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Bamboo shoots?

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I'm not sure if this belongs her or in the gardening forum, but here goes. DH and I moved to a new home about 6 mos ago and we have an abundance of bamboo in our back yard. I've heard of bamboo shoots in recipes and I wondered if anyone has tried harvesting their own. At what stage do you pick and are there several varieties of bamboo? I'm not even sure if you can eat this stuff. What would you use it in? Does anyone have a good recipe?

I'll appreciate your input.
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Yes- I have harvested bamboo. You have to or your whole yard will be bamboo, it may even move indoors- it is so hearty!

I had a friend from China and she showed us how. We went out and pulled up the shoots when they were a few inches to ten inches high. Took them inside and washed them. I think (this was several years ago) we stripped off the outer covering, and then sliced them lengthwise.

I used them in stirfries and Chinese dishes. I warn you, they don't have the exact consistency of the ones in Chinese restaurants, but they are good.

You could harvest them daily- they grow so fast.

I have also used bamboo to make fences, support tomato plants, to make rain sticks, and all sorts of crazy things. And it sounds wonderful in the rain and wind- all that soft clacking and swishing. I miss it.

have fun,
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