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Has anyone heard of Arbonne? A friend wants to get me started. it's a makeup/skin care all natural type thing.

Any info?
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I use the stuff for the past several years. It is a swiss company and their stuff is all natural and really quite good. I love it! It is expensive. My cousin gives me her consultant discount of about 33% off the retail price. I have considered doing it but have just moved to a new area where I do not know many people.
You definitely would want to have access to a client base that can afford it. Then they will lead you to others, of course. It is all in-home presentations and can be quite fun too. Check out theri web site arbonne.com (I think)
Best of luck-
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Just want to say that I recently discovered their product and I really like them! I'm considering signing up to save money on my own purchases

FWIW, we live in an economically depressed, rural area, and my consultant does well. She does some internet sales as well.

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I signed up last June. I immediately got one of their websites-If I were to do it again, I would wait until I was more familiar with the products and had sold some to friends and family. Out of the over 10,000 people I have had at my website, only 2 have made a purchase. Most just wanted samples.
I have only sold a few products to family and friends and not one reordered.
I myself, like and use their makeup products. With the 35% discount their prices aren't much higher than those at the drugstore.
As far as being all natural, I was disappointed when I got my starter kit and found Q15 in the face cream. The explaination I got was that they use the best that science and nature combined have to offer.-that formaldehyde at their level isn't harmful.
If you know many people and don't have a problem with doing parties, you could probably do well because the products are more natural than Mary Kay or Avon.And they are less known so there is less competition. .Just make sure that your friend is going to be there to support you and help you through your first few parties.
Good Luck!
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Dear Ladies,

I have done this type of skin care, demonstration, you name it. I am a talker and a real go getter. And unless you have family and many many friend, that are willing to buy from you. You may find your self buying this kit and end up not selling enough to pay for the kit. I have been working on finding a way to make extra money and I think that I have found it. So if you or anyone else are interested in hearing a little more about it then just email me and I will email you back with the info. This is for real as my daughter says. You can trust me I am a mother of 5 and paying for all they need is a full time job. You can email me at poohsmomof5@yahoo.com.

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Arbonne is an incredible business opportunity. Being with the company for just 3 yrs and earning my Mercedes I should know. I am a stay at home mom making 6 figures now. My husband was able to retire from his corporate position and now is a stay at home dad with me. Without any sales experience, I started without a warm market and then moved midway in my career to another state where I didn't know a soul. If you want something bad enough you will work for it. Just know this, the people that you know today are not the people who will make you successful in the future.
My biggest reward of becoming an Arbonne consultant is that I help make a difference for others in health and wellness. I have had the pleasure of making a difference in a many womens lives. Especially one who was an international flight attendant wanting to be home with her children. She only wanted to make enough to pay for her health insurance. Since joining me in Arbonne two years ago she is retired from the airline and is now making an enormous income and has touched many womens lives to do the same. Arbonne is about more than selling products. It is a personal growth company.
Really thank that friend who told you about Arbonne and embark on a business opportunity of a lifetime. You will never regret it!!
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I just started with Arbonne and absolutely love it!! I think the products are wonderful and the company and income oppurtunity is just amazing!! I truly believe now is the time to get into this buisness!! It is really starting to take off and I believe that it will be a household name pretty soon. I am first step district Manager and just started 4 weeks ago, so it has already been pretty amazing for me. I am hoping to finish up this month, I live in WA and there is no one here so there is just so much potential!!
If you have any questiosn I would love to help you! Just send me a PM. One thing that really got me to join was just reading all the incredible eye on arbonne stories of people that started and made it to National Vice President so quickly. The potential is definitley there!!
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I would recommend that you absolutely go for it! Our Arbonne team doesn't do home parties, and we are very successful. I agree that this is a great time to get in on this company.
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How did you do it. I mean I have been in the "business" for over a year and have done nothing but lose $$$. All the new product lines aer more costly than the ones they are replacing and all I ever hear is that it is too expensive. My problem is I agree. Ugh. The other issue is I really don't have anything to strive for besides bigger % back from more builders. I don't/won't drive a foreign car. Humm. So far it has been a ripoff for me.
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You aren't alone. I lost money too and didn't renew. I have since started my own private label skin care line which I sell in my ebay store for 1/4 of Arbonne prices -and I make some money, not a great deal, but it's something and it's growing.

I also sell toys and baby products for a fairly new direct sales company which has no quotas, minimums, required purchase etc. No charges to grow a downline and make commissions from their sales either.

Yes, Arbonne says they don't have any quotas, which is what I was told by the woman who enrolled me, then I find out you had to maintain sales of at least $100.00 per month to grow a team. Which is the norm. Most companies do have a minimum of some kind.

My point is there are a few direct sales companies out there that you buy your kit and don't have to buy anything else so you can work at your pace and not have to worry about losing money.

I would cut my loses and find something different. If you think the prices are too high, you aren't going to be able to sell effectively.
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Arbonne is a great opportunity, but much of one's success depends on the support of your upline. I personally know many women who have made it to the top, even some of the women with more "infamous" Arbonne success stories. I also know women who have worked their rears off but had little to no support from their uplines and struggled terribly. So, if you know you've got a great support system (even above your sponsor), totally go for it!

As far as it being natural, it's borderline. But many products that are promoted as natural are much like that. I had trouble with some of the ingredients listed because the logo is "Pure, Safe & Beneficial."

There are more natural opportunities in up & coming MLM & multi-channel marketing companies. Anyone can PM me if you want more information about that.

Brightest Blessings!
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IMHO the prices are too high....
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Super Work at Home Mom - Including Arbonne

I too am an Arbonne Consultant and I have had great success with this business. I also own my own online business and own a stroller franchise...so I have a lot of experience with home based businesses. Let me first tell you that any network marketing company that has consumable products, should be a definite go getter. Network marketing is really making leaps and bounds in the retail business, so jump on the bandwagon with a good company when you can. As for Arbonne products, I think they are cheaper than department store skin care or cosmetic products. As a former Borghese skin care user I know how expensive it is. Arbonne is a fabulous company and anyone who has a not so supportive upline is going to struggle in this business. I have never had a party and I am first step district manager after 3 weeks in this business. My team does not hold parties, we build our businesses through networking. Just a note that Arbonne is for my future income, the stroller business will be sold when my children are out of their strollers and my online business will either be sold or shut down once I can no longer test and use the products I sell.

If someone is concerned about losing money, please don't start your own business from scratch or buy into a franchise because you will really have something to complain about! I still have not recouped my investment from my online business and my franchise has ONLY recouped the money because were the first stroller fitness program in our state. Also, in network marketing, you really should not be putting out that $100.00 a month until you are at least 2 wide and 3 deep (per 2) otherwise you will be losing money. Do your homework before starting a business and I suggest learning more about network marketing by reading these books: The 45 Second Presentation that Will Save Your Life by Don Failla & Dare to Dream, Work to Win by Tom Barrett. These books will give you more insight on network marketing, how the system works and how to succeed....then give Arbonne another shot! Good Luck in home business endeavors
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I was introduced to Arbonne just last week, I was really impressed with the RE9 line. I signed up this week.

I'm looking forward to enjoying my 35% discount on the products, and building a team with some other sahms.

I really like that our team doesn't do home parties, I've tried 2 other network marketing companies before. I found that even with $500- $1000 in sales per party- I put in a whole lot of time, effort and expense to get there. I was averaging less than minimum wage with the scrapbooking company! lol

The cosmetics company offered a great comission, but you have to handle each order so many times, it's really not an effective system. You had to get the order, put it in the consultant system, add it to your wholesale order, and then once it came in you had to divvy up the stuff and then either drive around town to deliver or schlep it to the post office to mail it off. um... lots of hours- I'd rather be with my kids.

I'm all for working smarter- rather than harder- so Arbonne seemed like a wonderful idea to me. I really love that clients can order from the website and you earn money without having to spend any of your own time processing the transaction. That's saving me so many steps, and I am really excited about spending more time on the things I enjoy and less time on the paperwork/ backend aspect of a business.

From my past experience in mlms, I have to say that it is imperative that you meet as much of your upline as you can before you sign on. I made that mistake with the other cosmetics company, and I'm passing this along so hopefully no one else has to deal with a fakey.

It's great if you like your sponsor, but if you don't care for your director it makes it a whole lot harder to want to succeed in a business.
Especially if you're anticipating contact from that person when you do well!:

Good luck,
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Hi, I was so excited to find a way to reach people out of my little town about Arbonne. I have used Arbonne for 3 years and do LOVE the products. I am a stay at home mother of three girls. I use the RE9 line and my skin looks and feels better. My neice was using proactive with no luck and now uses the acne line that Arbonne offers with great success! Her skin is beautiful. I have also used the baby line. I have a beautiful 4 year old with great skin (even prior to the Arbonne line) but my youngest who will be three in November had horrible eczema. We tried the prescription Elidel with success but I hated putting that all over her tiny body every day. So, I tried the baby line and we know have a little spot of eczema here and there on occasion. I also have an 11 year old. Fortunatly, her skin hasnt changed, but I can see it will happen soon!

I had many people approach me to get into Arbonne as a business, but I never did. I never liked having the parties. I felt like I was trying to rope in my friends and family. In August of this year, a distant relative on my husbands side wanted to discuss a business venture she was in and I hesitantly told her "I will listen, but I wont do it". That was all she needed!!

The approach she used was different. The team she was on did Arbonne differently also...... and very successfully. These women, and men... yes men, are reaching the top levels of Arbonne quickly and without killing themselves trying to sell the product.

Arbonne is very well known in my community. In Oklahoma everyone knows what it is and has tried it at one time or another. But even with the saturation here, I made it to District Manager in 3 weeks and anticipate 1st Step Area in the next month. When I show this plan to women who have tried to make a business out of Arbonne previously and failed, they get excited again about Arbonne.

If you are out there saying "to good to be true", then just email me or pm me. I would love to help anyone become successful. I feel I am really offering an opprotunity to anyone with 30 minutes to just listen, not buy. If you feel like you have heard it all before, I would really urge you to make an informed decision by listening .....
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BEEN THERE! I signed up because of the 100% hypoalergenic factor, Mary Kay is highly allergenic and I was having trouble using it for photo sessions... you don't want a clients face to erupt before a shoot.

I think it is like any MLM, its all about if you are a salesperson at heart. I am not. I spent over $600 for the Re9 kit, and stuff to use on clients and at parties, and myself. I did a party which was a LOT of work and did horribly. I also have a problem selling out my friends. Which , Im sorry, is what you are doing in any MLM. Most of the time your friends are buying not because they saw it in a store and had to have it, but because they care about you and don't want to look like a shmuck. Yes, it is good quality stuff, but it is more expensive that what I would normally buy and probably most of your friends.

What MLMs fail to tell you is that the majority of their sales are not to customers, but to the salespeople. They normally have a slogan of something like "become the product". If you use it, then you can really recommend it. Ha. Funny trick! My upline works her butt off but only seems to make enough to pay for what she buys herself.

So, all in all, yes good products, could possibly be more natural but a lot better than most junk out there. Yes, their makeup is great and wears well. BUT IF YOU ARE NOT A SALESPERSON AT HEART YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED! If you can avoid the main pitfall of spending all you earn on product for yourself, you can make money doing it.
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I used to be a "business builder" as they call it, but I live in the wrong area for expensive cosmetics. Wrong demographic.

Anyway, I just re-signed up to be a wholesale buyer because I LIKE the products (no mineral oil) and don't want to pay full price. If I happen to sign someone up under me, then so be it. It's not my main focus though.

I'm not familiar with the newer product lines, so I'll have to give them a run before I make up my mind. I liked the old bio m@tte line, and I'm not sure about the new AI stuff. I have really oily skin.
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Originally Posted by JenniferH View Post

Anyway, I just re-signed up to be a wholesale buyer because I LIKE the products (no mineral oil) and don't want to pay full price. If I happen to sign someone up under me, then so be it. It's not my main focus though.
Ditto! I am an Arbonne consultant with a website, and have signed on a few people. I like most of the products (agree that they are expensive!) , but the RE9 line has been a godsend to me. I used to have the worst adult acne, but since I started the RE9 line, my acne has been almost non existant!

I have an awesome upline, but haven't been able to bring myself to become a business builder just yet. The good news is, there is no minimum to buy to continue to be a consultant, so I can enjoy my wholesale price without actually having to sell to anyone, and I don't have to spend any more than I want to.

Like the others have said, if you want more info on Arbonne, let me know via pm or email!
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I am in the pro-Arbonne camp, as well. I have seen many "regular" people make it to the top because they believed they could. Like a pp said, a good upline is key. You are not "selling out" friends, you are offering them a way to change their lives. My birthmom came to me with this opportunity because she knew it was the only way that I could become financially free while being a full-time mom. She doesn't need my money.

Also, salespeople mostly fail at this business. They have a "selling" mindset, when you need a "teaching" mindset. Selling is much more work.

Someone gave me some very wise advice once, and that was to listen to the people who have made it to where you want to be. For so long, I listened to all the "dream stealers" that were stuck in the same situation that I was in. As I read through the posts, I noticed that most of the naysayers' posts are negative and come from a mindset of scarcity, while the pro-Arbonne posts are positive and encouraging. We have nothing to gain financially from spending time encouraging you, we simply want to help people (esp. mama's)to see that network marketing is a viable way to earn an income.

Good Luck!
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I have heard only very positive things about the Arbonne products, but not about the sales aspect. I'm sure if it were not a great product, it would not be so popular, I suppose?
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