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2 very strange dreams

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Two nights in a row had these two very strange dreams:

1. I ran a marathon and finished in 3 hrs 53 minutes (remember the time exactly). When I finished I was not out of breath or tired in the least, it just felt like I had walked from here to the refrigerator. What's so strange about it is that I am NOT a runner as a matter of fact it is just about my least favorite exercise! I'm looking at this dream in a positive manner and decided that it's how long I'm going to be in labor

2. The very next night I had a dream that the baby arrived, that I did not remember one single moment of the whole labor & delivery process and the baby was TINY as in about 6 inches long, like a tiny doll or something but was fully formed and healthy. The weird part was I remember trying to breast feed this little mini-baby!

Anyone else have any doozies they'd like to share???
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Nope, no strange dreams for me. I'm good if I get sleep! :LOL
You'll have to let us know how long your labor is!! I am very interested in knowing if it's 3hrs 53min!!! And as for the 2nd dream, maybe your baby will be 6lbs! Who knows! haha. Be sure and let us know!!!
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Not with this pregnancy, but I had really weird ones with dd. About once a trimester I'd get this dream where I could see her body parts as they strectched my belly. Like, she was rolling over, her arm and hand would thrust outward, stretching my skin and showing her little body part. She wasn't trying to break out, but her little body parts were getting more defined as she grew into being a person. It was a very sci-fi, almost borderline horror dream at first. But they became my "updates" since I kept having them as time went on. Each time, details became more clear, and I could "see" how she was developing.
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My DH is a HUGE SciFi fan, and probably his all time favorites are the series of "Alien" movies. So, of course, we have been watching them lately and when the creature emerges from people's chest he come over to my belly and imitates it quite well I'm surprised that has not given me NIGHTMARES!
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My big kid of a husband would do something similar. I'd just smack him.
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