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Every time I go to the bathroom, I check my underwear for spotting, check the toilet paper for spotting, etc. Every time my nausea goes away for a while, I get worried. I haven't been this paranoid during pregnancy since I got pregnant with Alex (now 6 years old!) 3 weeks after having a miscarriage. Why am I so paranoid this time around? Argh. And I was hoping for a beautiful, peaceful, happy pregnancy!
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Well, if you are paranoid, I am too . I can't help it -- I already had a bit of spotting and so now I am pretty on edge about it. I check too -- all the time (I even drink tons of water so I'll have to pee all the time and have a chance to check : ) Oh well, at least I know I am not alone!
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I have not spotted but I check too! It's a scary thing even though in most cases it can mean nothing
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Another checker here! It seems like that's all I can think about, and it's never crossed my mind before this pregnancy.
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I think I may have figured out why I'm so paranoid...I've never known I was pregnant this early before. In the past I have found out I was pg only when 6 weeks pg or over. I feel like I have sooooo long to go before I'll feel *safe* about this pregnancy. I also won't be having an ultrasound to confirm and date this pregnancy as I have had with previous pregnancies (with Alex I had a miscarriage and never got af afterwards so didn't know when I conceived, with Zachary and Haley I was nursing and had looong cycles and wasn't paying attention to fertility signals) and I think knowing that I won't have visual confirmation that there's someone in there is a bit scary for me.
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I also check every time and I think I did the same thing with ds. I didn't know I was pg with him until I was 6 weeks or so, which was nice b/c I didn't have as much time to worry. Sort of wish I didn't know so early with this one either but I charted.
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I check too...mainly because I don't have any symptoms other than cramping... It's freaking me out!
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I check too. I had bleeding problems when I was pg with Connor and was on 'light duty' for awhile. I'm paranoid the same thing will happen again. I worry more this time because I'm doing more now than I did before because of my toddler. Plus, I was a student last time around so I was pretty spoiled as far as napping and not having to do things. I don't know what the heck I'll do this time if the same thing happens.
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