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Any newly pregnant UCers?

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That's my bent and (and Lord willing this continues, looking good so far) I'm due around September 20-22.

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I am due August 8th with our 2nd child and planning a UC
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have you had on before? I had a very hands-off homebirth with CPMs before, but in retrospect realize that it would have been much easier on me had there been nobody but DH and I (won't be inviting my mom, sister and niece either this time).

I'm torn on what to do about the pregnancy though. Are you doing UP/UC or just UC?

If I want to do UP but still do things like a 20 week ultrasound (because if I'm doing UC I'd be much happier KNOWING the placenta is out of the way, etc) how could I do that?

If I need meds (for instance if the horrific hyperemesis I had with my twins returns, zofran) how would I go about getting those? Just ask my regular doc?
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