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Breast Milk soap!

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Does anyone have an easy recipe for breastmilk soap? I saw one that has so many ingredients I cannot begin to figure out where to find them or afford it.

Anyone? I have stash in my deep freeze that I don't want to feed babe (it isn't that old, maybe 6 months or so? I could use it for her I guess but..............) and wanted to try this.
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I do have a recipe for making soap, being as I'm a soapmaker, and I must tell you while there is no need for a mile long list of fancy ingredients, making soap is sort of like making bread...not technically difficult, but a skill that you develop over time, each loaf getting better and better... so you don't want to waste your stash of mama's milk during the learning process. Making soap is (to me anyway) a very satisfying creative activity, once you start you may find yourself hooked! But milk soaps are a bit trickier than regular soap, so I recommend you practice a bit first if you want to try it. Here's a site that will explain the basics, it's the best instructional site I know of and gives excellent guidance for soapmaking.


If you find you'd like to give it a try and have questions, I'd be happy to help.
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I have a bar that a friend made. The ingredients label says:

olive oil
coconut oil
palm oil
sodium hydroxide

Sorry I don't know the proportions. Probably in combination w/velcromom's link, you could figure it out.
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Thank you both for responding.

I am leery of trying it as it seems so much work... :

LOL I'll see what I can do. If not, it is still good to give to babe to drink according to LLL standards so............if not I'll mix in solids somehow.

Thanks again!
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Oh hey...making milk soaps can be easy.

When mixing the water and lye use only 1/2 the regular amount of water. At trace add the other 1/2 in milk. that is the easiest way to use milk.

Another way is to freeze the milk in little ice cube trays so it is in small amounts. Then add the lye to the milk while it is still frozen. This is done to keep the temperature from going quite as high as it normally would and scorching the milk.

I make soap and Cynthia (the admin) makes a LOT soap with milk/heavy cream she might have some good tips.
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I make milk soaps and my best tip to make sure the milk doesn't burn up in the lye is to freeze it then put your milk in a stainless steel pot, put the pot in an ice bath in the sink and add your lye slowly stirring the entire time. You do not want the milk to burn so do this slowly. Once the lye is dissolved, add to your melted oils, stick blend to trace and pour

However, I completely agree that you should have a couple batches of soap under your belt before trying a milk soap. They are more tricky and you don't want to loose that precious milk.
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Oh and as far as an easy recipe - nothing is easier than castille! You can do 100% olive oil soaps or, since castille can get a bit slimy, I usually do 90% olive oil with 10% castor oil. Just run it through a lye calculator to determine how much lye and water you need and you're off! But, read the miller soap site first to learn safety precautions etc.

Also, castille soaps take forever to harden so, if you use the lye calculator at www.the-sage.com, you'll get a "range" for the amount of water to use - use the lower amount so you have less cure time.
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Do you know anyone who sells breastmilk soap?

I would really like to know.


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I have never heard of breastmilk soap...
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I've thought of this before. What a wonderful keepsake, a bar of soap to hold onto over the years! I need to do this or have someone do this for me before my last child (now 22 months) is weaned!
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did it work? i have a stashi'm saving just in case but i'd love to have some bm soap!
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I doubt anyone sells it - I would think there would be FDA issues with that. Although the FDA doesn't regulate soap hmmmm...... I personally wouldn't sell it but would have no problem making it for someone as a custom order or special request.
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I would love to get some too! Could someone make some, please? You can pm me if you have some available.


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neither have I, but now that I have... gives me some ideas. That would be a cool keepsake for the DC!
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Just wanted to reiterate that, although I could be wrong, I believe it would not be legal to sell bm soap commercially. A seasoned soapmaker could probably make some as a custom order but for those of you looking for BM soap, you'd have to supply the breastmilk.
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I looked into soap making for my huge stash about 2 years ago (my gosh, has it been that long?!<LOL>!>) and decided that I didn't want to be messing with lye just yet.

Between my mommy-brain and the inquisitive kids, it just scared me.

I ended up using my stash to make lots of other stuff, some of it might grab you (or not) :-)

Off the top of my head...

I froze a good bit in ice-cube trays for cubes to put in the "boo-boo-bunnies" for when the kids got small scrapes. (http://www.geocities.com/kraftprojec...oth-bunny.html )

I made a *ton* of cornstarch-pudding (with the EBM, it requires very little if any added sugar. I liked mine with none added.) Chocolate is good, too ;->

If it hasn't saponified, it's *great* in coffee <LOL!>

I also made tapioca with it once or twice

I used it in baked goods quite often.

I also thawed a bit and used it for eyewash when I got pink-eye, and for a nasal rinse when I got a sinus infection (followed up with saline rinse)

But if you want the soap, go for it! I bet that would be nice!
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this is totally bringing up a dead thread, but I was searching for a recipe for lye-free breastmilk soap. Anyone know how/if this can be done/made?

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Soap can't be made without lye - it's the lye that turns oils used in soapmaking into soap
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Originally Posted by amcal
Soap can't be made without lye - it's the lye that turns oils used in soapmaking into soap
can you tell I've never made soap? lol seriously, though, NO soap can be made without lye? at all? yikes!
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Nope - no soap can be made without lye. Synthetic detergent bars can be made to act like soap - to bubble and clean but they require detergents and other chemicals. For true soap, you must use lye.
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