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Mini shower sales/ discounts?

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Any places offering discounts or at least free shipping for mini showers? Or maybe places selling mini showers that offer discounts to MDC mamas?
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A mama posted a while back that you could seach for Handheld Bidet on ebay and get one for a great price. Seemed like it wound up around $20 total with shipping. It would be worth a look.
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I ordered a Mini Shower from No Pins 4 Baby and there was no shipping. I probably ordered it about 1 month ago. I think I paid around $30.
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Ya know, I haven't been to this forum in awhile! And the first thing I do is stumble upon this thread! Guess who the momma is that posted about the ebay mini shower for $20? Spicey Momma! :LOL I am not sure if the ones I found on ebay have the pressure adjustment though. Here are some links, and guess what? The price went up. There's still free shipping on the first link, so $27 total!


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you might just do an ISO tread, I did that and got a mini shower for $25 shipped.

Just a thought!
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Oh you know I think there is one on the TP for $22 right now. Unless some one already bought it.
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