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Could These Be Allergies?

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I was thinking they had eye infections, but they are starting to seem suspect. DS often gets a watery eye which gets goopy then turns quite red under. After a couple days, it goes away. DD is starting to get the same, except it is only goopy for the day.

Yesterday the kids were fine until my mother, a chain smoker, came over (she doesn't smoke here, but she has the overpowering essence of smoke on her). Within 5 minutes, DS's eyes started watering. After she left, DD's did too (mom was holding her for about 10 minutes or so). DS went to my mom's house for most of the day (I've told her not to smoke around the kids but she sometimes "forgets". She has a room she smokes in, but it's right by the main rooms and does nothing to contain the smoke). When he came home, his eyes were nearly purple underneath and very watery/goopy. The skin almost seemed hard, they were so puffy. During the day, DD's got goopy, but not really red.

Mom is always complaining about it but it's really starting to seem suspicious it's only when she's around since they're fine most of the time. (I always add this disclaimer that we don't have a doctor)
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It sounds like some kind of environmental allergy, the smoke also. I am allergic to smoke but it doesn't bother my eyes too much. It does make them itch occassionally but mostly it makes me feel sick and bothers my throat.
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