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Our Baby Girl Is Here!!.....Grace Ellen has a name!!(UPDATED)

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After 27 hourse of hard labor, I delivered our baby girl, Grace Ellen at home on JAn 9th at 1:40AM

She is 8lbs. 10oz. & was 20" long....

Will be back to post more later. I am tired!!!!
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Congratulations!! You did it!!

Go get some rest! 27 hours sounds exhausting. So glad you and baby are doing well!
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Whew.... it's over!!!!! : : : :

Now you can sit back and enjoy your babe!!

Sending much love and aloha your way!

Congrats Stacey!

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congratulations and welcome baby girl!!!
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Oh, how awesome!! Congratulations Stacy, and welcome to your sweet girl! Enjoy your Babymoon!
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congratulations, stacey! enjoy that baby. i wish you the best.
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Hurray! You did it! Great job.
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You did it!!! It's over!!! Whew!!! I hope you are feeling a LOT better now, and that things are calming down inside your head.

Enjoy the babymoon, make sure you're getting lots of help and rest, and remember that we continue to send you lots of happy mama vibes to get through the next few days and weeks.

xxx andy
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Congratulations. I hope this means an end to your anxiety. Welcome little one!!!

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oh, Stacy - I am beyond happy for you! You are one strong woman. Congrats! I can't wait to hear more details and see pics Enjoy your beautiful daughter!

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You are a birth warrior mama! Congratulations and welcome little one!
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Stacey I am so glad to hear that you've had your baby. You must feel so much better. I can't wait to hear your birth story
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Congrats Stacey! We're so happy for you!
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Yay! Good work, congrats and thanks for giving us an update! Heidi
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congrats Stacey she shares a bday with my Dh....... I can not wait ot see a pic of her..... you did good mama......
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Hi ALL....

A few days have passed and I have a minute to type about Grace's birth. The whole thing was 27 hours so I am going to give you the "highlights" LOL....

As many of you know I had a rough pregnancy with a lot of anxiety & panic attacks stemming from Henry's birth. December was an awful month but all in all when I went into labor I was OK.

I woke up at 11:30PM on the 7th with mild contractions 5 minutes apart. They stayed pretty much the same for the next few hours but by morning were strong enough that I felt I wanted my midwives around. They came around 10 in the morning & I was having regular, nice contractions. I didn't want to be checked though so we all just hung out, DH made a fire & we just waited.

I started to get anxious when it was getting dark again outside. I started to worry that the baby was going to get hung up again (this is what happened with my others) & that I would be laboring forever. So around 7 PM or so, I asked to be checked & I was at 8-9cm & I was assured that I was on the home stretch. My bag of waters broke soon after & I felt better about the things.

For the next 5 hours later, I was contracting very strongly at 1 minute apart intervals & was still at 8-9cm with no change. I became totally defeated.My anxiety & panic returned with a vengence! I refused to breathe thru contractions.....I was crying...I was begging them to make it stop, crossing my legs tightly during contractions & basically freaking out. I was asking to go to the hospital. Poor DH was sobbing outside because I was so upset. My mom was begging me to hang in there, the Mw's were assuring me that the baby would come out but I could NOT be convinced.

I retreated to the bathtub in the dark. My mom came in & I just cried & screamed with each contraction. I prayed a lot when I got a breath. I seriously felt that I would die. Henry's bad birth came flooding back & I just could not get it together.

At about 1:30AM, everyone was talking about wether or not the hospital was an option. The MW's were on the phone with my homeopath getting her thoughts on what to do. I had a strong & overwhemling urge to push & for the first time in hours, I opened my legs & went under the water & pushed with all my might. I reached down & felt the top of her head!! I screamed "The baby's coming!!!!!" & everyone rushed in!!! One more push & she was born.

I was in, and am in shock to this day. I have never been in such despair & yet she came out! I named her Grace becasue I believe she was born by the grace of God. Her birth was the hardest thing I have been thru in my life. I feel so many things; things that are hard to put into words.

I am just happy she is here. Her birth was so hard, but so healing & just what it was supposed to be.

Thanks mamas for all your kind words to me while I was waiting. It really meant a lot.
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wow mama.... what an incredible journey. I hope that though this birth was so hard in many ways that it was also healing for you. I think Grace is the perfect name for this little being.

I hope your healing continues and that you are feeling well..... Your other kids are so beautiful and I would love to see pictures of Grace.

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Wow Stacey, it sounds like you had a rough birth. You did though. I don't think I could have made it through that. Thank you for sharing, I'm sure that was hard to do.
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You are such a strong mama. I know what you mean about it being hard to put everything into words. It sounds amazing.
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Congratulations! I love her name.
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