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anyone else having weird pregnancy related dreams? Two nights ago, I dreamed I started my period, that the test had been wrong and my period was just late...I was so sad.

Last night, I dreamed about the labor and birth, that we gave birth to a baby boy we named Athen, and then proceeded to forget to take him with us when we left the hospital....the labor was easy and painless...nice, because my irl first labor was harder than I ever would have imagined....

Anyway, I'm having a hard enough time sleeping (falling asleep) at night, even though I'm exhausted, and I think these dreams are just waking me up and stressing me out...

HOpefully, the weird ones will pass soon and I'll start having some of those hormone induced SEX dreams I had when i was oregnant with ds1....those were great! Kissing my husband hasn't been that great since our very first night of smooching in real life.

JUst wondering if I'm alone in my craziness...
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My dh is the one having the crazy dreams in our house! Last night he woke up when the baby started fussing a little, rolled over and asked me, "What did you do with the other little one?" I guess he was dreaming we already had the other babe, and I'd forgotten it somewhere!
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I've had some pretty strange pregnancy-related dreams already ... most having to do with going into labor. Some really sexy dreams about my dh, too! (and one about a guy I knew in high school ... in that one we were in a psychiatric hospital together...?????)

During my last pregnancy I had a recurring dream that I gave birth in the woods. It was absolutely beautiful. I also had a strange dream in which I gave birth in a big clear bathtub at the mall.
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I had an incredibly vivid dream last night about losing my wallet and then finding it again in a bargain bin, but of course the cash was gone as was my bus pass. Normally it wouldn't be a memorable dream, but this one was one where I woke up and it totally felt real.

I'm also having trouble getting to sleep despite being incredibly tired. Glad to know I'm not alone in that.
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