him the last 10 months. Gotta love him!

Saw mw today too, she wanted to do a NST, which I really had no problem with, and all is good, she said to go home and try anything I wanted to start labor, that she'd prefer not to see me next Mon. if we could help it, although she won't bring up the "i" word until closer to 43 weeks, even if it makes her nervous to let me go that far. So far, so good, I pretty much agree with her, as I can't resist the dark side, err.. my medical upbringing, with this babe.

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Originally Posted by jessitron
Cream crackers? Sounds mushy.
No they're crunchy. I think the cracker batter is made with cream
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Lisa, it's so funny because I was puzzling later in the day how you would have known that the bead I sent you got returned for insufficient postage... that would take some kind of special sensory abilities, lol! Funny mind I have going for (??) me right now. Yes, I should definitely know better than to moan about almost 8 hrs of sleep ~ nothing to send a toddler into a round of middle-of-the-night wakings like a bit of feeling sorry for yourself! :LOL

I have FINALLY sat down after a hugely busy day. Most of it was spent laundering & cleaning, and the guest room is all set to go for my parents' arrival tomorrow. I did get a really nice break in the afternoon when DH was able to watch DD so that I could go visit my friend who'd had her baby a couple of weeks ago. Ahhhh, I got in a good bit of "newborn time", and even though this guy is now over 10lbs, he seems soooooo tiny to me! Isn't it funny how that is?

Now I'm hoping for a quiet night, some time to watch a bit of Six Feet Under, and maybe enjoy a bit of hot chocolate. I special ordered a tin of delectable stuff from Marie Belle in NYC (a MUST try if you are ever in the Big Apple!) for my Dad's bday present, and of course it only made sense to take advantage of the shipping and order one for myself as well.....
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Lisa- to your dh. Now is as good a time as any to start helping in the kitchen!!! He's gonna need to take charge a little after the baby's born, so he should get comfortable in there!

It's been a contraction-y day here, but none really hurt . It's amazing how I can hope and wish for a little pain! I think I'm really looking at another 1.5-2 weeks til the baby comes, but I can have a little wishful thinking, right???

Dh is laid up with a hurt back after spending all weekend doing some room moving around. His back is bad and he did most of the work himself (eventhough I TOLD him to get help). He tried to go diving this even (swimming is always a good thing for him), but when he got to town to meet his friend, there were huge waves and then thunder. oh well. There's always something!!

I guess I'm just rambling, because I'm wating for him to come back home with some groceries for dinner, and I don't feel like doing anything else.

Hope you all are having nice evenings!

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Heya westcoasters

Andy, you sleeping tonight?

DH went to bed an hour ago - he's been going to work at 6:45 and coming home at 5, that way he gets to take Fri-Sat-Sun off, which is always handy. He's been a decent help in the kitchen the last few months - he never balks when I ask him to cut, chop, stir, dice, etc. but I've never let him go unsupervised to create an entire meal beyond pasta (tonight) or things that can be eaten with your hands. I even taught him to knead pizza dough, which is a very useful skill when I don't like doing it! I've been freezing some things too (meatballs, soups, etc.) so between him, the freezer, and my mom/grandma, I don't think I'll need to cook for a bit.

Oooh and good news, my dad is the best mom of all - he has always been the one to clean, do laundry, iron, vac, bathrooms, etc. when I was a kid (totally set me up for a false expectation of men!) because my mom can't do physical stuff, so she cooked and he did everything else. Anyhow, he has something like 12 weeks of vacation saved up, and he gets 2 more, but can only carry over 8 or 10 each year, so he's going to come play mom when dh goes back to work for a week or 2. Which is by far the best gift he could send, as I know he knows how to sort laundry, and dh doesn't! And knowing my dad, he'll do the last few things in baby's room (hanging shelves and blinds) that dh hasn't gotten to yet, as well as anything else I want/need around here. yaaay! Can you tell I'm just a bit excited?

I've had some low cramps all day, but nothing that seems like a contraction, just low boring cramps. Oh well! Babe is bound to show sooner than later at this point. Ooh and I finally remembered to go get the hose for the birth tub today. The hospital charges some crazy $$$ for using their $10 hose, so midwife tells everyone to bring their own, it's easier that way. I found food grade tubing (safe for soda machines) that's also ok for hot water, and put the right end on it, and voila! I have a super great tub filling hose. Now I'm feeling rather crafty.

I'm going to read a bit, and probably end up here again, as I'm feeling the heartburn kick in and I haven't even put my body horizontal yet. Going to be a long night, methinks.

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Lisa- Sorry about the heartburn. Wish I knew of something that would help.

I had a massage today with my mw. Very nice and relaxing and she rubbed my sore calf with arnica oil...feels much better now. We talked about the things I'm looking forward to post pregnancy - lying on my back or stomach, clothes that fit, end to most aches and pains. I'm not terribly miserable, but it will be nice to be done.

I'm jealous, Lisa, that your dh makes dinner. Mine will once in a while but usaully if I tell him I'm to tired he orders pizza or takes us out for dinner.

Hope everyone enjoyed their banana bread. Karen Chocolate chips and pecans...yum!

I am craving biscotti and coffee (yeah I occasionally have a latte) or steamed milk. I found a recipe and then realized I don't have enough eggs. Oh well. Maybe I'll stop at a coffee shop on the way to work tomorrow.

Alright...I'm gonna finish up working and read a book or magazine and go to bed. Sleep well, everyone.
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Wow this thread moves fast!!!

I got my first bead today- from Lisa. Thank you! I joined late so I haven't gotten mine out yet but I hope to take care of that tomorrow. I think I will make a nursing necklace.

'm getting really excited and feeling really peaceful about the birth- I fully expect the baby to come in February ("due" 1/27), but still can't help getting caught up in watching for any little sign of things to come. But I'm really enjoying it still, so I know I have a ways to go

Wow, Karen- Your quilt is just gorgeous!!! I started a quilt about 2 years ago and it is still in pieces in the closet That is just stunning! I love the colors.

Well, I am feeling tired at the moment so I think I will seize the opportunity and try to go to sleep- Maybe I'll be able to stay asleep for a while tonight, wouldn't that be nice?

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Well, not sure where to post now, since Will has been here for 9 days so far. It has been interesting to say the least. He was born with a heart murmur, which generally fades within a couple days, but his hasn't yet, so we have to see a pediatric cardiologist. He also had a blocked tear duct that they told us to watch, and when it turned green and crusty last week, we took him into the peds office. They were really cool, but were worried not only about the eye, but also a possible ear infection, the murmur and he was breathing really fast. So... off to the ER with us. They did a chest x-ray and a set of blood tests, including a blood culture. Everything appeared to come out normal, but on Saturday afternoon, the ER doc called and told us that we had to come back in because the blood culture came back positive for a staph infection in his blood. Rather odd, since everything else was normal. So... off to the ER with us. They had to start an IV to get the needed blood, and it took them 3 tries on Saturday to do it. Finally they got it started, but the nurse made a wrong move and ended up pulling it out. Since they had already poked him 9 times in 2 days, including once in his scalp, we told them they were done. So far, we have not heard from the ER, which is a good thing. The explanation for the positive result from Friday is that there must have been a skin contaminent that showed up in the test. Needless to say, we are not happy about this.

As for the eye, it is pink eye. They have us on an antibiotic to get rid of that.

So far, DD is reacting well to the baby. He is sleeping really well. We are bf on demand so no big deal for food, but he is still giving us about 4 hours at a stretch at night. He didn't really have his days and nights switched either. He has gained 7 ounces since his birth. I figure I must make cream instead of milk. At this rate, he will have the nice chunky baby thighs in no time.

I do want to apologize for not getting my beads out yet. I had intended to do that on Friday, but since we spent all day dealing with medical issues and personel, that did not happen.

Good luck to all you mamas that are getting ready to deliver your kiddos.

Have a good week.

Nicole and Will (1-1-05)
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Sounds like you've been through a lot in the past week and a half!!! I'm glad you are standing up and not letting them take blood from Will anymore. I know it's very hard to do babies and it sounds so traumatic!

YK, for the eye thing, breastmilk is an awesome antibiotic.... and with an unlimited supply..... How would he get pinkeye anyways? Does anyone around you have it? I'm just sometimes skeptical of diagnoses and overperscribing.

And mama.... DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE BEADS! We are all fine (I elect myself to speak for everyone on this!!!)! Anyone who has children already knows how much time and energy a newborn takes. No one is holding their breath waiting for them- promise!

Keep us informed- I hope the murmur resolves itself soon!!!
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Killick. It sounds like you've had quite the time these past few days. I hope that little Will is feeling better. My first son had a clogged tear duct too...breastmilk and light massage really helped. You can gently massage in very light circles from the bridge of the nose towards the tear ducts.

I've been wondering where to post now too? Is it ok to post here, or should I go start a Jan. baby thread - even though technically Violet isn't a January baby? It seems like there was so much to talk about while I was pregnant, and now well, I'm just waiting for some people to talk baby talk with...

Anyways, today was my first day home alone with the kids. It went pretty well, except I snuck upstairs while I thought Makai was napping, to change a diaper. Well, I guess he woke up, because when I came back down he had drawn all over the floor, window, TV, wall and futon! I was only up there for like 5 minutes!

Violet is super calm. She never cries. We did have some gas issues yesterday after I had pizza and chai, so I'm thinking dairy is probably a no-no from here on out. I will try to get your beads out tomorrow - its slow goin' around here lately.
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Maya and Killick, I vote for you to stay here and talk baby with us! Then we can all graduate to a baby board en masse.

And poor Will, getting stuck by the evil ER stickers!

So I tried to go to bed, and it just didn't work. At 1:30 I gave in to the bathroom, and now it's nearly 2:30 and I'm nowhere near ready to be sleeping again. And dh decided that tonight is the night to sleep in the middle of the bed, so I rolled over and landed on him. Ugh! At least I know in 3 hours he'll be up and I can hog the entire bed for as long as I want.

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I did a small meditation last night to let go of the fact we didn't have the baby Sunday/Monday. I found yesterday that I was feeling major letdown and disappointment. When the surges first started to come I was open, and saying well, maybe this is it, maybe not, but once things really got started I was sure this was it. I had to let go of the fact that the baby didn't arrive.
I think the bead thing is neat, but since I was so late finding out about it I decided I wouldn't have time.
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I am sooooooo crabby this morning!

I slept very poorly two nights ago (about 5-6 hours total with little REM sleep) and had no nap. I left early to do final research for my presentation, went to a meeting, took DS to dentist, more research, worked my shift, brought kids to another appointment that I wanted to cancel but DH guilted me into keeping, then got home at 7:30 pm with kids to feed and presentation to finish. Finally went to bed at 11:30.

DH wakes me at 3am with DD who is having some crazy itching spell and can't sleep, so I stay up with her until she falls asleep at 5:30. DH goes to work early, so DS wakes up early (no warm body next to him) and wakes me and DD up at 7:30. There is NO FOOD in my house because I wanted to get groceries yesterday but there was no time. We had abig ice storm during the night and all the schools are cancelled andthe roads are crap according to DH, but I have to get children bundled up to go out and find something to eat. We have no bread, no milk, no eggs, no yogurt, no cheese, no fruit, no snacks, nada! I am cookingh a lone package of turkey sausage from the freezer to feed the kids "something" before I drag them out in the uck.

I am so tired and so pissed off and DH was like "too bad...either suck it up or starve" and I was like, "thanks alot for the sympathy, A-hole. I'll talk to you next week" and he was like "fine." and thats the last adult conversation I had.

I was supposed to go to LLL this morning (its probably cancelled I assume) and then take the kids for haircuts (they really really need them and I never have time to go!). I do have to go into town this afternoon for an important work meeting that I scheduled and really don't have any other time to reschedule. Plus I have to print my presentation, write up my resource list and take it all to the printers TODAY in order for it to be ready in time. And I have 6 overdue movies to return. Did I also mention that I am like 12 months pregnant and brimming with hormones (and lack of sleep).

I'm going to go crawl under the bed and see how long it takes the kids to find me...I think the sausage is burning...gotta go.
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Not sure how he got pink eye. The ped speculates that it was just the tear duct that got infected. It was interesting to see it start oozing neon green. So far, we still have not heard any bad news on the second blood culture, so we are assuming that all is okay.

Will is generally super calm too. Hopefully it is something of a trend in Jan. babies and we will all get calm kiddos. He sleeps so well, and I have really been able to distinguish his cries. We have had a bit of gas issues too, but I think it was a spicy salad dressing that I ate. If he is sensitive to spicy foods, he picked the wrong state to be born in. Arizona has some fantastic Mexican food, and I happen to live about 2 blocks from one of the oldest Cantinas in the valley. They make some wonderful food, and I will be desperately missing it by the time we wean (whenever that is). I am glad that it's not dairy. I love all things dairy!

I think I will stay here and continue to post stuff about Will here. DH is updating the website today, so I will post the link later. I threatened him with his life if he did not get it updated, so hopefully he will get that taken care of.

My first day alone is tomorrow. DH goes back to work and has to be there by 7am. We have been practicing getting him ready to go by 6:30 for the past 2 days, so hopefully we can handle it. Don't really want him to leave, but someone has to make the money right now. I don't go back for another 6-7 weeks, but I get to take Will with me to work, so no big deal there.

Have a good day! Happy birthing.

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Good morning-

Well, the peaceful relaxed feeling I had last night is gone- I am super-grump this morning.

Hope this isn't TMI, but I'm hoping you guys have some advice-- I got the first dreaded hemmorhoid of pregnancy yesterday- I had accepted that I'd probably get them during the second stage of labor and was OK with that, but this is unexpected. Last night I thought it was funny but today I am just annoyed. I'm headed out to run errands in a little bit- Any recommendations for treatments? Or should I just leave it alone? Any chance it will go away before labor (due late January, expecting to be February)? I was planning on getting some witch hazel pads- Is there something better?


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I had them too. I first got one with DD during/after labor (don't remember when) and it went away eventually. However, with Will, I got it sometime during early November, so I was in my 3rd trimester. It did not go away, and I was told not to worry about it, and to take stool softener if I needed to. It got a bit worse after birth, but is going away completely now. I got it because I was standing too long, getting the nursery and the boy's room painted and wall paper border up. You probably just need to take it easy and rest more.

Good luck! I know how annoying they can be!

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Leigh, I got a BIG one too, about a month ago, I was bummed. The first few days were bad, and then it got better a little (comfort wise, but didn't go away) and now depending on where baby sits and puts pressure, it changes size. I bought a bottle of witch hazel and a bag of cotton circles (makeup removal pads) and threw some in a ziplock in the freezer, they are aaah when cold, and some in the bathroom cabinet too, that I pour witch hazel on and use as needed. You can buy Tucks too, use Colace or another stool softener. I was told one in the morning and one at night was ok, which I started with, and decreased to every other day and then every 3 days and I'm not needing it now.

If you can stand it, and have time to sit still, ice packs will help, taking it easy is good, and from what I understand, labor will probably make it worse, but it won't be painful during labor, as you'll have other things to think about.

Chiro, what an icky day you've had so far. *hugs* to you, we're having icy rain too, but I can't imagine trying to accomplish what you are doing today!

I've decided to make a big batch of pancakes today, freeze them for later, as I think I can only eat freezer waffles and cereal for so long after babe.

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Well hellooooo there! What a friendly, chatty group of ladies we are these days... how nice! Didn't get online last night because I SLEPT the whole night (12 - 6:30). What a huge relief, and I feel GREAT this morning (although baby is quite low and sort of wriggly). I got home at 11:30pm from vol. work and poor dh was sitting up at the laptop working on his presentation that he gives today. I stumbled upstairs and read for about 1/2 hour and then he stumbled in. He said dd was terrible going to bed (unusual, actually) and she complained a lot about a sore hip/knee. She's been limping around for a week now, so I called the doc. to make an appt., but it's a new doc., and they can't see us till friday. Humph. : We are not big doctor people at all but more than a week of complaining and I take it seriously - fever, infection, swelling...give it a week and then deal. That's pretty much my motto. I also made an appt. with a peds rheumatologist, because my brother has RA and I guess it's possible she has it too...it would be such a bummer, but best get it checked out, right???

P&A - I think the meditation was a great idea. I am having to do it too...although I am ready to have this baby in my arms, I sometimes think I'm NOT ready to end pregnancy (pretty much forever). I have SO enjoyed being pregnant this time, except for the late night heartburn, that it's hard to let it go... so I think a little ceremony this weekend is in order. Dd is having a sleepover on Sat., so we might actually get around to GIO (thanks Karen - I'm not too comp. lang. savvy), and see what happens next...

Karen - I am defrosting bananas right this minute and am going to make choc. chip and almond banana bread (no walnuts right now). mmmmmmm..... If I gain another 5lbs in banana bread I'll chock it up to YOU! HA! Maybe - if I can, I'll hold off gorging until tonight and then bring it to birth class. Then I can share it out, instead of eating the whole darned thing! :LOL

Nicole - how scary is it to take Will to the ER!??!?! I'm so sorry. You sound totally completely ok about it, I mean that it happened and all... I hope his eye is improving! I had a heart murmur for a really long time (birth to like 14 yo). It didn't stop me from doing ANYthing - skiing, soccer, baseball, school dances etc... I had it checked every year at my check up and then eventually it went away. It's not that uncommon that they don't disapear (like 20 - 30%), so don't sweat it. If the cardio thinks it's bad enough to fix, get a 2nd opinion (I'm not suggesting that it shouldn't be fixed, but just be careful...). He seems like a pretty strong little dude, going through all this poking and infections...poor little Will. And poor YOU!!! You really sound good for going through so much! Lotsa Hugs Mama!!! Breastmilk is an excellent thing to put on the eye, as are eyebright patches (just brew some up, let it cool, dip in some gauze (papertowels work in a pinch!) and slap it on there for a minute or two...also have some around that are 'clean' that you can wipe the eye with as it oozes. I did this w/ dd who had an eye infection about 2 mos. ago and it worked instantly. Good luck!

Chiro - I would seriously PROTEST this crazy behaviour from dh. What kind of attitude is it to leave home in crappy weather with a preggo mama and 2 babies with NO FOOD in the house!? I don't care where he's working or how hard, he can help get the food TO the table! Wow. Tell him NY is NOT impressed with his behaviour. At all!

My vote is for mamas to stay on with us and we can swap over toward the end of the month, or when about half of us have given birth. Plse feel free to talk baby before then right here! If we can't relate, we won't respond, but there will be others who can and will, and eventually everyone will be in the same boat. That's my .02 on the new board thing! Also I think we could maybe come up with a more ... interesting? ... name than Jan 05 mama board... like the TowandamamaBabyHour or something nutty like that...

I got my diaper wraps in the mail yday and they are SO cute - mother ease enviro-wraps (with pics of savanna, wetland, rainforest and ocean life all over). They are light and breathable and sidesnap. I love them! Other than the fact that they sent the wrong size (2 sm. and 2 md., and I wanted 2 md. and 2 lg.). I called and they are sending out the 2 lrg. with a bag to resend the smalls in - GOTTA LOVE IT!

My co-op food list is 2x normal (nesting anyone!?) and it doesn't even have everything I wanted...sigh. Gotta stick to budget this month as we pay prop. tax and OUCH! they hurt.

LBD - I think the witch hazel is good, as is keeping the blood higher up in your body (lie down, raise feet and hips if you can). No straining on toilet. Obvious stuff, but you need to be good about it, that's where I fall off!

Malama - I hope dh is feeling better soon. I hate back pain as much as I hate tooth pain! Ugh. Dontcha hate it when... THEY DON'T LISTEN!!! My dh is the same way - won't listen until he's actually hurting and then he expects me to be able to make it STOP hurting with some miracle cure. Sheesh!

Lisa - I am quite jealous of you having such a great daddy to come and baby you and the baby! What a wonderful thing, really! I have a great dad, but just not that way... he's interesting and smart and writes books and invests wisely... but he hasn't lifted a vacuum in... well, maybe never! He won't cook (except tuna fish which he eats out of the bowl!), wouldn't think of cleaning a bathroom (although he does close the seat), and he does his own laundry but takes almost all of it (shirts, ties, pants) to the dry cleaners. So all he does is socks and underwear; not exactly a challenge! Anyway, sorry to ramble there... I think it's AWESOME he's wanting to use up some vacation time to help you out. Daddy gets gold stars from NY!!! I hope right now you are all warm and snuggly with lotsa pillows and the WHOLE bed to spread out on... I'm thinking that it sounds pretty good... banana bread... big bed... banana bread ... big bed... tough choice! Too bad the bed isn't a little closer to the kitcher here!

Ok, well, I have some serious vacuuming to do here, and I thought I might get motivated to clean out our stinkmobile... dd is so bad at keeping food out of the backseat. Ugh. It's stinky! Wish we lived where we could ignore it and open the windows, but we'd FREEZE!!!

Have a great day all! Lotsa love, andy
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