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I just told one of my friends...

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and she said, "better you than me." Um, yes, since I want kids and you don't, it IS better me than you. Whatever happened to "Congrats! I'm so happy for you!!"

Isn't being friends with someone supposed to make you excited for the things that they are excited for? At least, that's how I thought it worked.
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That's a pretty shitty response.

Dh made me tell our mutual best friend and she didn't seem that happy at first. I think maybe it was some sort of jealousy. I dunno. Then she got a little happier, I think.
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How aweful! There's nothing like a friend being happy and supportive ... and that was nothing like a friend being happy and supportive!!!

We're telling my parents tonight at Tuesday Night Sunday School (at church). It should be interesting. Luckily Pastor and many church families will be there, so they can't act too shocked, disappointed, etc. :LOL
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I told a former co-worker last week. She stops by after work occasionally, and since she knows we were ttc, her first question is, "Are you pregnant?" I was kind of shocked into a yes. So anyhow, she jumps right in and says that she is, too. When I asked when she was due, it's three days before my edd. But here's the kicker....she won't be late until 1/16, and she hasn't tested! She's acting pregnant, according to her dh. I guess it's some kind of a race, in her mind. I congratulated her, but wtf?!
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Best wishes to all as you decide when to tell whom...

My DH and I struggled with when to tell whom and how, etc. There isn't a perfect time is there? DH reminded me that it would be difficult for us to tell just some of our friends because our social circles are all entwined, if YKWIM. We live in a city of about 800,000, but it feels more like 10,000!

From my charting calculations, our due date is around Sept 6th, and though this is pretty early to share the news, we wanted to share our excitement with our family and dear friends; Friends who knew we had been ttc for several months and who we would ask to pray for us if miscarriage or complications should arise.

My parents, the emotional outgoing side of the family, were pleased, but quickly warned not to tell anyone. Of course, my mother had already filled up a closet with baby things through age 6 in expectation of their first grandchild! My husband's side of the family, the quiet, never-talk-more-than-3-minutes-on-the-phone-side of the family, were esctatic. Our 3 brothers and a sister-in-law were equally thrilled.

Next, we told my best friends who were over on Saturday night. They all jumped up, gave us both a hug and offered words of encouragement.

We are members of a really tight Sunday school class of other young-er couples. We share our most vulnerable prayer requests within this group, and since a number of our closest friends in town are also in this group, we decided to share the pregnancy with them too. This time, the entire room burst with cheers and congrats --- followed by hugs all around.

I will wait to tell my collegaues at grad school until probably around March, when the questions of, "So,what are you doing after graduation?" grow incessant.

In the mean time, I am eating saltines and drinking lots of water
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