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feeling.... psychedelic?

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I am in my 39th week...first pregnancy. My baby's head has been engaged for two weeks now. For the last few days I have been feeling very strange...I will try to describe. I feel as though I am mildly hallucinating ...I am more senstive to sound and light...and just the experience of walking the planet. The best word I can think of is "psychedelic."

Today I tried to explain this to my midwife. However (I live in Germany) I really couldn't get her to understand...perhaps it's a matter of us having different first languages. I feel like my baby is going to be here very soon...within days. But my midwife exclaimed that she knows my baby and it will not be here for 3 weeks or so. She laughed and told me "all first-time mothers think that." I really wish she attempted to nurture my instincts a little more.

Have any of you ever experienced these "trippy" feelings? Or, experienced the days leading up tp labor and the birth as a very psychedelic experience?
I must admit that my favorite book thus far on birth is Ina's "Spiritual Midwifery..."
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Sounds like fun!
Guess we'll see who was right soon enough, you or the midwife.
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