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Alternatives to Mineral Oil?

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My DD has been constipated for almost two years (she's 3 1/3). It's not her diet, I have been monitoring it very carefuly. Her pediatrician suggested a month long treatment of two tablespoons of mineral oil once a day to give her bowels and colon a chance to rest and heal. It worked wonderfully and for about 6 months she was fine. Now it's started up again, but in that time I have read some things about mineral oil that worry me. Such as; mineral oil is a petrolium product, and no studies actually exist to show results from long term use.

Has anyone tried any other kinds of oils? We are vegetarian so codliver oil is out. Has anyone heard of using flax seed oil for lubricating bowels? Please let me know if you have any similar experiences and what you've been able to do about it.

I am greatful for every little tidbit of information on this subject!
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Flax seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, or even sunflower oil would work for the intended purpose.

Try to buy the least processed oil possible and keep it refrigerated.

Also, are you supplementing with a good probiotic?

Best of luck, dealing with this in small kids is hard ;-)
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Have you tried prune juice? It contains a sugar (Sorbital) that encourages water to stay in the bowel to make stools loose. Many people that chew a lot of sugarless gum with that sugar in it find they have loose stools from it.
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