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How long does it take your wool to dry?

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I just received my first pair of wool longies. I washed and lanolized them in the late afternoon and it it now almost 10am and they are still wet. My Stacinator wool cover is dry, but not the longies. How long does it take to fully dry?
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between 24 hours and 3 days depending on how humid my apartment is at the time.
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Mine drys overnight. Maybe because I have radiator heat???? Not sure.
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Are you squeezing the water out before you hang them? You can also spin them out in the washer... that makes a HUGE difference.

Most of my wool takes about 24 hours to dry...
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Sometimes it took mine 2 or 3 days also.
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When i was just rolling them in a towel to get all the extra water out it would take 24-48 hours. Now that I've been throwing them in the washer for a gentle spin, they are drying overnight in 8-10 hours.
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I always spin mine out in the washer before hanging them up and depending on the wool it has never taken more than overnight for them to dry. In fact a couple of my covers are dry in a couple of hours. Spinning them in the washer has been a life saver for me.
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Usually 2 days for us, try to squeeze out as much wetness as possible, some put them in the washer on a quick spin cycle to get the access water out. Ive also put them up in front of a fan to get them dry in a day.
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wow, 3 days? mine dryes overnight- I wash dipes at night and the next morning they're usually dry
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Thanks for the replies. I just wanted to make sure that it was normal to take that long. I did wring them in a towel, but I will try the washer next time.
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I put a towel on the floor, lay the wool on top of it and then place another towel on top of the wool. Then I walk all over it making sure to cover every inch. They are always almost dry when I'm done. To finish drying I hang them over a bar overnight and they are dry in the morning.
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I spin them out in the washer and hang 'em in my warm laundry room (the dryer's running often, it's a small room, and there's a heat vent in it too), and they dry in 12 hrs or less (12h is the Aristocrat) with no felting.
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