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I agree completely, Maddysmama!! As I said, I used the products for a few years before I began a business. And, I am not comfortable selling products, whether they are cooking products, scrapbooking products or skin care. But, luckily, Arbonne now has a way to work the business and succeed for everyone. You can sell it if that is what you like and what your family and friends enjoy, or you can teach the people you speak with how to share this business with others and earn an excellent income. So, it is wonderful for mommies!

And, I wanted to let Iamalwaysreading know that I do believe in the products. I think they are wonderful and the amount of people using the product along with the growth of the company in 2005 alone shows that the product is great!
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Hi ladies I have tried the line and love the resultes it has given me. I use the facial productes and the baby line. My skin looks great. I am know a business consultant for Arbonne. If any of you live in Arizona and would like to host a party I well bring all the productes for you to try. Oh I also use the chews there to help decress your hunger. I love them. This company has turned out to be a really great company everyone is so nice and willing to help out with the parties and what ever else you need so you never feel alone. I can safley say I have found a real stay at home business that is not a scam. You can come in with just 29.00$ or you can get all the goods and come in as a business partner its all up to you. You still make money. If any of you would like a online presentation I can send it to you. email me on my personal email @ abelondo@yahoo.com
Edna Salazar
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Originally Posted by maddysmama View Post
You are not "selling out" friends, you are offering them a way to change their lives. My birthmom came to me with this opportunity because she knew it was the only way that I could become financially free while being a full-time mom. She doesn't need my money.

Also, salespeople mostly fail at this business. They have a "selling" mindset, when you need a "teaching" mindset. Selling is much more work.

As I read through the posts, I noticed that most of the naysayers' posts are negative and come from a mindset of scarcity, while the pro-Arbonne posts are positive and encouraging. We have nothing to gain financially from spending time encouraging you, we simply want to help people (esp. mama's)to see that network marketing is a viable way to earn an income.

Good Luck!

well said
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I say stay away!!
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Thanks, Vanessa! Best wishes in growing your successful business.
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