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More bead hassles Jessica, yours came back to me too, needing more $ because it's "too thick" - I don't get it, 9 go just fine, 3 have come back. I need to re-envelope and resend these! Andy, your envelope came today, but the bead got hungry and ate it's way through the tissue and envelope too, maybe you should pack it in some banana bread?

And Heather, yours arrived safe and sound. I swear the post office just has a thing for collecting beads or something! Little bead gremlins running around snacking on the envelopes?

Big warm bed only lasted until 9, I'm awake and won't go back to bed. It was nice to plop right in the middle with all of the pillows for a bit. I hardly remember dh leaving for work this morning. Considering heading to the movies with mom and grandma this afternoon, after all, it's free popcorn day.

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WOW, busy busy morning! Shall I admit that I'm a wee bit hepped up on caffeine this morning? I bought a tin of this incredible hot chocolate for my dad for his birthday and, of course, it *only* made sense to take advantage of the shipping costs and order one for myself too.... Well, this stuff is basically just melted dark chocolate, and it is soooooooo good.... and soooooo strong!

I love so much how busy and talkative our group has become! I look forward to checking in every morning and seeing how you all are doing

I took a few belly pics this morning, and wanted to share a cute one where DD is "tickling" Baby ~ http://www.sassymama.ca/stuffola/Res...of%2037wk7.jpg

Karen, pecans sound like a wonderful addition to the banana-choc chip bread! DD was SO bummed y'day when I broke the news that we were bringing it to my friend that had her baby. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed myself ~ it smelled SOOOO good! Oh well, I got a lovely amount of "new baby holding" out of the deal

I am SO stoked. I got a KKAFP off of Ebay the other day, brand-new, cappucino (the color I wanted, but KK was sold out of my size).... and saved $20!! I swooped in during the last 5 minutes of the auction and scooped it up! The other bidder must have been some p.o'd...

Oh, and I finished the Baby's blanket the other night! It's not in the league of Karen's, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out I was looking for the "quilted" look.


I hope all of you Mamas who have already had your babies will stay on and wait with us! I love to hear the updates, and a few new baby pictures are always welcome! We're growing into quite the friendly group, and I would miss you guys if you moved on!

Andy, that's terrific that you got a full night of sleep! It must have felt wonderful after so many busy nights for you! I hope all is alright with your DD. You and I share a similar doctor motto, I think. I agree though that it's sometimes good to get the peace of mind to make sure everything is ok!

Nicole, lots of for you and Will! You guys have been through quite a bit, haven't you? It sounds like he's taking it all in stride, but how are you holding up? I agree that breastmilk is like a magic bullet for pink-eye. DD only had it once, but it was gone within a day with a little breastmilk. I was born with a heart murmur, and from what I've read it's not all that uncommon. I hope all turns out to be a-ok with Will!

Leigh, I developed a rather mild case of hemmoroids (sp?) last pregnancy... so far (TOUCH WOOD!!!) I haven't seen them recur this time around. I didn't really do anything, just tried to eat as much fiber as possible and drank lots of water. They really became an issue more after the delivery than before, but still my MW said they weren't severe enough to worry about. They gradually went away on their own... hope yours do the same! (and hope my good luck continues this time! )

Chiromom... Oh, what a tough night it sounds like you had! Sorry that it's continuing on into today I hope the weather clears a bit and that you get a nice, long nap this afternoon. Missing out on rest is so tough, particularly when you have little ones that occupy your time and need lots of patience.

Speaking of toddlers, am I the only one who has noticed a real change in behavior? DD has become much more clingy and whiny the last few days. I'm wondering if maybe she's a bit of a "Baby Barometer" and it is a sign that we'll have our new wee one soon? Regardless, I have to admit she's driving me a bit C-R-A-Z-Y !! She needs this... then that... then something else altogether. Right now, she asked to sit in her high chair in the living room where she'd been painting beside me this morning. Fine, in she goes.. Now she's hungry and demanding to go down... No doubt in a minute, that will change too... aaaaaarrrrrrghhh!!!

Ok, I will go find some food for the monkey. Wow, from the number of smilies in my message, I guess my caffeine intake is rather self evident this morning!
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andy, wow, I'm super impressed with your ability to respond to everyone's posts!!! do you take notes or something?? I read them, have an opinion and then they go right out of my loopy brain (which used to be very sharp, I might add). Mama, I vote for the banana bread OVER the big bed with lotsa pillows. Mine was sooooo yummy yesterday and thankfully I only made one loaf, because I ate nearly the whole darn thing-- and there was a LOT of chocolate in there. I surely gained 5 lbs just yesterday, but WHO CARES!!!!! I've passed dh anyways, and he's thriilled about that- might as well widen the gap!

Mar- to you. Doesn't sound like a very nice morning.... looks like the family could use a little sloooowwwiiing down right now! Don't know if that's possible, and there is something crazy about sitting at home and waiting for a baby to come, but it sure is nice to not have a billion things to do (because even with less stuff, there's always plenty to do when you have kids, right?!). I DOOOO hope you get some time and some good food and can nurture yourself, or better yet, BE nurtured. Sleep alone is just worth it.

I actually had a decent night's sleep last night. I had to pee a lot and turn from side to side many times, but generally stayed asleep from 11-6:30. Woo hoo. 2 former clients are coming over today to do a henna tattoo on my belly. One of them has a business and that's what they do, so it'll be a "professional" job!!! the best part is that they'll bring their babies- who are 1 year and 9 months old, and who I haven't seen since their 6 week PP visits, so that'll be a treat. I'll post some pics of the tattoo after they do it- this mama does beautiful work.
Other than that, I think I want to bake some more. It was so nice to have that bread yesterday. I used to be a serious bread maker, but this pregnancy has not beeen a very creative-in-the-kitchen one. I love to eat, just want the food prepared for me (like that happens!). It's finally cool enough that I can stand to have the oven on for more than 20 minutes, so maybe I'll get something going.

Have a nice day mamas!
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Kathy, we posted at the same time- I LOVE your pictures. You and DD look so happy in the photo

And how did you do that quilt??? Is it crochet or knit??? It's soooo cool! My mom wants to knit one for our babe and I like how you have it in different color patches. Way cool.

Congrats on the ebay deal- scooping things up at the last second is what it's all about! I've found that i barely even bid before the last minutes because I feel it just drives up the price.
And your toddler clingyness- I think that's really normal. You're still bf her? I bet your milk is changing again to get ready for baby and she's feeling (tasting, or whatever) the change. I mean since you have that intimate connection, she has a great insight into what's going on in your body. Know that it'll probably be a big adjustment for her and give her lots of love and attention (as much as you can handle!!!).

I'm going back to bed, I think. It's only a little after 7 here and kinda chilly!
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OOh I vote for choco chip banana bread IN the big warm fluffy bed. And the doggie too, to clean up any stray crumbs.

I've got 3 dozen pancakes cooling and ready to freeze, aaah my secret little stash. I need to put them in a container that dh won't be able to see, as he'll snack on them any time of day!

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Thanks Karen! It's knitted ~ basically a punch of "dishcloths" sewn together... :LOL

Thanks also for your thoughts about DD. I think you're right ~ she can sense that something's coming, and it's of course going to manifest a bit. The thing I'm trying to do is remember to take lots of "cuddle breaks" during the hectic days. I am still nursing her, but just at night before bed. I've been wondering if there are more changes to the milk/colostrum lately because my breasts have become more tender again.

Have a good snooze!
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I feel so great right now. I'm eating some lunch and I'm super rested. I actually slept the whole night through, with out having to get up and go to the bathroom. A rarity for me normally, never mind pg. Then I was super sore this morning so dh walked ds to the bus so I didn't have to go out in the yucky cold weather. I ate some breakfast and took a nap for TWO HOURS!!!! Man staying home is great

Everyone's baking stories have got me wanting to bake. I even took a polund of butter out of the freezer to soften this morning. I just don't know what to make. I have a whole weeks worth of idea but, not the energy. Actually I think I do have the energy but I'm quite sure I would be crippled from back and leg pain.

Leigh, my advise is tucks, or homemade witch hazel pads, everytime you poo or if it hurts after pee. Lots of fiber, no straining even if it means it takes you 30+ min to poo. I also used some generic prep H, at dh urging. That seemed to help too. My "problem" was all cleared up in 2 or 3 days. I am still using to tucks after poos to make sure nothing else wants to pop up.

Nicole, that sounds like you had a rough couple of days. I don't really have much to add, except when I was a kid I used to get pink eye all the time and my mum would put cooled squeezed out tes bags on my eyes in the am, when the crusting was the worst and that worked wonders. I've used the same "cure" when ds and I had it a few years ago.

I second, 3rd, 4th, whatever the new mamas staying here. I love the baby talk, and who knows maybe some of us can offer some advise to you. Since we can only think about babies right now
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I am so glad to hear that someone here is feeling great (Az). Lucky you!

Acutally I just polished off the last gigantic piece of banana bread and I'm feeling pretty , if not completely full. There goes my chance for a nutritious breakfast- no more room in there!! Well, at least it had pecans, right- they have protein .
Kathy, I think you're my junk food corrupter. I also had dh buy some hot cocoa at the store last night- only had swiss miss at the regular grocery store, but after the banana bread with chocolate, i'm sure it's the last thing i need...... how is it that I'm so easily corrupted from so far away.....

It's very quiet at my house. Ds#1 is still asleep? in bed anyways. and #2 is reading on the couch- doesn't wanna talk. DH is still asleep. It's MY house. There is a cat waiting to be let in, but that would require me to get up- she can wait some more (OR go to the screen that they've torn and get in herself- but that would mean no service and she's not into that).

My baby is wiggling away. I so wanna hold him/her in my arms. One of these days, sigh.....
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I've been a bit busy lately with my sister and niece. Although it isn't a good excuse, since everyone else has kept up the posts.

Hugs to those that need them especially dealing with dh. Sometimes it is very hard for them to "get it." Mine is starting to come around.

I have been talking to babe to come early, since my sister leaves tomorrow. I had a few contractions/bhs Sunday night, and I ended up on the toilet for an hour with diarhea (TMI, sorry). It was weird, but no action since then. I know it is VERY wishful thinking, since ds was born at 41weeks. It would just make my life Sooooooo much easier if the baby came while my sister is here. She will stay longer if things start happening...

Not sure what is on the agenda for today. Just lounging this morning. I have some bread in the breadmaker, and I need to make some post-partum meals...Then again baking sounds much better!!

I have received envelopes from Karen and Andy. Both had their beads in them !!!! I know dh tok mine into the PO and they told him 49 cents would work for them. I am glad at least one has arrived!

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I'm a little better now. I threw up for a while this morning (lack of food makes me do that) until I found some raw almonds and got them to stay down long enough for me to perk up a bit. I took the kids to the grocery in their PJ and after some more food (yogurt and a banana) had a chance to settle in...I am feeling more normal. Tired but human at least.

DH called and was apologetic and empathetic, (oh honey, why are puking?....duh! 'Cuz you knocked my pitiful ass up!) so we are at peace again.

DD will be ready for her nap in the next half hour and hopefully, after the night she had, she will take a really long one. Then I just have to get DS (4 and 1/2) to either nap or else make no noise for an hour or two. We'll see. I will at least rest, I'm sure.

Anyway, thanks for the collective shoulder this morning. I needed it.

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OooooH! That was my 300th post! You have no idea what a recalcitrant poster I am, considering the years I have been avidly reading these boards! (Lurk Lurk Lurk). I am genuinely excited. Hormones are fun!

Wheeeeeeeeeee! Mar
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You all have made my grouchy day seem much, much less big of a deal. I feel better after reading this board, so thank you.

Mar, your last two days and nights sound nightmarish. I would kick your DH if I knew him! Leaving you with no food in bad weather - and completely insensitive! Waking you in the middle of the night, how miserable. He'd better be really nice to you when he gets home this evening.

Kathy, you totally sound like you've had caffeine. I think I'll go get some hot chocolate too. Your quilt/blanket is cool - love the multicolored patches that tie the other colors together. And the belly pic is adorable! You and DD are soo cute.

Yep, keep the baby talk coming! It is helping me know what I'm in for. And everyone with a newborn should not hurry on the bead-sending.

Nicole, so sorry about Will having to go to the doctor and ER and be poked and get antibiotics. That sounds awful. Where do you work, that you get to take him with you?

I got my first bead yesterday, from Kathy. Thank you! The bead was there. I'll hang the card up, too, in our bedroom where I'll give birth.

Sounds like several of us who haven't been sleeping got good sleep last night. I'm the opposite. Last night I took a melatonin, too, but sleeping was impossible. DH had trouble sleeping too. We both rolled around all night. From 4:30 - 5:30 I went downstairs and ate and read Mothering, and wanted to get online but I forgot to turn on the modem before coming downstairs. (It's in our bedroom and makes a weird noise, so we turn it off to sleep.)

Yesterday I saw the first stretch marks. Oh well, the lovely belly couldn't last forever. Better than hemorrhoids, right? Except hmm, hemorrhoids go away completely.

Lisa, your dad spoiled you. That's cute. I have to brag on my DH - he is a great cook! He cooks a couple times a week. Tonight we're having stir fry with halibut and hoisin sauce mmmmm. He's been great about keeping me fed this pregnancy.
But your dad beats my dad! My dad hardly did anything useful. He didn't even work steadily. It makes me appreciate DH tremendously.

And Karen, yeah, I had to take notes to remember these things to respond to.

Today work was driving me crazy with added paperwork, and I cussed and kicked things and threw a little prego fit. It's gotten a little better since then - people really are trying to help. Between that and y'all's posts, it looks like I'll make it through the rest of the day and not go home "sick."
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Hola mamas! No, I don't take notes...On the screen you type on you can scroll down and see previous posts as long as they are on the same page. I cut my finger almost off (left pointer) and spent about an hour wrapped in papertowels like the bleeding statue of liberty, and am now pecking away and it hurts so I won't write much, but GOT BEADS TODAY and there were actual beads in the envelopes and everything!!! Lisa, I will resend to you as I have what I need to do it. Thank you Heather and Kathy for the beautiful thoughts and beads

Ok, it's really pounding and dd is due off the bus now, so adios amigas!!! Andy
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Andy- at least we have all that extra blood to compensate for the loss
sorry.... that was in poor taste.

I didn't tell you guys (cuz I'm SOOOO embarrassed) that the other day dh and I were driving to town (i was driving) and I ran a red light because I'm such a space cadet : - it was in a mellow part of town, but he was sooooo mad! Made me pull over so he could drive and now he doesn't trust me to drive! The issue hasn't come up, but maybe I shouldn't trust myself either....
I don't know what got over me. I learned to drive in LA, and I'm so on it usually, but this pregnancy is kicking my butt!!! Do you see why i'm so anxious to give birth. I NEED my brain back- and I know it's not gonna be instant, but I'd like to at least start the process.....

Your finger just reminded me of that bad incident. '

Jessi- stretch marks are badges of motherhood (and puberty, lol). Wear them proudly.

Mar- congrats on the 300!!!! I lurked forever here (though looks like shorter than you) before I started to write anything. SO i know what you mean.
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Malama - I had to laugh at your post. Dh is a police officer, so he always gives me a hard time. The other day he called as I pulled out of our subdivision. I immediately knew what he was going to say when I saw his # on the cell phone. "You didn't use your blinker." I told him that was because I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go

Also, I keep forgetting what I am doing half the time. I rearranged the food in the chest freezer. DH came by later and asked if I was going to put things back into the freezer. Oops...It slipped my mind.

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Heather (Proudmom) and Karen, I got your beads! Thank you so much, and thank you for the wonderful notes. I've placed them on my birth altar

Jessi, I'm glad that the bead got to you in one piece!
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Heheheeh you guys crack me up today. For my super secret note taking - I right click on the "post a reply" button and open it in a new window, so I can type in one and read in the other. If not for that, I'd never remember what to say!

Yes, my dad totally ruined my idea of what a real man is like, poor dh got married to me without realizing that I don't do dishes. My mom has a degenerative disease, so she was never able to keep up with kids and house, so she did kids/food while he did house. Lucky me!

Andy, get the finger above your heart! I sliced my left index the other day too, with a really sharp bread knife while trying to slice through a bagel. Yuck!

Saw Oceans12, I wasn't all that impressed. But it was nice to be out of the house for the entire afternoon. And popcorn, yum! Hopefully it won't prevent me from sleeping tonight.

Back later, have one more errand to run,
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
Saw Oceans12, I wasn't all that impressed. But it was nice to be out of the house for the entire afternoon. And popcorn, yum!
I went last week to see it, and I agree it wasn't as good as I was hoping for BUT a) I got to go ALL BY MYSELF!!! and b) the popcorn was great, so all in all it was a pretty good time
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Andy, ouch about your finger! Did you get it well bandaged?

Lisa, we all run a red light from time to time. Tell your DH to chill. Or blame him for distracting you.

I learned this afternoon that my aunt and uncle (whom we visited at Christmas) are getting divorced. Their kids are 8 and 10. My aunt is devastated. It makes me worry that my DH could leave someday.
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Ack Jessi, that's no fun!

Kathy, ooh yes, always good to have some quiet time! I think babe and I will be going to movies more often. There is one theater near here that does mom/baby movies on Tuesdays (they turn down the volume and raise the lights a bit) and there are apparently kids everywhere, diapers all over, nursing mamas, running toddlers, etc. and nobody cares.

MUST find food. We don't really have much in the fridge, and I'm not too keen on spending $$ on take out or take in, but popcorn just won't hold me over all night!

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