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Poll Results: How often do you wash your sheets?

  • 0% (1)
    We don't use 'em
  • 1% (2)
    You're supposed to wash them? We just sweep'n'sleep
  • 0% (1)
  • 1% (2)
    Twice a year
  • 5% (10)
  • 43% (83)
  • 37% (73)
  • 0% (0)
  • 6% (12)
    Other; please feel free to elaborate
  • 4% (9)
    When unfortunate diaper/potty training accidents occur (often)
193 Total Votes  
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I voted monthly, but it's often just a bit more than that... like every 3 weeks or so. After an illness for sure, and if anything gets all over them. I cannot stand anything crumbly feeling on my sheets.. ick.
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i voted monthly, but try for every two weeks
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i checked other i wash them every 4 days
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I picked monthly. :

I used to do it weekly, but I got lazy.
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Did you see the Oprah show? IT was way gross- so now I am trying to wash them once a week at least!
But it is about every other week.
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I voted monthly too. Probably every 3 weeks though, unless the little whitish spots all over start to bother me I just dont care that much. LOL It gets covered up by our duvet so no one can see it :LOL . I dont mind the little invisable parasites, as long as I dont see them or feel them, who cares. LOL
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I voted "Other" because frankly, it's when I remember to. Sometimes that's every 2 weeks, sometimes it's every month, sometimes every 6 weeks, sometimes twice a week. I know, I'm probably gross.

My ex didn't have sheets on his bed at all and that weirded me out for life, though. He didn't even realize that people put sheets on their bed. That was many, many years ago, but this thread made me flashback to his no-sheet self.
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For my own bed I wash every 2 - 4 weeks. If I go beyond 4 weeks I'd start to feel itchy. Plus I always wash after AF. I ask DH to change his sheets every two weeks otherwise it smells so strong and won't get clean in a single wash. For the kids, whenever I feel like it or when they made it dirty. We definitely need to buy more sheets.

Question: do you all wash mattress pads and duvet covers as frequently as washing sheets?
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i voted weekly, but sometimes it's several times a week if baby has an accident! never more infrequently than weekly though. i love slipping into bed to freshly cleaned sheets are if they are still warm from the dryer even better!!
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I gotta say, I like the second choice in your poll though. That was pretty close to dh's motto before we moved in together "When the sheets need to be vacuumed, it's time to wash them". ROFL
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I voted monthly, but really it's more like every 2-3 weeks. If I walk into a room and I can smell that "sleepy" smell, it's past time to wash those sheets! I would love to do it weekly, but so far have not built up the discipline.

Other bedding...anything that touches our skin while we sleep gets washed as frequently as the sheets (like my body pillow cover). Things that are outside the sheets (duvet covers, blankets, mattress covers) get washed less frequently, whenever I think they need it.

This thread has me thinking of that "goaty" smell that college boys' dorm rooms have. Bleah. I think I knew some guys who never changed their sheets all semester. Grody.
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We dont use a top sheet. We hate them. LOL So we usually wash the duvet cover the same time as the sheets. The mattress pad I only wash like every third time, unless ds peed in our bed or something.
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Probably every month, but I'd like to think it's more often. In college I had 2 sets and put one set on top of the other. Every so often I'd just peel up the top layers and have fresh sheets underneath. I thought I was so inventive and practical!
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I have to damitt, I only was them when i feel like they are starting to get grungy... hmI guess that might be groass. I would hazzard to guess about every other month... hm now that I read this I might have to start doing it about every month! I guess the biggest different would be that we do not cosleep.
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thanks crayon for giving me the courage to post my answer. i voted 2x/year although it's a little more now that we're cosleeping. we actually don't have sheets, we have a comforter underneath and another one on top. ds sleeps on a baby quilt which we wash every 3 weeks or so. it's never seemed like a big deal to me either. they don't smell, so i figure they can't be too bad.
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Originally Posted by aisling
I chose other because I fall into the "every other week" category. I'd do them more often if I had laundry facilities available to me all the time.
This is us too. We have to use a communal laundry room (live in an apt. complex). When I get my own w/d , it will be weekly.
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Every week. (Flylady routine = mondays!) Before flylady, tho, I could go for months without remembering... in high school, I'm sure I changed them every other month, or whenever my mom forced me too.

But my GOSH, isn't it just heavenly to have clean sheets? If I go longer than a week and a half without changing the sheets now, they feel so gross to me! (And I'd love to change them every 4 days... that sounds so luxurious!!!)

Anyway, boys will be boys (to quote the Simpsons). Hopefully, he will grow out of it! (Have someone else remind him about girls liking clean sheets).

I think I had an ex who didn't have sheets on his bed, either, Mom2AliKat. Talk about DISGUSTING!!!

(I change my mattress pad about every two weeks, or three weeks, depending. And I switch duvet covers about the same. )
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For my oldest sone I change his oh gosh not enough. LOL

Ours get washed whenever one of the little ones dipe leaks
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Ours probably get done once a month. I'm 34 and no microscopic organisms have made me sick yet, so I guess I'm not really worried about it.

Tell the laundry-resistant-son that MY son wet the bed nightly until he was 11 years old, and his sheets and blankets were washed every single day. By the age of 5 he had to strip his bed and bring the bedclothes/wet jammies to the laundry room. At age 7 he was putting them in the washer and running the cycle. By age 9 he was remaking his bed every day.

We've spent a small fortune in plastic mattress covers. And no, we didn't co-sleep.... I'm somewhat grateful for that, actually.
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It's all about the laundry routine. Right now we wash weekly because that is how often we go to the laundromat. The sheets usually make it that long, but sometimes we change them sooner (we have 2 sets). However, my dh and dd sweat profusely at night and track grit into the bed. In college I often waited a couple of weeks or more, and they were cleaner than they are at the end of the week now. (I'm in awe now of how little housework I had when I was single, and how little I appreciated it. Even with dh sharing it equally now, we each do more than I did then and our apartment is less clean.)

In March, we will resume going to the laundromat -- and washing sheets -- twice a week, and probably having to do extra changes for vomit, smelly milk stains, baby pee and poo, etc. Yum.
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