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Forward facing car seat configurations?

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Well, I'm just about ready to turn my twins forward facing. They most definitely meet the requirements and it's getting really hard on my back and arms to keep lifting them into the van through the trunk.

Ok, so my question. How would you set up the seats? We have a van. It's got 2 captain's chairs in the middle row and a bench seat at the back. Currently, we have my 2.5 year old in one of the captain's seats (still in a car seat) and the boys on the bench seat (we go through the trunk/liftgate area to get them in and out). I would like it to be fairly easy to get everyone in and out without having to do a lot of climbing in and out of the van myself, if possible.

Thanks so much!
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I would say put the two babies in the front (captain's seat) and the 2.5 yr. old in the back. It would be easier for the 2.5 yr old to climb into his seat than the babies. My neighbor has twins who are one and another little boy who isn't quite two yet and this is how she sets her car seats up.
Good Luck and in the end it is whatever works best for you.
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Warning - we just turned DD around yesterday - it took 2 of us 45 minutes to get just ar seat properly installed with the "easy" LATCH system. So allow plenty of time! (Today, DH woke up with a stiff back from all the contorsions it took, too!)

(I too would put the babies in the captain's seats.)

Or, if you can switch the seats around, maybe put the bench seat in the second row & the captain's seats in the third??
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I would put all 3 in the back, because the captain's chairs tip forward pretty nicely so that you can put one knee on the floor board and get them in and out.
But you can't tip them forward with carseats in them to unbuckle your 2yo.
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