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Hi all, first, Lesley, I'm so sorry she didn't pass again, you've been through so much and it will all be so much better when you have her home with you. , and an extra for Mellie, this must be so hard for a little one to understand! There is a store around here called the Super Baby Safety Store, I just checked their website adn they don't have what you're looking for listed, but I'll call them tomorrow morning and see if they have it, worst case, I can go buy it and ship it overnight to you and you can just send me a check.

I'm not personally doing so very well, on top of my night from hell last night and my morning from hell this morning, I slipped and fell this afternoon (so much for that massage!) and since have had a horrible pain in my side, up high, kinda under my ribs. It keeps getting worse, no contractions, no bleeding and I can feel Molly moving so I trust all is well there, but man am I ever sore! I blew my nose and that spot hurt so bad I thought I'd cry. Now my back has been hurting progessively worse as well, I just have visions of not being able to walk in the morning and I just don't want to go there again you know?? To make things worse, my cat is in rare form and is running around beating on the dogs and knocking over whatever he can get his little paws on, a few minutes ago he was climbing the shower curtain--gee, do you think the outdoor cat has been inside too many days in a row????
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Oh my you ladies are chatty! I only have a minute. I will have to catch up later. I am with you all on the no sleep and back ache thing! Really sucks!
to all those feeling less than perfect!
Leslie~ Sorry to hear about Hazel. Wish I could help. I hope she is well enough very soon so she can be home with you!
I gotta run finish cooking dinner but I will check in in the morning (if I can keep up!! )
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Originally Posted by shannon0218
Hi all, first, Lesley, I'm so sorry she didn't pass again, you've been through so much and it will all be so much better when you have her home with you. , and an extra for Mellie, this must be so hard for a little one to understand! There is a store around here called the Super Baby Safety Store, I just checked their website adn they don't have what you're looking for listed, but I'll call them tomorrow morning and see if they have it, worst case, I can go buy it and ship it overnight to you and you can just send me a check.
Shannon, That is the sweetest thing ever! But first of all, it sounds like you really need to lay down tomorrow, all day! And second, we went ahead and ordered one online and paid for overnight shipping, and we're just praying that it arrives by Thursday (that gives them 2 days processing time, so hopefully it will be enough).

I just feel like I wish there was something I could do to make this process go faster, and obviously, I can't. It's just sucky to feel so powerless.

Shannon, I really hope that you're okay. I'm getting worried about you, and being in so much pain. I look forward to the day that Molly is safely in your arms and your recovery can begin. ((((giant hug-but a gentle one))))
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Leslie, I'm so sorry you can't bring Hazel home yet. There's a Burlington Coat Factory about an hour and a half from me. I called them and after huffy B lady had to get off her duff and look for me they do not have one. I'm sorry. She said that it is not a commonly stocked item once I described it to her. I hope you find one. Good luck getting BCF to work with you...I've never been overly impressed with their customer service and this lady was the perfect image of their customer service team.

My day brightened up slightly. I had a few crappy things happen (dog got into the litter box and had a snack) but overall the day evened out. I went and visited my friend and brought her some acidopholus. I got to hold the baby again and it was so wonderful. He's just beautiful. He's slightly jaundiced so he just wants to sleep. She said she has to wake him up to feed him or else he'd just sleep all day. He's just so precious. I can't wait to have my little boy!

Joy I'm glad you came out with some stuff that you wanted. People keep asking me "what do you need" but I don't really need anything. I have everything I can think of and I can't really think of anything else...besides really expensive stuff that I can't ask other people to spend their money on. I really want to get a maya sling. I have one that my friend made me and she sent me her copy of the DVD that comes with it, but I'd still like to get an actual maya sling. I also want a New Native sling. I also want some AIOs, but I don't want to have someone spend $$$ just to find out that I don't like the system. It's all stuff I want to buy a sample and try out before I invest the money. Oh well. I guess I'll do a registry at Target or something.

Hope you guys have a good night and get some sleep. I'm going to brew some tea and run a hot bath. I plan on soaking away the residual effects of a crummy day and eat some chocolate. Now I just have to decide what I want...Lindt Lindor Truffles or Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge ice cream. Decisions, decisions...I think I'll have a little bit of both.
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Hi gals. Gosh, we all seem to be suffering in one way or another! The last month of pregnancy is always so difficult!

I went to the GD specialist today and had sonogram #3. They think the baby is about 7 Lbs 12oz now and will be somewhere around 8.5 lbs in 2 weeks when I have my c-section. My son was 9lbs 2oz but he came at 41 weeks! She will be a big girl if they are right. They want me to come back for one more sonogram next week but I don't want to. I feel that 3 is more than enough. She will be as big as she will be so why go through another sonogram? I feel that there can be side-effects from them and I don't want to risk another one just for them to make more money off my insurance. Am I being silly? I don't know...just don't feel comfortable with it.

I got a nap today but have not felt like eating much. I have only gained 14 pounds thus far but it looks like I have gained 40 I am so huge!

I'd write personals to everyone but I need to clean my kitchen or mold will start growing on my dirty dishes I keep piling up!

Love and hugs to everyone!
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I just realized...

I'm 6 posts away from being a senior member. Any name ideas?
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Hmmm, well, when Steve and I talk about "the board", he calls you "Early Bird"
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Shann, That's totally funny, because if I had my way (and no alarm clocks) i'd sleep until noon every day! How I became a teacher, I'll never know...
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You mean you get to give yourself a name when you become a senior member? hmmmm...

Lesley - so sorry Hazel isn't home with you yet. ((((HUGE HUGS))) to you and your family. I hope she can come home with you on Thursday.

Free Thinker - haven't checked your other post, but my thoughts are with you! Hang in there, baby and mama!

Oh Shannon...! Please, please, please angels and powers that be - please cast a protective shield over our Shannon, let her get true rest and comfort and healing before Molly is born!

Suz - go with your gut. If you don't want another one, don't do it. Will it change anything in the plan if you get another one?

So I had a mw appt today. I was told I shouldn't get too cozy with my La-z-boy at this stage...that being reclined encourages baby to lie posterior. It's ok for short periods of time, but to counter it with time sitting with my pelvis forward, as on the the birthing ball.

Baby's head is still down, everything still normal (bp, urine strip, etc).

Need a snack - will have it while sitting on my ball...hope everyone has a good sleep! Special thoughts to Lesley - soon Hazel will be home with you for every night.
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Suz, I have to go for one more U/S before my c-section but no more than that (last one was Dec 29. I failed my GTT, not by much but when I discussed it with my doctor she felt that because of the c-section we didn't have to get anal about size, her only concern was that I eat fairly low sugar/high protein for 48-72 hrs before surgery so Molly doesn't have a blood sugar issue. So if they only want to do it for size, I'd say your gut instinct is right.

After 30 min with a hot water bottle on my uterus things seem to have softened a bit and relaxed. My main concern earlier was that my uterus was SOOOO hard and it wouldn't budge, now things are feeling more normal.

Question for all.... When you're washing baby clothes, do you use a fabric softener?? Because of my skin sensitivities I only have/use unscented and gentle stuff, but I just wondered about it for her.

Thanks in Advance--oh yeah, I'm sorting baby clothes right now--woo hooo--and yes, I'm doing it from the couch
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Shannon - you aren't supposed to use fabric softener on baby clothes. I was told to use vinegar. I just filled up my fabric softener holder with half vinegar/half water and let it go. The clothes came out soft. I did cheat and put half a dryer sheet in there with them though.
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I don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets ever, however, I have heard that dryer sheets can cause ear infections. The little flakes can stay on the clothes and get into the ears. Anyway, everyone that I know that uses dryer sheets alot has kids with ear infections. May just be coincidance, though.
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Alrighty then, no fabric softener for the wee one
dh thinks I'm nuts cause I'm washing clothes are technically clean--but who knows what was used to get them that way--you know??
Ok, I gotta clear the couch of baby clothes and go to bed and hope against all hope that I can sleep--cause if I can't get sleep, I fear I will start killing off dogs one by one, and I'll start with Bedlam since she can't seem to stop shedding--I'm considering shaving her bald--and I mean with shaving cream and a razor--she'd still find a way to leave fur everywhere I'm sure
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Shannon -
we are under STRICT instructiosn from the midwife to wash EVERYTHING that wil touch baby (down to the sheets on our bed, my nighties, Rod's t-shirts, all blankies, all baby clothes... ) in DREFT or Ivory Snow because all the other detergents contribute to baby acne.

So, I put some shower pictures out at www.snapfish.com (login = joywhitcomb@mail.com, pw = joywhitcomb) - including the funky cool diaper cake...
And in the baby room section there's pics of my homemade drapes with the dr seuss fabric traci helpd me find. (and more belly pics in the belly pic album)
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Joy, your baby room is soooooooo cute! You are so talented! You really have been busy with everything!

I also think your dog is adorable!

Just had to comment after looking at the pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I need to find an online website for pictures! Helps so much to have faces to put with names - Lesley, Shannon, and Joy are the only ones I can picture when I read their posts!
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Suz - thanks..... most of the baby room is the product my true OCD with this nesting thing... its been amazing (tho Traci says i'm just anal retentive - she's right, but pregnancy has made it worse... much worse). the dog... we'll he's just the epitome of cuteness... and unfortunately he knows it. its really funny.

now i have to see if DH's friend will leave already so i can go to bed. WAH
but at least my thank you notes are done.... (what'd i say about OCD, huh....)

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oh ladies, i hate to start out another day of sharing our misery, but i know you all are the only one's who'll understand. Trying to sleep at night has become the hardest thing. Turns out I've developed PUPPPs, this horrible itchy red rash that starts on the tummy and spreads, and the only way to get rid of it is delivery. There's that, and tonight my body is just hurting like crazy, my sides, my back, my hips... and i'm full of gas that won't seem to pass. OUCH. So i'm up drinking tea and comiserating. I'm just disappointed that it's going to be so hard for me to just ENJOY these last days and weeks of being pregnant. I has been an easy time up until now, so i have that to be grateful for. Anyways, i'm hoping it won;t be long. I'll be 36 weeks on wednesday, and for twins getting to 36 weeks isn't bad, it isn't premature, and i'll be able to have my homebirth.
Well i hope everyone else is having a more restful night than i, and i thank you for being understanding sisters as we all get closer and closer.
Blessings, Eliza
HOmebirthing Momma to twins EDD 2/9/05
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Awww, Eliza, I hear pupps is just horrible, I HATE to be itchy, just hate it.
Well ladies, it's 2 am and I'm up and sitting at this stupid computer I just don't know what I can do to get to sleep, My body hurts so much from that fall I took and I'm just laying there being miserable.
I got up hoping that maybe a piece of bread and butter would enable me to fall asleep, so I've finished that and I'm going to try sleeping once again.
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Well, here I am again..... I've been laying in my bed for about an hour...awake since I woke up to go potty and then couldn't get back to sleep. It's 2:15 am now. What is up? I've been having such a hard time trying to turn off my brain. I'll be lying there, thinking of the projects I need to do or a song will be playing loudly in my mind. Some people say that (especially the end of PG) the insomnia that you experence is just preparing you for when the baby arrives.... I disagree. When Chloe arrived, I slept so much better! She slept with me so I didn't have to get up to nurse her when she woke. She pretty much only woke up about 2 times a night (which was far better than my PG getting up to pee 5 to 8 times)

I've got to go to Walmart to get fabric for both Chloe's and Sofia's room. I'll do that today. I also need to order the snug tuck pillow. I can't remember who on this thread told me about it, but thank you again. I was stressing about our sleeping arrangement for quite some time due to having 4 in the bed (king) and having a double pillow top (firm) mattress that won't work with any bed rail that I have seen.

oh, I have had more eye lash infections this PG than I have ever had in my life. It doesn't matter if I wear make up or not or whether I put on moisturizer or not when they develope. My skin is ultra sensitive during PG. I don't shave my legs or underarms very often during PG #1 it's hard to reach my legs without feeling like I'm standing on my head #2 I get razor rash bad whether I have a brand new one or not. Strange ......Just thought I'd share that with you all.

Ok ... I've run out of things to talk about for the time being. I may post again if I think of more things. I'm going to order my snug tuck and clean up the scattered toys and Chloe's room. I hope to get tired and go back to sleep. Wish me luck! I hope everyone else is cozy in their beds asleep now. Take care!

Love, Tricia
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Lousli, glad that you ordered the car seat on line. Hope it gets to you by Thursday. Then you can take your little angel home where she belongs.
I do agree with Monica that BCF are not that great in the Customer Service department, but I would have driven to both of them for you.
Well hope that you all had a good nights sleep and are feeling rested today.
I feel asleep at 9pm last night and woke up at 6am, so I am glad that I am rested. Have lots to do today, including taking a 15lb kitty to the vet in a heavy carrier and a squirmy 2 year old in tow. Hmm, should be interesting!!!
Shannon, hope that you have a better day and your body is feeling better.
Hugs to you all ladies xx Jasmine
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