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Breastfeeding is draining me...

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Ds is almost 10 mths, and I love nursing, but I'm feeling generally unhealthy. I've been sick several times in the last few months (although, I started taking colostrum, and haven't been sick since.) I weigh 10 pounds less than I did when I got pregnant, which is OK- I'm average size. I'm a vegetarian and did not eat meat during pregnancy but am beginning to crave it now. Anyone else dealing with these feelings? I was walking everyday until a few months ago and want to get back to my routine, but I'm just worn down. Weaning NOT an option.
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Are you taking any prenatal vitamins? Can you take a nap with your babe during the day? I'm no expect, so that's about all I can suggest, but I do offer my support and sympathy!
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The prenatal vitamins and taking a nursing nap are good suggestions. Let your house go sometimes. I also am vegetarian and have been for almost 9 years. I am not sure how you eat or what you eat. You may need to increase your protein and carbs. Usually if I am feeling drained I will grab some trail mix or string cheese and try to take it easy. Sometimes a cup of Mothers Milk sweeten with a little honey can pick me up. If you are craving meat my assumption would be lack of protein. There are many protein sources of soy, if you can eat soy, I found out I cannot, or have some yogurt,eggs,so on. If I remember right while pregnant or breastfeeding you should have about 100 grams of protein a day. Check what you're eating, if it doesn't help perhaps you should see your doc to have blood tests done, your Iron may be low. There are a few different things that can be going on, so my suggestions are natural prenatal and increasing proteins. Oh also remember that since your bfing you should be eating a bit more (healthy) to supply your body and your milk. Hope this helps.
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I second the pre-nate vits. and also a B-complex.. I am not a veggie, but when I start feeling run down I take a B-complex and it picks me up by the next morning.. I think the feeling of being drained oculd be from a protein or b vit. deficiency...

I hope you are feeling better soon..

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health
by Dean Raffelock

Get this book and give it a good read thru. Someone on the boards here recommended it to me and it's EXCELLENT! i was dealing with a lot of brain fog and lethargy, and i've used some of the info in the book to get myself back to normal again.
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I agree with the pp. You may be deficient in certain things not provided in a solely vegtarian diet. Check out this link http://www.powerhealth.net/selected_articles.htm


Daniel 8/9/03
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I doubt that weaning would have been a suggestion here hon

A good site to check out is www.vrg.org They have information on diet for pregnant and breastfeeding vegetarians.

I also totally agree with taking an afternoon nap with your baby if you're home and able to do that. Taking care of a baby of any age is tiring and a nap should help.
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Thanks for all the good advice. I have started back on my prenatal again. I think it does help. Also, I know I need to eat better. That has been a big challenge for me. I was working part-time to help make ends meet (dh is a grad student,) and that was making me not eat at all, plus the house was a wreck. I tried bringing babe to work, and it wasn't a good experience as he likes to "talk" and our office was a quiet place- acupuncture/yoga. It didn't work. Then, dh keeping him while I worked. Now that I'm at home full-time (teach childbirth classes here and there) I feel like I have more time to eat. Nevertheless, dh is out of town right now, and I've just been eating rice cakes with tahini and honey! I did make some eggs with broccoli, cheese, and nutr.yeast for breakfast. Bfast is usually the easiest time for me to get a good/cheap meal in. We qualify for WIC, but I wouldn't eat the non-organic stuff- no other WIC options in our community. Ds is napping now, and I guess I should go lie down with him. Oh, I've been having neck/back problems and have had a numb toe since ds was 3 months (no doubt from an extra large in-arms babe.) AND may hair is all turning gray! Thanks for listening. I just needed to vent- motherhood is sooo demanding...and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Yeah for mamas!
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