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pregnant with twins

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HI, I just found out on Tues that we are expecting twins in July. Twins are common in my family. When they arrive I will have 4 under 4. I plan to nurse and CD. I will have 3 in cloth dipes but since both of my girls are allergic to sposies, these 2 will be in cloth from day 1. Dd1 weaned at 34 mos and dd2 will be weaned before the babies get here.

Anyone else pg with twins?
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I had four under four.

My twins are 2 now.
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Congratulations on your twin pregnancy!!! I remember so well those feelings of finding out there wasn't just one but TWO little ones inside of me. What a surreal and AMAZING feeling that was! My girls are now 2-years-old and I can honestly say that the time has flown by. They are such a joy and such a blessing. Run out and buy the book "Mothering Multiples" that is published by LLL. It's a must have.
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Congratulations Angi!!! That is awesome...and probably a bit overwhelming...but just awesome! Just like 1plus2 said, man I rememeber that feeling when I just found out. I have to say that everyday I still wonder how did I get so lucky for this to happen to me.

And 4 under 4 and cd'ing 3 of 'em! You go girl! When mine were born I had 3 under 1 1/2. Now my ds is 24 mos and my girls are 6 mos. I don't cd but am very much considering it - just trying to work up the courage of adding more laundry to my sleepless life.

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Congratulations! My twins were born just last week. You will have your work cut out for you, but what an awesome, rewarding experience.
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Congrats!! Very exciting. Your big girls will be so excited.

We started CDing for the first time with the twins (born last September). I love it! (My 6 yo still wears sposies at night; do I get to say I have 3 in diapers, LOL?)
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Congrats on your discovery!
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I just found out on Thursday that we are having twins due in September! I'm still shocked but I'm really thrilled. I'm looking for any advice/books anything I can get!
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