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Cabbage rolls

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Frozen cabbage leaves(sour or sweet)

cooked pearl rice(pearl works best as it sticks together)

back bacon or bacon

spoon some into a cabbage leaf and roll. Place in a roaster that has a few layers of cabbage leaves on the bottom. add some bacon between layers of cabbage rolls. This adds flavor, top layer of cabbage rolls should be covered with cabbage leaves before baking. Back at 325 until done.
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I did post the cabbage roll recipe but it became it's wn thread. Go figure..lol
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(can you see the drool on the keyboard?)

I'm sure that dh will be quick to point out that the LAST thing this pregnant lady needs in her digestive system is cabbage!!!!!

But nevertheless...

question for you -- do you ever use tomatoes on top when you bake emm?

my bapcie used to and MAN were they good. Also -- seasoning -- sage? salt? pepper?

will be experimenting this weekend. I'm hoping there's some cabbage at the farmer's market!
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I've seen them with tomatoe soup on them, but i like sour leaves. So I don't do that.

Seasoning? Salt in the rice cooking water. As I said I like the sour leaves, so those are salty enough, plus the bacon. Simple.
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