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post-partum health questions

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So I have 2 separate post-partum health questions going on...I'm 8 weeks post-partum and I'm experiencing 2 weird things...
1) my under-arm hair has STOPPED growing! What's up with this? Does anyone know? I assume it's some kind of hormonal thing, but should I be worried?
2) I'm having really heavy vaginal discharge and have for the past 2 weeks...I'm not exclusively bfing (to my deep regret, but I'm not able to - long story that I've gone into on the bfing board), so I'm assuming this might also be my body getting back in gear, but I'm just not sure.

Thoughts?? Many thanks in advance -- hope someone can help me! I feel silly calling my midwife about this, but maybe I should.

mother to James born 7/14/02
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I do think it's hormonal.
If you are experiencing heavy bleeding you should call your mid wife, though.

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I wish I could help, but I didn't experience either of these things. The first one (the armpit hair) i would definitely not waste a moment worrying about , although it's curious. The second thing, the discharge, I wouldn't worry about either, I'd guess that the most it could mean is a yeast infection.

Just as a failsafe, I'd pop a few acidophilus pills, and drink or take some GSE (grapefruit seed extract).
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What kind of discharge are we talking about here? Any bleeding? Need more info
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