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Fun mail day today! I got 3 more beads (sort of- sadly, Heather's escaped through a small hole in the envelope) I got Karen's (which had a quote on it that I have on my labor "inspiration" sheet and that I was going to send with my beads!) and Kathy's. Thank you!

AND the mailman brought another dipe that I won on ebay. In the past week I have bought 5 or 6 diapers/covers and a fleece sling. If this baby doesn't come soon I will have no money left-- my nesting has taken the form of spending!!!

I bought my beads today and hope to get them in the mail tomorrow. I was at the post office today and I asked about the postage/thickness issue. The lady showed me some sort of little measuring device with a slot in it-- She said if the item is under the weight limit and fits through that slot, it should be able to go with 37 cents postage. Otherwise it will be about 12 cents more. I think I will go ahead and put the extra postage on, just in case.

DH is teaching a class at work tomorrow, and that was his last thing he wanted to get "out of the way" before the baby comes We'll see if this kid has a sense of humor and decides to come tonight! I doubt it though, no signs of anything happening anytime soon here.

Thanks so much for all your 'roid advice! I got some witch hazel and cotton pads and plan to make some pads up to put in the freezer. I also bought some regular old Tucks pads, so I'll use those intermittently as well. My sister never got any with her pregnancy, so I was really hoping that would run in the family!

Have a lovely night!

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Sorry, Leigh. I didn't know about the escapee beads when I sent the notes. I would have been better about packaging. It is weird,though, since I followed the instrcutions the PO gave.

On a side note...this pregnancy absent-mindedness has hit a high note today. After running a bunch of errands, I stopped at Costco to buy gas. I couldn't find my debit card. My sister and I looked everywhere in the car. So I used her card, while the cars piled up behind me. We pulled out and I realized that I had left it in the ATM machine several hours prior to Costco.

Oops, had to call the bank to cancel that card

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glad to hear I'm not the only super spaced out pregnant mom out there.... thanks!

WARNING- Karen is ranting
It's the end of the day and I am SOOOO crabby. It could have been my incredibly poor dietary choices today (lots of sugar, not enough protein/ veggies), or my waiting all morning for some people to show up, overstimulation from their long visit during my naptime, or whatever. These mamas drove far to come and henna tattoo my belly- a super nice gesture..... but by the time they were done, I was so over visiting and being still and everything. I sound so ungrateful to myself, but I'm just pooped. And the end result is me being super annoyed with my boys (and trying to just stay out of their way so I don't say something that I'll regret), and super tired.
The tattoo is lovely, and it will supposedly darken over the next two days and I'll be sure to photograph it and send it on. Well, I hope it works as it's supposed to- they wanted me to sleep with the mud all over my belly (no way, have enough trouble sleeping as it is) and/or to wait as late as possible to shower- but I couldn't. So I wasn't compliant. oh well.
my kids need to go to bed but they're chasing each other all over the house and though it's bedtime my 8 y.o thinks it's time to watch a movie?!?!?!

anyhow, I hope you are all in blissful sleep right now, OR in labor
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Quiet night, I hope everyone slept really well!

Oooh Karen, I hear you on the bad food = grumpy mama day. I was in such a funk last night, it's clinging yet this morning. Now that I've thought about it, the pancakes, chocolate milk, popcorn, soda, and pasta I ate all day probably set me up pretty well for being cranky. Then dh was so involved in a work project last night that I couldn't pry him from the computer and I was hungry/cranky already, it just spiraled from there. Ended up being rather boohoo last night, went for a short walk in the cold before I made him come back, and I woke up to say goodbye at 6:15 still boohooing. Hrumph!

So I have a theory on why I'm still in a funk - either it's my regular pms/af week (need to dig out my calendar) because that's happened a few times this pg, or my body has made a sudden hormone shift to labor land, and I just need to suck it up and give it a day to start. A girl can hope, can't she?

I got up to reset our server (dh called from work saying we had a problem) and brought the laptop back to bed with me. It's so nice to be spoiled like this, and snuggled in my flannel sheets, puppy is in dh's spot snoring away. I'm going to try for another hour or 2 of sleep, as I was up frequently all night, and maybe the sun will be out when I wake again.

*grump grouch grump*
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HI Lisa,
I'm awake at 4:40am- maybe because I was asleep by 9ish last night???

I hope for your sake that you are heading into laborland. The thought crossed my mind yesterday for myself, but though i was really feeling last week like I was imminently close, that feeling has sort of left me. But you're farther along than me anyways.

And yes.... important to eat well EVERYDAY! I kept thinking to myself, what if I did go into labor tonight, with the crap I had eaten, what kind of reserves did i have????? Think about that mama, when you get up and start your day today, if you haven't already.

Here's to eating and feeling better today- unless it's labor for you!
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Lisa....I feel your grump sister...that was sooooo me yesterday.

I slept over 7 hours last night! Hoooray! DH and I got to bed late because we were finishing proofing and printing my entire presentation....but I am just so relieved that it is done!!! I still have some practicing to do and of course the presentation itself on Saturday. Almost there.

Malama, I know what you mean about last week feeling like birth was *imminent* and now I am like..."what kind of delusion was I on?!" I doubt I will go into labor for a week or more...at the very least, not until my class is over and I have a chance to recover from that!

My sister (who had her first baby this summer) and my other sister who is about 7 weeks preggo with her first, might come down for my class and then to hang out and have a little sister blessingway type day on Saturday. I really want my youngest sisiter to get exposed to the info from my class because she is not very informed about childbirth and will (under her husband's influence) likely do a pretty routine medical route...which would make me and my other sister crazy! I totally respect the decisions of others when and if they have made an effort to inform themselves first...but her DH definitely isn't informed (and isn't the type to put the effort in....great guy, but not a questioner or a reader) and my sister...well she pretty much lets him run the show unless she feels really strongly about something...so ...Our mission (me and my more alternative friendly sister) is to get her riled up against all the routine hospital crap so she will fight it.

Have a great morning ladies! I am off to run around and try to accomplish too much as usual!

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Lots of griping

It sounds like it was a rough night all around. I didn't get to bed until nearly 3am. DH finally got the xmas tree out. I only took the ornaments and everything off x-mas day!! Then he took tylenol PM last night. That been like his new favorite thing lately. I tried hinting around a couple of nights ago, that last time he took it, that maybe he only take it in emergacy situations. So I was pretty peeved with him last night. I mean what if I did go into labor last night. He'd be totally usless, trying to fight against the sleeping drug. So I'd have to be getting everything together, calling his parents, and trying to find us a ride to the bc, because there's no way he could drive and of course I couldn't drive either. I tried telling him this and he said that he would wake up if I was in labor. Ok yeah, so now you can over come these sleeping drugs I don't think so. Plus I would never get in a car with him at ngiht if he had taken them. Well at least he says he won't take them again.

So I couldn't sleep. I cleaned off the extra changing table, yet another thing he was supposed to have moved out of here, this one I've been waiting on since October! You know how open surfaces that aren't in use just become junk collectors. So I cleaned that off, then I cleaned up my sewing/knitting table. I wanted to sweep and steam the floor, but I thought that would wake dh up, so I didn't. However when I was cleaning off the sewing table I came across the photos of our wedding, we got married in June. So I went up stairs and finally put them all in the album I had bought months and months ago. Of course I got all weepy, looking at those pictures and forgave dh and went downstairs to cuddle with him. The dog had other idea though, she wedged herself right between us. It wasn't a very nice cuddle with dh knocked out with sleeping pills and me wide awake anyways. So I took a long bath and finally got to bed around 3 am.

I get woken up at 5:15 because some a**hole comapany in NY is calling my cellphone twice with in 2 minutes and left a v-mail. DH hears it and thinks something must have happended becuase no one has my # and the people who do know better than to call at 5am unless it is an emergancy. He woke me up and I checked the voice mail and its some company looking for another company and the f-ing woman even said its 5am so she knew and called back before leaving the message

Ok so now DH must know how tired I am right?? Oh no becuase after him alarm went off at like 6 he re-set for a few minutes later. After he got up he must have woke me up 4 differnt times just to ask me stupid stuff. HELLO CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus he had to keep coming in and out of the room to get dressed, TALK TO HIS FATHER ON THE PHONE, its a cordless phone, take the call in the the other freaking room!!! He even woke me up to tell me that the dog pooed in front of the other dogs cage!! What the hell is that. I don't care if the dog cover the whole downstairs in poo, let me sleep.

I'm not a very happy camper this morning. I'm going to try to go calm down and hopefully I'll be in a better mood later
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Chiro, good luck with the sister!

Yikes AZ! What an awful night. I may be moody and cranky, but I slept a little more than you did. Surfaces collecting stuff - what I do - and it drives DH nuts but makes a point - I got one of those big rubbermaid storage bucket things, and I just sweep the entire surface of his stuff into the bucket. Same for tools he leaves around the house, mail, doesn't matter, it goes in the bucket, and the bucket goes in the corner and when he complains he can't find something, I just point at the corner.

Ok so I have a bucket too, but mine is a LOT smaller and I empty it pretty regularly.

Mailman! Jessitron, you are so smart to use a ribbon thank you!
And thank you Slygrrl too, your card came but the bead got hungry and ate it's way out of there too. Darn post office bead snatching gremlins!

Breakfast beeped, should go eat. And I'm at least a little more alert after an extra hour when DH left. Maybe I'll take a nap after lunch too.

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Lisa, I vote for labor-hormones. ~ Baby vibes ~ baby vibes ~

Chiromom, good luck educating your sister. I hope she soaks it all up. What is the topic of your class? Who is your audience? Maybe you told us this already but I missed it.

Az, sounds like your DH needs to get a clue. What is with these men keeping us up? They do not understand how incredibly difficult it is to sleep at all. Mine was up on the computer (in our bedroom) until close to 1 last night when I was trying to sleep. He was quiet, once I laid down, but still all the clicking and the brightness keeps me up.

Sounds like someone at each post office has a great collection of beads and other small objects. They must be trying to fit our envelopes through those machines, even though they are wider than the slot.

Glad you liked the ribbon. It's a good thing I bought extra beads, because the ribbon changed the selection a bit; the yarn needle didn't fit through some of the prettiest ones. One of you almost got a yarn needle with your bead, too, since it went halfway in and didn't want to come out.

Okay, is it time to go home yet? The interesting part of work (reading the posts here) is over now. Maybe we'll play a board game at lunch today. That's always fun.

Oh, yesterday the mail brought a package from SnoogieSnaps. She made me some lovely postpartum shorts and pads. The shorts are fleece (mustard yellow, one of my favorite colors) and have special snaps at the crotch, and the postpartum pads snap in there. Also included was a fleece-and-PUL blanket-like-thing. It's very soft and will protect the sheets; I think we'll use it right after the birth, when I sit in the bed and hold the baby for everyone to admire.
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Oooh the sun is trying to come out!! And I have a big happy glass of orange juice, and it's actually pretty warm for Ohio in Jan. Amazing.
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Maybe everyone is grouchy today...
It snowed last night and our neighor was up at 6am trying to get out of our neighborhood by revving his engine as hard as he could. the hill isn't that steep and yet he still couldn't make it up.

DD has decided to do nothing mommy asks. So for the third day in a row she went to school with no shoes on, although she did agree to a coat. And Kathy, I'm glad my toddler isn't the only one being whiny. It's driving me crazy. I'm having such a hard time being patient and understanding.

I asked dh to take care of dinner last night but apparently that's really too hard. He came in the house ans basically listed off what we could have. I didn't want to make the decision, that why I asked him to take care of it.

And for some reason everyone on Colorado freaks out when there's snow on the ground. At one point we were going 7 miles an hour. We got maybe 2 inches of snow last night...it's a little slushy but not 7 miles and hour bad.

So i decided to work from home today. That way i don't have to hear any "you're huge," "you look like you're gonna pop," or "that thing looks unreal." Plus it's getting sunny so maybe I'll take the dog for alittle walk once the sidewalks melt a bit more.

Hope everybody's day gets better!
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mar- good luck on trying to "convince" your sister. I am over trying to do that to people. They ask about my childbirth choices, I tell them and then if more questions come, I answer them. It's just too much and I get all emotional if it's someone I really care about. Now I don't have a sister, so I can't say what that's like, but good luck. Maybe you could just try and give her a copy of Henci Goer's Thinking Woman Guide...... at least she can present a factual argument against medicalized birth and routine practices w/o being emotionally involved.

I went back to sleep (thank goodness) but woke up with a headache!! WTF! Pregnancy is fun, but not at the end.
When I spoke to my mw yesterday over the phone she had a feeling that "someone" was gonna have a baby tonight..... guess it wasn't me. I shouldn't complain really, another mw's daughter was due last week with her first and her dh had to leave the island to go to another country over the weekend. I don't know if he opted to go- I'm afraid to call their house! She was so sure she'd have the baby on her EDD- from my past experience I knew that was a set-up for "failure"(too much controlling).

Anyhow, I hope everyon'es day is looking bright (well I know it's "warm" in Ohio for Lisa)!
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Well I'm feeling better now. I did manage to some sleep after dh and ds left like a whole whopping 1 1/2 hour, which I did forget to mention. And DH did bring me up the little chihuahua puppy before he left becuase yesterday I said I slept so much better with him curled up with me. So apprently he's not tottaly heartless, just close to it at times. I keep forgetting that he doesn't understand what its like, especially since this has been a really nice pregnancy.
I baked an orange pound cake, and it smells really good. I was going to make a mocha swirl one for dh but he's getting orange instead because I'm still kinda po'd with him. The cakes are a little burned but I'm still pleased with myself.

I'm off to clean my stinky self up, anyone else sweating?? alot?? and pick up ds. Then we're going out!
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Originally Posted by Malama
When I spoke to my mw yesterday over the phone she had a feeling that "someone" was gonna have a baby tonight..... guess it wasn't me.
I think we all feel you there
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Another gripe

Oh I forgot to add this to this AMs griping but DH saids that at least 1/2 dozen people are asking him every day about the baby. WTF we even told everyone the dd (1/29) He says people are asking him things like "what is taking so long" ahh hello, we're growing a baby not making toast
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Originally Posted by Azreial
ahh hello, we're growing a baby not making toast
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my dh wakes up every morning and says "any new contractions??". I told him that I would for sure let him know and to STOP asking. So he's worried that if he doesn't ask, that I'll get mad at him for not acting interested, LOL! poor thing..... I'm so hard to deal with and I KNOW it!
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Originally Posted by Azreial
He says people are asking him things like "what is taking so long" ahh hello, we're growing a baby not making toast

Hehe MIL called to make sure it's ok if she goes away for the weekend...and to tell me she had a premonition that I would have the baby yesterday.

I had to stop telling dh when I have any sort of cx. He freaks out everytime. "Should I call the mw?" I think he's afraid she won't get here in time.
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YAY! the UPS guy just came with my newborn dipes...nothing as pretty as what Jessi has (just some unbleached cpfs and white covers, and a few fuzzibunz) but nowI feel a bit more ready.

But my Moby Wrap is being shipped separately
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If we were making toast, some of us would have turned the knob from "6" to "1" by now.

Jess, yay that you got your dipes! It's funny the little things that take us from "the baby will be here soon" to "I am ready for the baby now."

Karen, that's funny about your DH. At least he's trying to please.

The BH do get harder and more frequent. When we practice relaxation, those are handy. Last night I noticed that they really make it hard to breathe. That is unexpected. We're supposed to breathe through the contractions... yet my chest is constricted like the breath was knocked out of me. Are the real ones going to be like that? Does it get really really hard to breathe during them?
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