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dd is 31 months and hasn't nursed hardly at all the last week. My nipples are so incredibly sore I try to put it off as long as possible. She seems sad for a few moments and then gets over it quickly.

I am feeling guilt like I should just deal with the pain for her but honestly I wouldn't mind if she weaned. I feel good about 2.5 years of nursing. But this board in particular makes me feel like I'm not a good mom if I don't do CLW.
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I don't think you are a bad mom! It is a long time that you have nursed and it will be okay. Maybe she will be interested again later when you are not so sore. I'm still waiting to get that feeling...
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I know what you mean. I just found out that I'm pregnant and have yet to experience soreness or supply drop. I wouldn't mind if ds (2 years old)weaned during my pregnancy, but feel guilty talking about it here. I lost a whole lot of weight just nursing ds and I'm wondering how I'll keep from wasting away to nothing if I nurse two. I'm just playing it by ear now, though. CLW/tandem nursing isn't for everyone and you should definitely feel good about 2.5 years of nursing.
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Don't beat yourself up over this! It's completely normal to have soreness... i'm having it, too, when my 30 month old nurses. I started sleeping in the spare bed at night so we can get her night-weaned before the baby comes. It wasn't working to have access to me during the night. She understands that mama's "nummies" hurt, so she settles for only a "little bit" each time, throughout the day. I, personally, don't feel its wrong to set some limits on your nursing relationship when your child is this age. Just like you set limits with your child in other areas of your relationship, it's okay to say just a little bit, or to gently wean them if you can't take it. You need to do what's best for everyone involved.. you, your child, and the new baby you're growing.

I think it's just really, really important to talk about how you feel with her. And offer lots of hugs even when you can't nurse because it hurts! I'm sure you're probably way ahead of me on that, anyway.

Take it easy on yourself, mama!
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First of all to you! Nursing with sore nipples is difficult and not at all pleasant for any mom! Nursing with sore nipples while pregnant can be even worse. Some moms find that nursing through pregnancy just doesn't work for them. Nursing is a relationship and if one person in the relationship is miserable, the relationship won't work. It's difficult when your heart is telling you one thing and your body isn't cooperating.

As you probably know, I'm very pro-CLW. It's what is right for my family and I believe that, ideally, it's right for all children. Ideally. I also know of the many things that can interfere with CLW and that some moms, no matter how much they want to practice CLW, just can't due to extraneous circumstances. Just as I think it's wrong for mamas to be pressured into weaning, I think it's wrong for mamas to be pressured into clw if it's not right for them or their circumstance. You need to do what is right for you and your nursling...but you already knew that!
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I agree with the others, if you have an opportunity to wean without trauma and you want to do it, then do it! The only reason I still intended to nurse Bella through this pg is because even at 28 months, she's an incredibly dedicated nurser, and it would be a really big deal to force her to wean now. But I already know that if an opportunity arises where she's slowing down significantly during this pg, I'll attempt to wean her then. I would be ok tandem nursing, but would rather not if I could arrange it. And I actually popped back in just now to post looking for some tips on nursing through nausea. I knew I'd have to figure out a way around sore nipples, but how I'd feel about latching a toddler onto sore nipples while attempting not to vomit is another story. It never crossed my mind!

Please don't feel badly, you've done an amazing job so far.
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