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message from the psychic children of bulgaria

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i stumbled upon this the other day and felt compeled to share it. it's pretty powerfull stuff imo


what do you think?
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Hi Steph-

I have heard of the Psychic and Indigo children and am really interesting in learning more about them...I really like James Twyman and find it fascinating that he seems to be able to find and encounter these various Emissaries of Light.

I need to read more to understand this better. I will visit his site. Thanks for the post.

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I also find this interesting, steph, and will come back to it. When I learned Reiki, we studied a lot of Caroline Myss' writings & at the time she was talking about a new species called homo noeticus, which is very similar to the concept of Indigo children. In my Reiki school we were taught that the homo noeticus species is the one that will help the homo sapiens pass on because the hns are more spiritually/psychically aware--pretty interesting stuff to contemplate.
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I have also read Twyman's books. They're very inspirational. However, I question as to whether or not he is embellishing a bit. I mean no disrespect. It's just that I stumbled upon a website which does a report on Twyman. I didn't have time to read through the whole thing, but the parts I did read seem to make sense to me. What do you all think? Not to say that I don't appreciate Twyman's work. I am most grateful for his World Peace Experiment. And I don't think he's a "bad" person or anything. But if he's not being completely honest, I hope he will let us know.


>Of all the special reports I have worked on, this has been the most challenging. Along with triggering personal issues for me (which I discuss in the last section of this report), both Twyman and his story has been particularly slippery. As far as we have been able to determine, there are kernels of truth in everything Twyman claims. At the same time, virtually every aspect of his story has also been misrepresented, embellished, and spun in dubious ways. Similarly, while Twyman's main contention that he physically met 13 spiritual masters in Bosnia is almost certainly not true, he seems sincere, and genuinely committed to personal and planetary transformation. Indeed, a part from his megalomaniac claims, he seems like a regular guy -- warm, personable, friendly.

I have spent weeks trying to figure out how to present this report in a way that is fair, accurate, objective, AND GENTLE, but haven't been able to find one. Twyman's claims are so extraordinary, and the issues he brings up are so important, that a watered-down report is not possible -- at least for me.

That said, it is my sincere hope that this report will help everyone involved -- myself, James Twyman, his editor, publisher and associates, his readers and fans, and the NHNE staff and readership -- take a closer look at ourselves, our beliefs, and the spiritual ideas and practices that dominate so much of the personal growth/planetary transformation movement today.<

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I have read most of the stuff on both sights.
I'm still confused.
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dingogirl, thanks for the link... i really don't know anything about james twyman, have never read his books - just found this section about the children and found it very interesting - and visceraly moving. after looking at the link you provided (which i didn't read in it's entirety - it's long!), i found myself with two main thoughts... who are "new heaven new earth" (i understand they are trying to provide some kind of consumer protection for spiritual seekers, but do they have their own agenda?), and even if twyman's stories are not all true in fact, i'm of the leaning that if you get something meaningfull to you, then it's worthwhile. certainly, there are plenty of people who put themselves into a position of "spiritual authority" and run with it - either by embellishment or outright lies. in fact, it seems rare to find anyone who puts themselves out there that doesn't have their ego involved to some degree. even those who seem humble, often show their "stuff" with their staff, etc. (having been the personal assistant to a respected writer, i've seen it firsthand).

ladylee, i like the idea of us evolving as a species into a more spiritual/psychic being.
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I have been recieving the psychic children messages by email for a while now. To be perfectly honest, it all sounded a bit hoaky to me at first. But after a whole summer of feverish seeking and reading in many different venues, I can tell you that the core of these messages is the same thing that is being repeated all over the world in many different ways.
Basicly the message is this: shed the ego so that we may see the truth right in front of us, live by Love, and that there is an incredible change happening in the world right now. We stand at the turning point of history. What really blew my mind was the diversity of ways this message was being presented, the details are different but I think that this is so that there will be points of familiarity and connection between the author/musician/artist/filmaker and the particular audience. Sometimes the message is phrased in terms of angels, Jesus, aliens and spaceships, mainstream hollywood movies, even heavy metal music just to name a few. When I realized that the same thing was being repeated in so many different ways, I began to pay much more attention to what was being said, and much less attention to how it was being said.
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What really blew my mind was the diversity of ways this message was being presented, the details are different but I think that this is so that there will be points of familiarity and connection between the author/musician/artist/filmaker and the particular audience.

Wow! That's so interesting! I've been wondering about that.
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This summer I have several mystical experiences, one of the most intense was at the Tool concert. Things were happening there that I just cannot describe. Mind you, while I have extreemly ecclectic musical taste I am not generally into heavy metal. I only checked the band out because a friend of mine said I HAD to go get the cd and give it a listen. Well, this band has a very intense spiritual bent, but it is put into a metaphor and style of delivery that appeals to those who would never consider any sort of religion or new age vehicle for delivery.
The audience of the concert was interesting too. Most of the people fit the expected stereotype of young white male "headbangers". But dotted here and there were people who didn't really "fit", like me and my group (dh, sister and her boyfriend). During the concert I spotted a few people who were not headbanging and playing air guitar, they were totally absorbed by the music and what was being shown on the video screens (heavily veiled metaphor claymation and animated mandalas). The look on all of their faces was the same, one of luminouse ecstasy, definately not what one would have expected at such a concert, and it was odd to see the same out of place facial expression on random people thruout the stadium (at least as far as I could see from where I sat). I kept thinking of Bernini's sculpture the ecstasy of saint Theresa.
At the end of the concert the lead singer said something to the effect of "take what you have learned here tonight and remember it, because you will need it in the upcoming weeks and months".
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My life was changed when I read The Celestine Prophesy. For real.
Dh swears The Grateful Dead were here on a higher mission than just to groove.
I am struggling with my own spirituality, at once being pulled in two different directions...no church, no structure vs. a faith-based community. I was really taken aback by both of those links, I picked up that it was the same info as I had received in other places, yes, even at concerts. We ARE on an evolutionary upswing, but those who don't want to get it, won't. Doesn't matter, but I am sad they won't.
Twyman was just a vessel, but so are we all. I'm not sure he met ANYONE, but I don't really care, the message is the same because it's been told to me over and over.

Please don't let me kill this thread, too, it's just getting interesting!
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Sunmountain, Artemesia, dingogirl, Steph,ladylee-

I am right with you on this idea of being in an evolutionary upswing. I am reading Conversations With God and it is changing my life in enormous ways. My Mother started last year with Surfing the Himalayas,then CWG, then James Twyman, then Greg Braden, then Celestine Prophecy, now she is reading The LAst Days of Ancient Sunlight and she is completely blown away (she reads alot and obviously doesn't have small children!!) But she shares alot and I am now in a CWG group and I really think that we (the world) is making an evolutionary leap. It is happening in so many different ways....
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Thanks for the link!

I needed that! As my sweet nephew would say-it brought the water to my eyes!

"Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth."
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ahh, yes the children of Oz resonate w/ me. That is what it boils down to - does it resonate or do you want to spit it back out?

I wonder, too about the validity of some of the msgs. But, look at the core of the msg. not the messenger.

what i do question is the the seminars that are offered to enlightenment that charge upwards of $375 and don't include organic meals.

It simmers down to the fact that we need to shed these layers that do not serve us. Call it ego, temper or victimization, these layers are covering up our Light. Our Love, our true selves. Thank Spirit for our Children who show us daily.

other websites: Solara.com and Opterra.com (new 'puter so not sure if the address is exact, sorry)
They talk about the incoming energies and have suggestions on how to deal w/ them.
Anyone else feel bombarded by issues? seems like I can successfully deal w/ one and another slaps me in the face! sheesh. Makes me want to hide in my room w/ a good book.
What I have done, is take the sayings and put them up around the house w/ a bit of original artwork - 'You are not your Past', Let it Go and Let it Flow, Empty? Fill yourself w/ Love and Compassion. These remind me so often when I freak out. New one to put up: Pretend
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Herblaunt, I found one of the websites that you mentioned, the correct address is http://www.operationterra.com/
I read most of the messages, and overall the core of what they say is quite similar to other sources. Interesting stuff indeed.
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