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What do you do with your holey diapers?

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I have some honeyboys that are in TERRIBLE condition. Holes everywhere and tabs about to come off.......but but but they still work :LOL
Now that Josh is growing out of his Med Honeyboys I don't know what to do with them.
I have no one to pass them to and I do not sew........
So what would you do? I cannot imagine throwing them away but that is about where they belong :LOL
They are bad, so bad I am not going to even post a picture of them :LOL
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I have never thrown a diaper away. Even a holy one goes to the army & navy charity bin.
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Awwww, poor fluff! I have some premium sized prefolds from my first daughter that are holey(literally silver dollar sized holes and frayed edges) and I just use them for burp cloths and cleaning the house. As the baby gets older I will probably use them for stuffers for Fuzzi Bunz. I guess prefolds are a lot easier to multi-task with than fitteds though, huh? Sorry i'm no help!
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I cut the soaker out and use it as a doubler, then throw away the rest.
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Put them in your keepsakes box? I don't know. I have a SOS that has holes but I'm keeping b/c it was his first SOS. LOL.
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put them up FFS or cheap on the TP to someone who sews? I plan on doing FFS on an AIO I have that is windpro and the fleece has worn so thin it might as well be a fitted, so someone else in need of dipes can use it as a fitted with a cover. never throw a dipe awat unles it is completely and utterly unusable LOL
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how about donating them to an orphanage who can use them?
Wasnt there a palce that could take them even holy and falling apart?
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Originally Posted by twindaze
I cut the soaker out and use it as a doubler, then throw away the rest.
This is what I do too. Debi
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I have 3 very holey SOS that I bought for shipping, to try size and fit. Now that I know front snaps are not our favorite, they sit in the emergency bag in the car and van. I keep about 5 diapers in each vehicle. All are "not so great". My DH never remembers to bring a diaper bag so this is important for us. And I would hate to store our pretty ones in the car
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I think the car idea is a good one. We have a stash of emergency sposies in the car but if I had "less favorite" cloth I would leave that in the car instead.

Also in the past there were threads about foreign orphanages where the kids were diapered in literally rags. So even holey and worn stuff was a help to them. The donation solicitation threads are not allowed anymore but I think Haiti was one country I remember being mentioned. Heavenly is trying to adopt from Haiti, maybe she could give you more information if you PM her.

FFS on TP is also a good idea.
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Ok the car idea is a GREAT one but they are too small now
And I do not sew, plus they are honeyboys, not much of a soaker in there :LOL
They are BAD!!! I would ba ashamed to send them to anyone :LOL :
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Well, I use them as long as possible, holes and all. I love using those ones because it reminds me that they have served a good purpose, saved us money and it represents all those disposables that did not go in the landfills. After that if I can't use it as a cleaning cloth or rag then I throw it out knowing that it has fulfilled it's useful purpose and will now disintergrate back into the earth. I feel OK about throwing it out at that stage.
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i offer them free for shipping. someone else can always use them. mine have never gotten *too* holey, though. i had two that got a few small holes and i offered them up. i didn't want to watch them deteriorate :LOL.
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I use them as rags. I wouldn't feel good about donating holey diapers (or anything else.). Why would anyone want to buy something that is already worn out? They want things in good condition, not garbage. I know a friend who donated her holey diapers, but I personally don't feel right about it.

I suppose I should explain that the Salvation Army that we donate to has a policy stating that you're not to donate anything in bad shape-holes, stains, outdated clothes. I think that holey diapers wouldn't fall into the "good shape" category. Just my opinion, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. We use our diapers to death before they ever become rags.
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